Legs Mud Mask

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Legs Mud Mask

ModSalty Mod
Armor rating1 (Half Armor.svg)

The Legs Mud Mask is a leggings added by Salty Mod.

When worn it increases the player's maximum health by 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) and restores 1 (Half Heart.svg) health every 40 seconds. If it is worn alongside other Mud Mask armor pieces or the player is standing on a Mineral Mud Block it reduces the regeneration delay by 10 seconds down to minimum of 20 seconds. If the full armor set is worn (Foot Mud Mask can be substitued by standing on a Mineral Mud Block), then the player will also be immune to being set on fire.

It also slowly takes damage when its wearer is standing in the rain or is inside Water.

Recipe[edit | edit source]