Large Display Screen

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Large Display Screen

ModPractical Logistics 2
TypeSolid block
Previous tier
Technical details
Registry namepracticallogistics2:largedisplayscreen
2 Large Display Screen on top of each other displaying the amount of Sapphire Dust stored in a Chest.

The Large Display Screen is a screen added by Practical Logistics 2. It is used to display information sent to it from a connected network, as well as display text titles. Data is sent to Large Display Screens through any kind of reader. As the front of the Large Display Screen is used for editing, it can only be broken by the player from the back.

Unlike other methods of display, multiple Large Display Screens can be placed next to each other to create a larger screen.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

In world GUI[edit | edit source]

Like other displays, the Large Display Screen features an in world GUI that allows the player to customize elements and write text. There are 5 buttons on the left of the Large Display Screen that enable this customization. The buttons can be disabled and enabled by shift right-clicking the front of the Large Display Screen. This is a list of the Buttons provided in "Edit Mode" and what they do:

Button Information
Create Info This button will display an 8x8 (64 boxes) grid on the screen, right-clicking on two seperate boxes will create a larger, orange box that serves as an element that will display data from the connected network.
Create Title This button functions the same as the Create Info button, however the element is able to display customizable text once saved.
Create Wrapped Text This button functions the same as the Create Title button, however the text element will be wrapped.
Edit Elements This button will open up a GUI that allows the player to resize, edit, and delete elements. As well as reset the entire Large Display Screen.
Close Edit Mode This will disable edit mode, hiding the buttons. To reenable it, shift right-click on the front of the Large Display Screen.

Information elements[edit | edit source]

When an element is created by the Create Info button, it will add a button to the screen in it's position. Right-clicking this button will open up a GUI that displays a list of data in the network to display. The data can then be selected by clicking on it, and exiting the GUI will update the screen with the new data.