Mineral Mud Block

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Mineral Mud Block

ModSalty Mod
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance3

The Mineral Mud Block is a block added by Salty Mod. It generates at the bottom of Salt lakes or can be crafted from Mineral Mud. It drops Mineral Mud when mined and is affected by gravity like Sand.

Mobs and players that walk on it are slowed down, and players have their maximum health increased by 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) and regain 1 (Half Heart.svg) health every 45 seconds until they leave the Mineral Mud Block. Those effects do not stack with the Foot Mud Mask's effects, but will stack with the effect of other Mud Mask armor pieces, reducing the regeneration delay by 5 seconds down to minimum of 20 seconds. Furthermore, if the player is wearing all Mud Mask armor pieces (except the Foot Mud Mask) they will also be immune to being set on fire.

Recipe[edit | edit source]