Lord of Torment

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Lord of Torment

TypeHostile monster
Health points500 (Heart.svg × 250)

The Lord of Torment is a boss monster added by Witchery mod. It is summoned with the Torment Scroll, which can rarely be obtained by a well-treated tamed Flame Imp. It has 500 (Heart.svg × 250) health points. Its primary attack is a fireball that can sometimes inflict Slowness. The Lord of Torment will typically fly high in the air, so it is recommended to have a means of flight or a ranged weapon such as the Witch Hunter Pistol Crossbow when fighting it.

When it has reached half health (250 (Heart.svg × 125) health points), it will send itself and the player to the Torment dimension. When in the Torment dimension, it will sit in the center waiting for the player to come to it. When the player comes to it, it will try to escape while also shooting fireballs. When slain, it can drop Enchanted Books, Demon Hearts, Soul of Torment Demon, and Miniature Yellow Hearts.

Lord of Torment.png

Lord of Torment Attack.png