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Modicon computercraft.png
Current developersRichardG867
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4
Mod loaderMinecraft Forge
Depends onComputerCraft

MiscPeripherals is an addon for ComputerCraft by RichardG867 which adds a variety of blocks and tools for Turtles as well as some programs and new peripheral interfaces.

Programs/APIs[edit | edit source]

Peripheral interfaces are being added for Railcraft rails, PortalGun AFPs and Tesseracts. Programs which become available if either an upgrade is added to a Turtle or a computer interfaces a MiscPeripheral peripheral include: convertnbs, diamondpipe, energyarray, gates, gradient, music, playsng, reactorcontrol, readbee, readcart, readtree, wrpulse

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