Lectern (Mystcraft)

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This page is about the Lectern added by Mystcraft. For other uses, see Lectern.

TypeSolid block

The Lectern is a block added by Mystcraft. It is used to hold Linking Books, Descriptive Books, Pages, and vanilla Maps. Books on the Lectern are immune to damage. This can help prevent the loss of the player's Age or their way home.

Lecterns can be found in Libraries.

Lecterns are functionally equivalent to Bookstands, but they are aesthetically distinct.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Lecterns can only be placed on a full block. Right-clicking while holding a Book or Page will place it on the Lectern. Books and pages can be removed by sneak right-clicking the Lectern with an empty hand or right-clicking the Lectern and taking the Book or Page from the GUI.

The Book's GUI can be accessed by using the use key on the Lectern.