Measurement Gauges

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Measurement Gauges

ModArchimedes' Ships
TypeSolid block

The Measurement Gauges are an optional ship in-game addon featured in Archimedes' Ships.

When equipped to a ship, they will show:

  • Movement speed (top right gauge)
  • Compass direction facing north (top left gauge)

And for airships, they will also show:

  • Ascent/Descent speed (bottom right gauge)
  • Height (bottom left gauge)

They come in two different types- one for an airship and another for a regular ship. Despite this the name of the two types is exactly the same, the only difference is the crafting recipe.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Measurement Gauges are crafted with one Redstone, two Gold Ingots, two Iron Ingots and four Glass Panes.

The recipe for a regular ship:

The recipe for an airship: