Level Land

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Level Land

Witchery Information

Witches' Brews
Causes land to be levelled [sic] out to the height of the block hit. Blocks above will be removed, and space below will be filled in. The power level influences the area of effect and the number of air blocks that may be filled.
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Altar Power required for brew 200
Altar Power required for ritual 280
Effect level 2
Brew component type Effect

Level Land is a level 2 custom brew effect component from Witchery. It is obtained by putting a Netherrack in the brew before bottling.

A potion with the Instant dispersal method will level the few block area around its position of impact by spawning or destroying blocks. It can only fabricate Dirt, Sand, Sandstone, Netherrack, and End Stone. Its area of effect can be increased by using power modifiers and performing the effect with a ritual.