Localized Weather & Stormfronts

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Localized Weather & Stormfronts
Current developersCorosus
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Depends onCoroUtil

Localized Weather & Stormfronts, also known as Weather 2, Local Weather & Storms, Weather, Storms & Tornadoes, and other variations, is the continuation of the Weather Mod by Corosus. Some features from the original Weather Mod were continued into this mod, such as particles blowing with the wind, certain machines that can be used to read and modify the weather, and harsh weather events like tornadoes and storms.

This mod adds a complex weather system based on environmental differences in localized areas. As such, weather events are not global. It replaces the cloud renderer with its own particle-based cloud renderer that can be seen to determine future weather patterns. It also adds an in-game GUI that can be used to configure features within the mod. It also adds other aesthetic features like snow buildup and sounds for waterfalls and trees blowing in the wind.


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