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This page is about ModJam 3. For other uses, see ModJam.
ModJam 3
Start dateDecember 13th, 2013[1]
End dateDecember 16th, 2013[2]
Conducted bySearge

ModJam 3 was a competition hosted by Searge and other members. It tasked participants with creating an open-sourced mod using Minecraft Forge or map in 96 hours. ModJam 3 was originally going to include a resource pack contest[4] but it was not carried out, likely due to low interest.

Results[edit | edit source]

Mods[edit | edit source]

Mod Mod author(s) Competitor votes Common votes Total votes Rewards[5][6]
Sync iChun 12 148 160 Invitation to ForgeCraft with mod added to ForgeCraft. Direwolf20 spotlight.
Steve's Factory Manager Vswe 10 56 66
ChickenBones Mod immibis 5 28 33

Some controversy was raised from iChun's win[7]. Although the majority felt his win was deserving, many felt that most choose to vote for him (as well as for other participants) for his name recognition and popularity over the merits of his mod. This was later addressed in ModJam 4 by only counting the votes of participants towards the official results.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Mod Mod author(s) Competitor votes Common votes Total votes Rewards
Mattabytes Mattabase's Team 29 118 147 Promotion by Pahimar.
Adventure in Time and Space minerdave409 22 163 185
Looper Team MJ3W 6 40 46


All content created[edit | edit source]

Mods[edit | edit source]

  1. Sync (by iChun)
  2. Steve's Factory Manager (by Vswe)
  3. ChickenBones Mod (by immibis)
  4. Hydraulicraft (by K-4U and thecrazyinventor)
  5. In-Game Wiki (by MineMaarten)
  6. Laser Mod (by ProPercivalalb)
  7. Growable Resources (by domi1819)
  8. Artillects (by DarkGuardsman)
  9. MooFluids (by TheRoBrit)
  10. Glow Glass (by kkaylium)
  11. Jewelrycraft (by OnyxDarkKnight and bspkrs)
  12. Spellbound (by MCA Dev Team, composed of WildBamaBoy and SheWolfDeadly)
  13. RadioMod (by jk-5 and Lordmau5)
  14. QuestCraft (by ajwgeek)
  15. BlockExtenders (by Dynious)
  16. EnderTech (by spacechase0)
  17. Fireman's Mod (by tattyseal and modmuss50)
  18. Allomancy (by ZenDarva)
  19. OreSpiders (by YSPilot)
  20. Rearview (by crikents)
  21. Crystal Bearers (by Lomeli12)
  22. Incantations (by kihira)
  23. TCGCraft (by digitalseraphim)
  24. Elementals (by ThisDarkShadow)
  25. Tubes++ (by ???)
  26. ElfCraft (by ???)
  27. GhostMod (by thebookster)
  28. Moblie Base (by TheDrunkMafia)
  29. PartyLine (by Cloudhunter)
  30. TownCraftWithoutTownsButWithColoredStoneAndVerticalSlabs (by ElConquistador)
  31. WardedMan (by Gomer3261)
  32. Chaos Crystal (by founderio)
  33. CoffeeMod (by DoughNout)
  34. OOH (by TuxCraft)
  35. PirateCraft (by ???)
  36. Tower Defence (by ???)
  37. UnGui (by Mrkol)
  38. Exocraft (by Iamshortman)
  39. FinancialExpansion (by ???)
  40. Magitech (by GerbShert)
  41. NinjaSecrets (by Hunter-K13)
  42. Oceania (by TrainerGuy22 and briman0094)
  43. Open End (by nekosune and KharonAlpua)
  44. Perfect Armor (by CCM Modding, composed of Claycorp, CaptainShadows, and Morton00000)
  45. PrisonCraft (by allout58)
  46. SciMachinery (by sci4me)
  47. TransVoltz (by ???)
  48. ZPCombatMod (by MMMMasterM)
  49. Analog Redstone (by Mr-Byte)
  50. Coffee (by ???)
  51. Conducts (by Benimatic)
  52. LandsUprising (by ???)
  53. MobJam (by [Team] Ubiquitous Spice, GUIpsp and AbrarSyed)
  54. PortaPortal (by Unh0ly_Tigg)
  55. Quick Swap Loadouts (by WingsOfLife)
  56. Sigils: Art of Magic (by dmillerw)
  57. Subterrania (by Samuel Tebbs)
  58. Talkative (by anti344)
  59. Weather Carpets (by Mitchellbrine)
  60. Billund (by dan200)
  61. ReCubed (bt Vazkii)

Maps[edit | edit source]

  1. MattaBytes (by Mattabase's Team)
  2. The Adventure in Time and Space (by minerdave409)
  3. Looper (by Team MJ3W)
  4. CraftField TDM (by ???)
  5. the_soho (by ???)
  6. theoneandonly104 (by ???)

*??? means the mod author(s) are unknown, likely because the mod/map could not be found on GitHub or other sites.


References[edit | edit source]