Lit Torch

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Lit Torch

ModRealistic Torches

The Lit Torch is an item and a block added by Realistic Torches. It functions similarly to the Torch.

After the amount of time specified in the configuration file, it will burn out, yielding an Unlit Torch. It will also burn out if it is rained on. Breaking the Lit Torch will yield an Unlit Torch. The production of Unlit Torches can be disabled in the configuration file, such that when the Lit Torch burns out, it simply vanishes.

The Unlit Torch can be relit into a Lit Torch by using a Flint and Steel or, if enabled in the configuration file, a Matchbox, on the Unlit Torch block.

The Lit Torch can be turned into a vanilla Torch by using a Glowstone Paste.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Unless the Matchbox's durability is set to a negative value in the configuration file, this will damage the Matchbox by 1.