Logistical Sorter

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Logistical Sorter

Blast resistance48
TC6 Aspects







The Logistical Sorter is a machine added by Mekanism, which can extract items from storage containers (e.g., Chests) and insert them into other storage containers, machines, or pipe systems. As the name suggests, it has an adjustable filter function (see Usage).

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

A Logistical Sorter between the the chest on the left and an Enrichment Chamber transfers ores in a tier 1 ore-processing system.

The Logistical Sorter can be used for all storage blocks which have no auto-eject function (such as vanilla Chests) to move items from the inventory into a machine or pipe system.

GUI[edit | edit source]

GUI of the Logistical Sorter.

Slots[edit | edit source]

  • In the middle the player can configure filters for all kinds of items.
  • If "Single" is enabled, the machine extracts only one unit of item with every machine operation. If the option is disabled, the machine extracts whole stacks of an item.
  • If "RR" is enabled, the extracted the items will be distributed equally to all storage in the connected pipe system.
  • If "Auto" is enabled, the Logistical Sorter extracts all available items automatically without any action by the player or redstone.

Side-buttons[edit | edit source]

  • The upper-right button opens the upgrade GUI. Only the Muffling Upgrade is available for this machine, which reduces the noise when items are moved.
  • The middle-right button opens the GUI to configure the access rights for the machine.
  • The lower-right button changes the behavior to Redstone:
    • "High" = operates only if a signal is received
    • "Low" = operates only if no signal is received
    • "Disabled" = operates independently from redstone signals


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