Mana Pump

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Mana Pump

TypeSolid block

The Mana Pump is a block added by Botania. It is used to transfer Mana between Mana Pools and Minecarts with Mana Pool.

The pump can face any of the four cardinal directions. When a pool and a minecart are present on opposite sides, it will transfer Mana from the container on its blue side to the one on the pink side until it's full. The Mana transfer speed is 10,000 Mana per tick. If the target container can accept less Mana than the pump sends, the excess Mana will be lost.

Providing a Redstone signal to the pump will disable it. A Redstone Comparator attached to the pump will output a signal proportional to how much Mana is in the minecart.

Recipe[edit | edit source]