Magical Wood (Extra Utilities)

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This page is about the Magical Wood added by Extra Utilities. For other uses, see Magical Wood.
Magical Wood
Block Magical Wood (Extra Utilities).png

ModExtra Utilities
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance30
Technical details
Registry nameExtraUtilities:decorativeBlock1:8
Unlocalized namedecorativeBlock1

Magical Wood is a block added by Extra Utilities, used in the crafting of the Ender Core. It can be placed near an Enchantment Table to boost the level the table can enchant at by five levels. The amount of magical wood made from the crafting recipe depends on the strength of the enchantments on the Enchanted Books. For example, 4x Protection I gives a single piece of Magical Wood, whereas 4x Protection IV gives 14 pieces of wood.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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