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Lightning Damage

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Lightning Damage

ModArs Magica 2
Ars Magica 2 Information
I held my hands in front of me, and with a sharp crack a bolt of brilliant white lightning forked across the sky. His metal armor acted as a lightning rod, drawing each bolt into him. Lightning does an exceptional amount of damage, but carries a hefty mana cost.
Occulus tabOffense
Skill PointBlue

Lightning Damage is a spell from Ars Magica 2. The amount of damage it inflicts will depend on its caster's Magic Level. At a level of 1, it will inflict 3 hearts of damage to its target. At a level of 99, it will inflict 13 hearts of damage to its target. Armor will be ignored.

Lightning Damage is found in the Occulus's Offense tab, and requires a blue Skill Point to be unlocked.