Large Sluice

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Large Sluice

ModGregTech 6
TypeMultiblock machine
Required blocks



The Large Sluice is a multiblock machine added by GregTech 6. The usage is the same as that of a single Sluice, however it can carry out 64 operations simultaneously, and has no overclocking penalty.



In addition to the Large Sluice, 41
Titanium Walls and 21 Sluice Parts are required to build this structure.


Only the three Sluice Parts at the top rear will accept water from automation, they are also the only blocks in the structure that accept crushed ore items by automation. Power is accepted only at the two grid-textured spots near the rear of the long sides (6th block, middle layer). The two bottom front blocks, with dark spots, are the only points in the structure that allow automated removal of product items or liquid.

The main block defaults to auto-output of both items and liquid Sluice Juice to the bottom, and will accept input of items, liquid, or power from either exposed face.

At minimum power, it takes 4.5 ticks per input ore. Maximum power processes two ores per tick, or 36 ticks per stack.