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Tree is a natural structure that is ubiquitous in the Misty World and fundamentally different from the same name structures of the vanilla game in both its structure and behavior. Consists of blocks of living tree and blocks of leaves.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • realistic growth
  • the presence of branches and trunks of different thicknesses
  • the full life cycle of the tree (nutrition, growth, flowering, reproduction, death)

Structure[edit | edit source]

Most types of trees have a trunk consisting of blocks of living tree of five different diameters, and branches of the same blocks - three different diameters. In addition to the main branches extending directly from the trunk, there are also second-order branches growing from the main ones, and even branches of the third and fourth orders. On the thinnest of them, you can find up to five blocks of leaves, with thin cuttings attached to a particular branch.

Getting saplings and other tree blocks[edit | edit source]

Cutting down blocks of living wood, you can get a drop of 4 types, depending on the diameter of the trunk or branch. A block of wood falls out from the thickest trunks, a tree trunk falls from thinner trunks, branches from thickest branches and ordinary sticks from the thinnest. Blocks of leaves in this case are destroyed completely. You can get them by cutting with Shears.

In addition, there is a small chance of falling out of special decorative blocks called "Tree Node". You can only get them by mining blocks of the thickest trunks. The chance of nodes falling can be increased using tools enchanted for Fortune.

Blocks of this structure cannot hang in the air, so if you cut a branch near the trunk itself, it will collapse together with the leaves. Following this principle, you can cut down the whole tree just by extracting the lowest block. However, this method is not recommended if you need saplings. They fall out only if directly cut branches with leaves on them. Moreover, the more blocks of leaves grow from the selected branch, the greater the chance of saplings extraction.