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local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local biomesoplenty = l{"Biomes O' Plenty", [=[<translate><!--T:1--> Biomes O' Plenty</translate>]=]}

local vegetation = [=[<translate><!--T:2--> Vegetation</translate>]=]
local trees = [=[<translate><!--T:3--> Trees</translate>]=]
local leaves = [=[<translate><!--T:4--> Leaves</translate>]=]
local saplings = [=[<translate><!--T:5--> Trees and saplings</translate>]=]
local plants = [=[<translate><!--T:6--> Plants</translate>]=]

local wood = [=[<translate><!--T:7--> Wood</translate>]=]
local logs = [=[<translate><!--T:8--> Logs</translate>]=]
local planks = [=[<translate><!--T:9--> Planks</translate>]=]
local doors = [=[<translate><!--T:10--> Doors</translate>]=]
local fences = [=[<translate><!--T:11--> Fences</translate>]=]
local fencegates = [=[<translate><!--T:12--> Fence Gates</translate>]=]
local slabs = [=[<translate><!--T:13--> Slabs</translate>]=]
local stairs = [=[<translate><!--T:14--> Stairs</translate>]=]

local resources = [=[<translate><!--T:15--> Resources</translate>]=]
local ores = [=[<translate><!--T:16--> Ores</translate>]=]
local refined = [=[<translate><!--T:17--> Refined</translate>]=]
local refinedblocks = [=[<translate><!--T:18--> Refined blocks</translate>]=]

local materials = [=[<translate><!--T:19--> Materials</translate>]=]
local mudstuff = [=[<translate><!--T:20--> Mud</translate>]=]
local dirtstuff = [=[<translate><!--T:21--> Dirt</translate>]=]
local blocks= [=[<translate><!--T:22--> Other blocks</translate>]=]

local items = [=[<translate><!--T:23--> Items</translate>]=]
local armor = [=[<translate><!--T:24--> Armor</translate>]=]
local amethystarmor = [=[<translate><!--T:25--> Amethyst</translate>]=]
local mudarmor = [=[<translate><!--T:26--> Muddy</translate>]=]
local weapons = [=[<translate><!--T:27--> Weapons</translate>]=]
local buckets = [=[<translate><!--T:28--> Buckets</translate>]=]
local dyes = [=[<translate><!--T:29--> Dyes</translate>]=]
local food = [=[<translate><!--T:30--> Food</translate>]=]
local item = [=[<translate><!--T:31--> Item</translate>]=]
local jars = [=[<translate><!--T:32--> Jars</translate>]=]
local terrarium = [=[<translate><!--T:33--> Terrarium</translate>]=]
local tools = [=[<translate><!--T:34--> Tools</translate>]=]
local amethysttools = [=[<translate><!--T:35--> Amethyst</translate>]=]
local mudtools = [=[<translate><!--T:36--> Muddy</translate>]=]
local othertools = [=[<translate><!--T:37--> Other</translate>]=]
local components = [=[<translate><!--T:38--> Components</translate>]=]

local animals = [=[<translate><!--T:39--> Animals</translate>]=]
local spawneggs = [=[<translate><!--T:40--> Spawn Eggs</translate>]=]

