Mobius "Unstable/Stable" Ingot

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Mobius "Unstable/Stable" Ingot

ModExtra Utilities
Technical details
Registry nameExtraUtilities:unstableingot:2

The Mobius "Unstable/Stable" Ingot is an item added by Extra Utilities. It is an upgraded form of the Unstable Ingot used for crafting upgraded forms of the Unstable Ingot tools. Unlike the normal Unstable Ingot, the Mobius "Unstable/Stable" Ingot stacks up to 64, doesn't explode, and can be crafted using any crafting interface.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

It is primarily used for crafting the Kikoku (instead of the Etheric Sword) and the Super Builder's Wand (instead of the normal Builder's Wand). When used to craft the other Unstable Ingot tools, the tool will have an extra enchantment.

Tool Additional Enchantment

Efficiency X

Efficiency X

Efficiency X

Unbreaking X

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