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Modrinth is a website in development that intends to have a "refined search interface", be the "world's most modder-friendly platform," and be "backed by an open source API" on it's home page.[1]

An image showing the search interface on mods page

It currently has mods, modpacks, support pages, and guides pages. Currently, only the mod feature is available.[2]

Updates for the site can be found on the blog[3], Twitter[4] or Discord[5].

The website's search feature include:

  • A search bar with quick results
    An image showing the possibilities for Mod Developers when using the site
  • Filters (relevance, total downloads, newest, updated)
  • Categories to select/filter between
    • technology
    • adventure
    • magic
    • etc.
  • A screenshot showing the open source API use cases for the site
    Teams, (multiple users on a single mod.)
  • Filters for modloaders
  • Forge
    A screenshot showing the mods search page, categories, filters for modloaders/versions and more
  • Fabric
  • Possible future support for Rift, LiteLoader, and Risugami's Modloader
  • Page selection
    An image showcasing the filter to see Fabric mods being selected
  • Version selection
  • Login integration with GitHub
The About Page for Modrinith, detailing the goal of the site

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