Limestone (Mariculture)

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This page is about the Limestone from Mariculture. For other uses, see Limestone.

TypeSolid block
Blast resistance3

Limestone is a decorative material added by Mariculture. It is generated naturally in the overworld. It spawns in varying height (by default) at the bottom of oceans and along beaches. Limestone can be melted down into quicklime in the Crucible Furnace, or can be made into Smooth Limestone, Chiseled Limestone, Bordered Limestone, Limestone Brick, Limestone Pedestals, Limestone Pillars, Limestone Thin Bricks, and Limestone Small Bricks.

There is a 50% chance of obtaining Limestone from smelting Rutile Ore in the Crucible Furnace.

If Chisel is installed, Limestone can also be chiseled into various decorative blocks.