Mana Fluxfield

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Mana Fluxfield

TypeSolid block
Tooltip textThe bullet guys. I bit it.

The Mana Fluxfield is a block added by Botania. It converts Mana into Redstone Flux (RF).

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Mana Fluxfield can be sent Mana via a Mana Spreader with an internal buffer of up to 12800 Mana. Mana can then be converted to RF to be transmitted to other batteries, machines, wires, etc at a conversion rate of 10 RF per Mana. Therefore, one mana burst from a regular mana spreader with no lens will produce 1,600 RF.

The energy output rate of a Mana Fluxfield is limited to 1,600 RF/t, shared among all sides. If more mana is fed into the Mana Fluxfield than it has capacity left, any additional mana will be lost. This is particularly noticeable when using mana bursts with high capacities, such as from a Gaia Mana Spreader or a Mana Lens: Potency, and especially when only small amounts of energy are drained from the Mana Fluxfield.