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This page is about ModJam 1 (the first ModJam). For other uses, see ModJam.
ModJam 1
Start dateMarch 28th (?), 2013
End dateApril 1st (?), 2013
Conducted bySearge

ModJam 1 (originally ModJam) was a competition hosted by Searge and the MCP Team. It tasked participants with creating a mod in 96[1] hours. It required said mod to be created from scratch using Minecraft Forge, for Minecraft 1.4.7 or 1.5.1 (most chose the latter), with 1-2 modders, and it had to be open sourced. It was considered to be quite successful, and spurred other ModJams as well as other unaffiliated but inspired contests.

Results[edit | edit source]

To tally the winners, only participants could vote. The mod that won was the one with the most votes.

Place Mod Mod author(s) Rewards
1 Translocators ChickenBones Mod spotlight by Direwolf20 (here). Got to play on the private MCP server for a day.
2 Hats iChun Mod spotlight by Direwolf20 (was never made, however). Got to play on the private MCP server for a day.
3 Atum Shadowclaimer, RebelKeithy Mod spotlight by Direwolf20 (was never made, however). Got to play on the private MCP server for a day.


All mods created[edit | edit source]

  1. Translocators (by ChickenBones)
  2. Radio Mod? (by medsouz)
  3.  ??? (by TheMike)
  4. Particle Man (by Corosus)
  5. Health bars (by ProfMobius)
  6. MiscBlocks? (by bjculk)
  7. Hats (by iChun)
  8. Decorative Stuff (by spacechase0 and Grump)
  9. Slave Pig? (by Urfatbullet)
  10. FancyBlocks (by darksidea380)
  11. Strikerz? (by TheArni)
  12. World Gens (by fishtaco567)
  13. Feed The Magic (by Renato Stanić)
  14. Modjam Thingy (by MrKol999)
  15. Awesome Mod (by Arthur Uzulin)
  16. Atum (by Shadowclaimer and RebelKeithy)
  17. LiquidXP (by GUIpsp)
  18. SoundCraft (by ElConquistador)
  19. OreTrees (by Rushmead)
  20. DreamLand (by JennyLeep)
  21. FallingEarth (by Hologuardian)
  22. SeaCraft (by AbrarSyed)
  23. BrainFuck Blocks (by dmillerw)
  24. MassiveOctoAdventure (by Fred4106)
  25. Cooler Mod (by Captain_Shadows)
  26. Crafting Creation (by Vazkii)
  27.  ??? (by jjw123)
  28.  ??? (by Servovicis)
  29. EssenceCraft (by Kovu)
  30.  ??? (by thomas6886)
  31.  ??? (by big_Xplosion)
  32. Metroid Mod (by jcj94)
  33.  ??? (by Rhilenova)
  34. EnderWands? (by konwboj)
  35.  ??? (by iPixeli)
  36.  ??? (by Zorn_Taov)
  37.  ??? (by Rowsell99)
  38. Big Book of Mods (by Goaliegage)
  39.  ??? (by Dmaster420)
  40.  ??? (by eakmeister)
  41. Magic Craft? (by Lumien)
  42. TransportMod (by the NuCraft Team, composed of BlueTears and Renegade687)
  43. InfiniteRPG Craft? (by Minecraft4455)
  44. AirMod (by gruetzkopf)
  45.  ??? (by nazuraki)
  46. ModJam: Elevator (by kwill1429)
  47. AssemblyCraft? (by William Bundy)
  48. ModHearthstone (by Gaarnik)
  49. QuadcopterCraft? (by _Altra_)
  50.  ??? (by TheBluePenguin)
  51.  ??? (by Uristqwerty)
  52. Just Another Spawner (by Crudedragos)
  53.  ??? (by Omrigan)
  54.  ??? (by Haved)
  55. RPG Swords (by Anthony Lomeli)
  56. EternalDaySun (by james94jeans2)

*??? means the GitHub link was broken and the mod name is unknown. It is possible that the participant(s) decided to withdraw before/during the contest and the mod was not made.

*? after the mod name means the GitHub link was broken but the mod name was guessed from the URL.


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