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Matter Decomposer

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Matter Decomposer

ModMatter Overdrive
Tooltip textDecomposes Items into Matter Plasma
Blast resistance27
Liquid storage1,024 mB
Max RF input512,000 RF/t
RF storage512,000 RF

The Matter Decomposer is a machine added by Matter Overdrive. It is used to convert inserted items into their amount of Matter Plasma using Redstone Flux.

Each converted item has a 0.5% chance of failling to be converted, which will produce Matter Dust with the same matter value instead. This dust needs to be turned into Refined Matter Dust in a Matter Recycler in order to be decomposed again.

The amount of time and Redstone Flux needed to convert one item are given by the following formulas:

  • time = (ln^2(matter + 1) + 6) \times 80
  • rf = ln(matter \times 0.01 + 1) \times 90000


  • time is the time in ticks the decomposing will take
  • rf is the amount of Redstone Flux the decomposing will cost
  • matter is the matter value of the item being decomposed

Recipe[edit | edit source]

"Matter Overdrive"

"name" = ""Navbox Matter Overdrive"" "state" = ""plain""