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ModRealistic Torches
Tooltip textIt's lit
Durability64 (default)

The Matchbox is a tool added by Realistic Torches. It is used to turn Unlit Torches into Lit Torches by shapelessly crafting the Unlit Torch with the Matchbox.

If enabled in the configuration file, it can also be right-clicked on an Unlit Torch to ignite it. Both crafting with and using the Matchbox will damage it by 1 point. If this is enabled, it can also be used to ignite fires in the world like a Flint and Steel.

By default, it has a durability of 64 points—this can be modified in the configuration file. Setting it to a negative value will cause it to have unlimited durability.

If the player is holding the shift key in their inventory, the Matchbox will display "It's lit" in the tooltip.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

It can be repaired by crafting it shapelessly with another Matchbox.