Meteor (Electroblob's Wizardry)

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This page is about the Meteor spell from Electroblob's Wizardry. For other uses, see Meteor.

ModElectroblob's Wizardry
Mana Cost100
Cooldown200 ticks
Usable by WizardsNo
Technical details
Registry namemeteor
First appearance1.0
Some wizards just want to see the world burn...
Spell Book

Meteor is a spell added by Electroblob's Wizardry.

When cast on a block that is exposed to the sky, it creates a meteor 50 blocks above it that falls towards the ground. On impact, the meteor creates an explosion twice the size of a Ghast's fireball and sets nearby blocks on fire. It has a casting range of 40 blocks.

Wand Range Upgrades increase the casting range, and Wand Blast Upgrades increase the strength of the explosion.