Mana Splitter

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Mana Splitter

TypeSolid block

The Mana Splitter (referred to as the Mana Distributor prior to version R1.10 346) is a block added by Botania. When Mana Pools are placed adjacent to its four sides on the same Y-level, it will share any Mana bursts that it receives. When it receives a burst, the Mana Splitter will equally share all the Mana between the Mana Pools adjacent to it. If a connecting Mana Pool is full, the Splitter detects it and distributes the incoming Mana between Pools which still has available storage capacity (so having a full pool does not result in waste if there is at least one Pool which is not full).

It is mentioned in the Lexica Botania that this block will become important when one Mana Pool isn't enough.

Recipe[edit | edit source]