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Meteor Summoner

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Meteor Summoner

ModFalling Meteors Mod

The Meteor Summoners are a set of single-use thrown items added by the Falling Meteors Mod. They are used to summon Meteors of given types at target locations.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

All non-Random Meteor Summoners are crafted from the Meteor Summoner (Random). The Kitty Comet Summoner has 2 recipes.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Meteor Summoners are single-use thrown items. Right-clicking while holding one will throw it forward, like a Snowball or Ender Pearl. When the Meteor Summoner lands, the message Incoming Meteor!!! will display in chat, and about 5 seconds later, a meteor will land at the location the Meteor Summoner landed. Each of the six Summoners will summon a different type of Meteor. If the target location is protected by a Meteor Shield that does not belong to the player that threw the Summoner, the Shield will block the impact, and the Summoner will be returned to the thrower.