Mob Disassembler

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Mob Disassembler

ModFactory Tech
Blast resistance12

The Mob Disassembler is a block added by Factory Tech. It acts as a form of Mob Grinder, damaging and rapidly killing any mobs (and, depending on the config, any players) standing atop it. As well as the usual drops, mobs killed by the Mob Disassembler have a chance of dropping Monster Dust, a crafting component in some advanced Factory Tech recipes, including Energite and the Biosynthesis Unit.

Most Vanilla mobs have a guaranteed set of drops, as detailed below.

Upgraded parts (i.e. Gold Circuit Boards, Gold Wire Motor) will increase this machine's speed.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

When a mob that is on this list moves above the Mob Disassembler, it will be rapidly killed and drop the following, with a small chance of dropping some Monster Dust. Any mobs not on this list will drop their usual drops when killed. XP and player-only items are not dropped.

Mob Drops
Rotten Flesh x5
Bone x2
Zombie Head x1
Monster Dust x1
Bone x5
Arrow x5
Skeleton Skull x1
Monster Dust x1
String x4
Spider Eye x2
Leather x1
Gunpowder x5
Zombie Pigman
Rotten Flesh x5
Gold Sword x1
Gold Nugget x3
Cooked Porkchop x2
Ender Pearl x3
Obsidian x1

The codebase makes a mention of 'creeper spores' as a possible drop from creepers, however these appear to be unimplemented.

Maintenance Requirements[edit | edit source]

The following parts are required for ongoing maintenance. By default, parts are inputted from the top side of the block.

Part Variants Guaranteed uses Chance of breaking Cumulative break
chance increase
Salvage chance
Energy Core
6 10% 15% 80%
Circuit 1

5 15% 10% 50%

0 7.5% 10% 80%

4 20% 20% 80%