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The Lumberaxe is a Tier 2 mining tool added by Tinkers' Construct which is capable of chopping a whole tree at a time. The materials used to create the Axe determine its mining speed and attack value.

Because of its ability to fell whole trees at a time, the Lumberaxe is particularly useful for farming giant spruce and jungle trees. When the Lumberaxe is used on oak trees planted directly next to each other, the oak trees are all treated as one tree, meaning they can all be cut down in one action. This can be used for extremely efficient oak farming, especially when used alongside a Watering Can or Bone Meal.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Lumberaxe can only be crafted at a Tool Forge. The components required are: 1 Large Plate, 1 Broad Axe Head, 1 Tough Rod, and 1 Tough Binding.