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MineFantasy 2
Current developersSirse
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
MineMaxCraft (1.7.10)
MineMaxCraft Lord of the Rings (1.7)
Cthulu Awakens (1.7)
Pirates of the Mystical Seas (1.7)

MineFantasy 2 is a mod by Sirse based around medieval fantasy, during roughly 476 AD. This mod introduces a unique tiered crafting mechanic that the rest of the mod revolves around, including a new look at forging, cooking, and a fleshed out fighting system. MineFantasy 2 is designed to reinvent the way players explore Minecraft; it adds ores like tin and copper, new foods, mobs, weapons, and creating a new way to create metals through alloying.

Some new features added by MineFantasy 2 are the Minotaur Strongholds, where the player can fight powerful monsters called Elite Minotaurs, and travelling up mountains and fighting flying dragons, each with its own arsenal of weapons and skills. The dragons can also rarely spawn in to hunt the player down, where they have the option to flee and stay safe, or stand their ground and take the dragon on to take their valuable hearts, which can be used while forging to create über-powerful weapons and armor. They can also learn to make traps like landmines and grenades, or powerful crossbows to hunt down old and new prey.

MineFantasy 2 adds a level-based tier system, which requires exp gained through completing basic tasks relating to the 5 different research domains:

  • Artisanry
  • Construction
  • Provisioning
  • Engineering
  • Weaponry

The player can research new topics once the required level is reached for said domains. To do so, one must put items that have the tooltip Can Research into the Research Table to research them. Doing so will add a research point to the topic used by the item, and if the research points are filled and the required level is reached, the new topic will be unlocked for the player to use and study further.

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