Miner (IndustrialCraft 2)

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This page is about the Miner from IndustrialCraft 2. For other uses, see Miner.

ModIndustrialCraft 2
Next tier
Max EU input32 EU/t

The Miner is added by IndustrialCraft 2 as an automated mining solution. It requires a Low Voltage input (32 EU/t), many Mining Pipes, and a Mining Drill or a Diamond Drill to function. If you use an OD Scanner or an OV Scanner, it will branch to the sides to collect ore blocks. Without these scanners it will mine a 1x1 shaft straight down.

When using a Miner the EU consumption will change depending on the drill bit you use, and if/which scanner you use. A Mining Drill bit will use 450-470 EU. A Diamond Drill bit will use 880-900EU. A Miner with a Mining Drill and OD Scanner will use ~2-3 EU/t. A Miner with a Diamond Drill and OV Scanner will use ~20-24 EU/t due to the higher cost per tool and faster mining speed.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

In the GUI, put the drill bit in the top-left, (if you use one) a scanner in the top-right, and the Mining Pipes in the top-middle. If there is no inventory adjacent to the Miner the blocks will be shot up onto the surface. To retract the pipes, simply remove the drill bit. You can also place blocks in the pipe slot to fill the shaft.