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TypeHostile monster
Health points4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)

The Minedrake is a hostile creature added by Witchery. It is a cross-breed of a Mandrake and a Creeper. Minedrakes have 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) health points.

Minedrakes spawn from dropped Minedrake Bulbs. Minedrake Bulbs will stay on the ground for three seconds, after which the Minedrake will spawn. Bulbs can be replanted onto tilled Farmland, and grow 1.5 times slower than Mandrake Seeds. They can be fertilized with Bone Meal, and will take four uses to be fully grown. To harvest a Minedrake plant, break the plant block with anything. It will drop the Minedrake Bulb, which can either be picked up or left on the ground to spawn a Minedrake. Harvesting a Minedrake plant will always drop one bulb, though it has a chance to drop two. A Minedrake Bulb dropped by things other than players, like harvesting the plant, will make them attack the nearest player, and explode into a flower, dealing a minor amount of damage[clarify].

Minedrake explosions will never destroy terrain.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

To create Minedrake plants, the player must have:

The Cobweb above a water source block, with tilled Farmland directly adjacent to the water in all four cardinal directions. On the tilled Farmland must be fully grown Mandrake plants. Four Grasspers are planted on each corner of the cobweb, containing three different items. One must hold a Focused Will, one a charged Attuned Stone, and the last two holding Mutandis Extremis, in no particular order. A Creeper and Mandrake then need to become trapped in the cobweb—this can be very hazardous and tricky. Finally, use the Mutating Sprig on the Cobweb containing the Creeper and Mandrake. The mobs will disappear, as will the items inside the Grasspers, and the Cobweb. The fully grown Mandrake Plants will be turned into Minedrake plants in their first stage of growth.