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Meddle is an open source, TweakClass Modloader created by FyberOptic for 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 snapshots on July 30 2015 to October 1st 2016. More information can be found from the Minecraft Forums page. [1]

Meddle itself is not version specific and works through LaunchWrapper to load tweak class jars from a folder.

MeddleAPI[edit | edit source]

MeddleAPI is an early API that was used for creating mods that are higher level and allowing them to run on Meddle. DynamicMappings is required for the API so that it can take advantage of running across many snapshot versions.

DynamicMappings[edit | edit source]

DynamicMappings is a core for 'dynamic' mods. It contains logic required for searching Minecraft for locations necessary for modding. It has been separated to allow frequent updates without the need to update Meddle itself.

Snaploader[edit | edit source]

A core called Snaploader by Canitzp uses Meddle for their mods on 1.9 snapshots for crafting recipes, blocks & item registering. More information can be found here from the Snaploader Curseforge Page. [2]

Installation[edit | edit source]

Meddle mods can be installed on MultiMC & the Java Edition launcher

MultiMC[edit | edit source]

To install Meddle for MultiMC, create a new instance for the game. Next select the 'Instance Folder' option. From there, create a new folder 'patches'. Finally save a JSON file provided or here for the latest of the 2 JSONs [3] under the MultiMC spoiler into this folder.

Vanilla/Java Edition Launcher (Beta Instructions)[edit | edit source]

To install to the Vanilla launcher for this method the Meddle Manager is required.

Once run, it should detect the Minecraft installation folder automatically while displaying information about the newest version available of Minecraft, Meddle and the versions of Meddle that are installed.

Next go to the "Install Client" tab, and select the snapshot to install Meddle for, and the Meddle version, and click the "Add Meddle Version to Launcher' option.

In the "Info" tab should be a version displaying the version that was installed in the box.

Open or restart the Minecraft launcher, add a new profile, and set the name.

Optionally the player can put it in a different game directory so that saves and mods can be separated from Vanilla worlds if the player chooses to.

It is highly recommended by the creator to disable the "Automatically ask Mojang for assistance with fixing crashes" since they are not responsible for Meddle crashes. Optionally is it useful to set the option "Keep the launcher open" encase any errors occur during startup.

Finally select the "Enable experimental development versions (snapshots)" option in the launcher and select the Meddle version that has been installed from the list.

It is a good idea to run the instance once so the necessary folders are created. Check in the "Game Directory" folder selected, find the "Meddle" folder that has been created and a saves, logs and resourcepacks folders should be visible. Place mods into the Meddle folder.

Vanilla/Java Edition Launcher (Manual Install)[edit | edit source]

Download the Vanilla JSON provided or from the Vanilla Launcher (manual install) spoiler [4].

If a different Minecraft or Meddle version is needed, modify the URL and instructions.

Next find your .minecraft folder, (the easiest way to do this is by going to the resource packs menu in-game of an unmodified version of the game and selecting the left button, and exiting the folder to .minecraft) and go to the versions folder.

Once there create a new folder the same as the Vanilla JSON title, for example: "15w44b-meddle-1.3".

Copy the JSON previously downloaded into the newly created folder.

Finally, open the launcher (restart the launcher if necessary) and create a profile using the version created. If it does not appear in the version list check the snapshot tick box and it should be visible if everything is done correctly.

Server[edit | edit source]

The server process is automated. The ServerGenerator tool is required to be downloaded. Next run it as per the example "java -jar servergenerator-1.0.1.jar (minecraft_version) (meddle_version) (destination_dir)".

To install Meddle for example with snapshot 15w42a into a server folder, this would be used "java -jar servergenerator-1.0.1.jar 15w42a 1.2.2 server".

Once done it will download the required files and create a server jar named "meddle_server.15w42a.1.2.2.jar" which needs to be run to start the server.

Server Install Additional Notes From Meddle Creator[edit | edit source]

Up To Date[edit | edit source]

During snapshots if the server admin wanted it to be running the latest they can keep the ServerGenerator tool in the server directory and use a . (period, full-stop) for the destination directory. The admin would need to launch from the new jar instead of the old one.

Various Mods[edit | edit source]

Various mods could be used in a server side only environment if the admin wanted. Known mods this works for Vanilla clients included:

  • LeafDecay
  • FireSpread
  • AllTheItems
  • BabyBuster

Known Bug (Unsure If Still Happens)[edit | edit source]

There is a bug towards the output not being redirected to the GUI but the connection to the console still appears. This can be prevented by using the "nogui" in the server command line, but there is a bug since Minecraft 1.7 version where it will occasionally cause a crash on exit.

Mod Installation[edit | edit source]

Mods are installed by dragging and dropping the mods into the folder similar to other Modloaders, only they need to be in a Meddle folder.

There is 2 Important Mods required for many Meddle mods. DynamicMappings and MeddleAPI.

"Dynamic" Mods List:

  • PhysicsFix (Client Side)
  • LeafDecay
  • FireSpread
  • AllTheItems
  • BabyBuster

Meddle API Mods List:

  • Just Backpack
  • Endermanage
  • DoubleDoors
  • ConnectedGlass
  • JourneyStone
  • MeddleGuide
  • Blastproof
  • HeavyMeddle
  • FullyLoded
  • Autofish[5]
  • Iron Nuggets (moved to More Nuggets)[6]
  • Craftable Red Sand
  • More Nuggets

References[edit | edit source]