Loot Capacitor

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Loot Capacitor

ModEnder IO

The Loot Capacitor is an item added by Ender IO. It is used to increase the effectiveness of machines by placing it in the machine. The text on the Loot Capacitor determines how good it is. In comparison, Octadic Capacitors are a better alternative for most of them up to Capacitors that are described as "Enhanced" or "Wonder." Loot Capacitors can be found in dungeon chests.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Loot Capacitors cannot be crafted, although they can be combined in an anvil.

Decoding the Capacitor[edit | edit source]

In the fluff text there is a string of words that ends on capacitor. Example: "By the power of Enderskull, I have the Unstable Clean Cut Impossible Capacitor!
The description gives a rough approximate how good the Loot Capacitor is at a machine type. Loot capacitors have a base level ranging from 0 to 4.5 and one or more specialty levels also ranging from 0 to 4.5. It is formatted with the specialty descriptions first, followed by the base level.

Base Level Modifier Range 1
Capacitor Dud 0.00-1.0
Capacitor 1.01-1.5
Enhanced Capacitor 1.51-2.5
Wonder Capacitor 2.51-3.5
Impossible Capacitor 3.51-4.5

1: The capacitor will work at this speed by default, a value of 3 is similar to an Octadic Capacitor

Before the base level descriptors, there can also be descriptors for specialty levels. If the capacitor has these descriptors, it will perform at the specified level in those machines (but at its base level, as above, in any other machine). The level it works at in its specialized machine type is \text{Capacitor Level} + \text{Modifer Range}. Below are the machine types and modifier ranges:

Machine Type Machine attribute boosted
Smelting Alloy Smelter speed
Hungry All machines max power input
Insatiable All machines buffer size
Crafty Crafter speed
Big All machines "area" attribute (e.g. farm)
Planting Farming Station area
Hot Stirling Generator power generation
Villainous Spawner cooldown
Crushed Sag Mill speed
Clean Cut Slice'N'Splice speed
Tight Soul Binder speed
Hiding Painter
Explosive Combustion Generator power generation
Atomic Enhanced Combustion Generator power generation
Cooking The Vat speed
type Capacitor Name Modifier Range
Failed 0.00-1.0
Simple 1.01-1.5
Nice 1.51-2.5
Good 2.51-3.0
Enhanced 3.01-3.5
Premium 3.51-4.0
Incredibly 4.01-4.2
Unstable 4.21-4.5

For example, a "Nice Clean Cut Capacitor Dud" works at a 0.0-1.0 rate (worse than a Basic Capacitor) for general use, but at 1.5-2.5 (roughly the same as a Double-Layer Capacitor) in a Slice'n'Splice.

Additional Fluff text
An attached note describes this as "%s2"
You can decipher ancient runes that translate roughly as "%s2". Odd...
By the power of Enderskull, I have the %s2!
If you had to describe this, "%s2" would be a good name.
If you had to describe this, "%s2" would be a bad name.
This "%s2" is the property of Randalf the Tinkerer. Unauthorized removal is unauthorized!
This "%s2" is the property of Randalf the Ex-Tinkerer. Unauthorized removal is welcome!
Your "%s2" can now be upgraded free of charge to "Capacitor 1". Press ok or abort to do so.

2: %s marks where to look for the description that matters in figuring out the power of the capacitor

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