Mana Lens: Paintslinger

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Mana Lens: Paintslinger

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The Mana Lens: Paintslinger is an item added by Botania. When put on a Mana Spreader the Mana bursts it fires will color nearby sheep or colored blocks. It needs to be dyed to function.

When a sheep is hit by the burst, all sheep of the same color as the hit one in a 20 block radius will be dyed to the color of the lens.

When Wool, Carpet, stained Hardened Clay or stained Glass is hit by the burst, up to roughly 1,000 connected blocks of the same type and color will be dyed.

If the lens is a rainbow-colored (dyed with a Mana Pearl) each affected block or sheep will be dyed to a random color.

Recipe[edit | edit source]