Large Boiler (GregTech Community Edition)

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Large Boiler
ModGregTech Community Edition
TypeMultiblock structure

The Large Boiler is a multiblock structure added by GregTech Community Edition that burns enormous amounts of solid and liquid fuels to produce enormous amounts of Steam from Water.

Recipe and Construction[edit | edit source]

The Large Boiler is constructed as a 3x3x4 structure. The second layer from the bottom has the Controller in the middle front. Parts of the bottom layer are:

  • 1 or 2 Input Hatches to input Water.
  • 1 or 2 Input Hatches/Buses to input Fuel.
  • 3 or 4 Fireboxes.

The top 4 layers are made of rings of Bronze Machine Casings/Solid Steel Machine Casings/Stable Titanium Casings/Robust Tugstensteel Casings (24 blocks total), with 2 Pipe Machine Casings in the center. Up to 9 of the Casings can be exchanged with Output Hatches, from which Steam is output.

A finished Large Bronze Boiler looks like the image below:

GTCE Large Bronze Boiler

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Boiler can burn almost all forms of solid and semi-fluid fuel, except Lava (i.e., Creosote and Biomass). Unlike GregTech 5 Large Boiler it can NOT burn refined fuels. (Refined fuels are fuels that can be burned in a Diesel Generator.)

Large Boilers must contain water at all times while active. If at any point the Boiler runs out of water while it is active, it will explode.

Note: This is different from other boilers, and much more dangerous due to the Large Boiler's size.

The Large Boiler takes time to heat up before it can produce steam at its maximum rate. Higher tier boilers take longer to reach maximum heat. Boiler heat affects its Steam output, but not its fuel consumption.

As with all other GregTech Multiblock Machines: do not build a Multiblock over chunk borders. This can lead to unpredictable behavior, including wasted fuel and steam and easily including explosions due to loss of water. With NEI installed, chunk borders can be checked by pressing F9 (by default).

Math[edit | edit source]

Base Boiler properties
Boiler Type Base Steam Output (mB/t) Max Temperature (°C) Fuel Consumption Multiplier
Bronze Boiler 900 500 1.0
Steel Boiler 1600 800 1.6
Titanium Boiler 3700 2000 3.0
Tungstensteel Boiler 7800 4000 5.0

Equation for the steam output:[edit | edit source]

For example, a Titanium boiler has a Max Temperature of 2000 °C. Assuming a boiler is heated half-way through the output will be 3700 * 1/2 = 1850 mB/t of steam.

Equation for the solid fuel burn value:[edit | edit source]

Burn time is always rounded up to the nearest integer.

For example, Alumentum has a burn value of 4800 ticks. The burn times for each of the boilers:

  • Bronze: 4800/50*1 = 96 ticks
  • Steel: 4800/50*1.6 = 60 ticks
  • Titanium: 4800/50*3.0 = 32 ticks
  • Tungstensteel: 4800/50*5.0 = 20 ticks