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Current developersReika
Latest version1.7.10 V15a
Depends onDragonAPI

MeteorCraft is a mod by Reika. This mod adds random meteors that will crash into the overworld, and will come with many different types of ores, including ores added by other mods. There are three types of meteors; Stone Meteors, Netherrack Meteors, and End Stone Meteors. Stone will carry stone-like ores such as Iron and Redstone. Netherrack will carry nether ores such as Nether Quartz; this includes ores added by the Nether Ores mod. End Stone will carry end ores such as Olivine. By default, 40% of the meteor is ore, and the rest is filler blocks. This value can be adjusted in the config file.

Meteors carry Gunpowder and Glowstone dust as well, which will be spawned randomly around the crash site. They are also destructive. There are options that allow the user to protect specific biomes by y-level. When a meteor enters this biome at this y-level, it will explode in mid-air and sprinkle 60% of its blocks below.

By default, a single meteor will spawn once an hour. This can be adjusted in the config file. Though, they can also spawn in Meteor Showers. A Meteor Shower will last between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. It will largely increase the amount of meteors that are spawned. Roughly 1/1000 meteors come in a shower. Meteors that are part of a shower will explode in the air, rather than on impact with the ground.

MeteorCraft also adds its own machines; the Meteor Defense Gun and the Meteor Radar. With RotaryCraft installed, their price will be cheaper, but they will require power.

MeteorCraft requires the DragonAPI to be installed in order to launch.

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