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ME IO Port (Applied Energistics)

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This page is about the ME IO Port from Applied Energistics. For the ME IO Port from Applied Energistics 2, see ME IO Port (Applied Energistics 2).
ME IO Port

ModApplied Energistics
TypeTile entity

The ME IO Port is a tile entity added by Applied Energistics. It allows data (items) to be copied from an ME Storage Cell (e.g. ME 1k Storage) to an ME Network or for data to be copied from an ME Network to an ME Storage Cell. Both pre-formatted and non-formatted storage cells can be used in the ME IO Port.

This can allow filling and physical storage of ME Storage Cells without the need to build multiple ME Drives. For example, this can be used to fill and archive storage cells with large amounts of cobblestone, without using power to store the extra cobblestone in an ME Network.

Activation Modes[edit | edit source]

  • caption=No Signal No Signal: Will export when not receiving a redstone signal
  • caption=Signal Signal: Will export when receiving a redstone signal
  • caption=Pulse Pulse: Will export on each redstone pulse
  • caption=No Redstone No Redstone: Will always export regardless of redstone state

Completion Options[edit | edit source]

These options tell the ME IO Port what to do when transfers are finished.

  • caption=Empty Empty: Moves the storage cell to the output slot when the storage cell is empty
  • caption=Full/Empty Work Done: Moves the storage cell to the output slot once the work is done (i.e., ignores empty/full status)
  • caption=Full Full: Moves the storage cell to the output slot when the storage cell is full

Automation[edit | edit source]

The ME IO Port can be automated in normal ways (e.g., Buildcraft pipes or Thaumcraft 3 Golems). Storage cells can be input using the top or bottom faces, and can be exported using any side face.

Recipe[edit | edit source]