return navbox{title = biomesoplenty, mod = "BOP", modname = "Biomes O' Plenty",
    group{name = "vegetation", title = vegetation,
        list{title = trees,
            list{title = leaves,
                ni{"Bamboo Leaves", "Bamboo Leaves", "Bamboo"},
                ni{"Dead Leaves", "Dead Leaves", "Dead"},
                ni{"Ebony Leaves", "Ebony Leaves", "Ebony"},
                ni{"Ethereal Leaves", "Ethereal Leaves", "Ethereal"},
                nid{"Eucalyptus Leaves", "Eucalyptus"},
                ni{"Fir Leaves", "Fir Leaves", "Fir"},
                ni{"Flowering Oak Leaves", "Flowering Oak Leaves", "Flowering Oak"},
                ni{"Hellbark Leaves", "Hellbark Leaves", "Hellbark"},
                ni{"Jacaranda Leaves", "Jacaranda Leaves", "Jacaranda"},
                ni{"Magic Leaves", "Magic Leaves", "Magic"},
                ni{"Mahogany Leaves", "Mahogany Leaves", "Mahogany"},
                nid{"Mangrove Leaves","Mangrove"},
                nid{"Maple Leaves", "Maple"},
                ni{"Orange Autumn Leaves", "Orange Autumn Leaves", "Orange Autumn"},
                ni{"Origin Leaves", "Origin Leaves", "Origin"},
                ni{"Palm Leaves", "Palm Leaves", "Palm"},
                ni{"Pine Leaves", "Pine Leaves", "Pine"},
                ni{"Pink Cherry Leaves", "Pink Cherry Leaves", "Pink Cherry"},
                ni{"Redwood Leaves", "Redwood Leaves (Biomes O' Plenty)", "Redwood"},
                ni{"Sacred Oak Leaves", "Sacred Oak Leaves", "Sacred Oak"},
                ni{"Umbran Leaves", "Umbran Leaves", "Umbran"},
                ni{"White Cherry Leaves", "White Cherry Leaves", "White Cherry"},
                nid{"Willow Leaves", "Willow"},
                ni{"Yellow Autumn Leaves", "Yellow Autumn Leaves", "Yellow Autumn"}
            list{title = saplings,
                ni{"Bamboo Sapling", "Bamboo Sapling", "Bamboo"},
                ni{"Dead Sapling", "Dead Sapling", "Dead"},
                ni{"Ebony Sapling", "Ebony Sapling", "Ebony"},
                ni{"Ethereal Sapling", "Ethereal Sapling", "Ethereal"},
                nid{"Eucalyptus Sapling", "Eucalyptus"},
                ni{"Fir Sapling", "Fir Sapling", "Fir"},
                ni{"Flowering Oak Sapling", "Flowering Oak Sapling", "Flowering Oak"},
                ni{"Hellbark Sapling", "Hellbark Sapling", "Hellbark"},
                ni{"Jacaranda Sapling", "Jacaranda Sapling", "Jacaranda"},
                ni{"Magic Sapling", "Magic Sapling", "Magic"},
                ni{"Mahogany Sapling", "Mahogany Sapling", "Mahogany"},
                nid{"Mangrove Sapling", "Mangrove"},
                nid{"Maple Sapling", "Maple"},
                ni{"Orange Autumn Sapling", "Orange Autumn Sapling", "Orange Autumn"},
                ni{"Origin Sapling", "Origin Sapling", "Origin"},
                ni{"Palm Sapling", "Palm Sapling", "Palm"},
                ni{"Pine Sapling", "Pine Sapling", "Pine"},
                ni{"Pink Cherry Sapling", "Pink Cherry Sapling", "Pink Cherry"},
                nid{"Redwood Sapling", "Redwood"},
                ni{"Sacred Oak Sapling", "Sacred Oak Sapling", "Sacred Oak"},
                ni{"Umbran Sapling", "Umbran Sapling", "Umbran"},
                ni{"White Cherry Sapling", "White Cherry Sapling", "White Cherry"},
                nid{"Willow Sapling", "Willow"},
                ni{"Yellow Autumn Sapling", "Yellow Autumn Sapling", "Yellow Autumn"}
        list{title = plants,
            ni{"Berry Bush"},
            ni{"Blue Coral"},
            ni{"Blue Hydrangea"},
            ni{"Blue Milk Cap"},
            ni{"Burning Blossom"},
            ni{"Clover Patch"},
            ni{"Damp Grass"},
            ni{"Dead Grass"},
            ni{"Dead Leaf Pile"},
            ni{"Desert Grass"},
            ni{"Desert Sprouts"},
            ni{"Dune Grass"},
            ni{"Flat Mushroom"},
            ni{"Flowered Lily Pad"},
            ni{"Flowering Vines"},
            ni{"Glowing Coral"},
            ni{"Icy Iris"},
            ni{"Leaf Pile"},
            ni{"Lily of the Valley"},
            ni{"Medium Grass"},
            ni{"Medium Lily Pad"},
            ni{"Miners Delight"},
            ni{"Orange Coral"},
            ni{"Orange Cosmos"},
            ni{"Pink Coral"},
            ni{"Pink Dafodil"},
            ni{"Pink Hibiscus"},
            ni{"Poison Ivy"},
            ni{"River Cane"},
            ni{"Shadow Shroom"},
            ni{"Short Grass"},
            ni{"Small Lily Pad"},
            ni{"Spectral Fern"},
            ni{"Tall Cattail"},
            ni{"Tiny Cactus"},
            ni{"Tiny Lily Pad"},
            ni{"Tree Moss"},
            ni{"Turnip Seeds"},
            ni{"Wheat Grass"},
            ni{"White Anemone"},
            ni{"Wild Rice"},
            ni{"Wilted Lily"}
    group{name = "wood", title = wood,
        list{title = logs,
            ni{"Cherry Wood", "Cherry Wood", "Cherry"},
            nid{"Dead Wood", "Dead"},
            ni{"Ebony Wood", "Ebony Wood", "Ebony"},
            ni{"Ethereal Wood", "Ethereal Wood", "Ethereal"},
            nid{"Eucalyptus Wood", "Eucalyptus"},
            nid{"Fir Wood", "Fir"},
            ni{"Hellbark Wood", "Hellbark Wood", "Hellbark"},
            ni{"Jacaranda Wood", "Jacaranda Wood", "Jacaranda"},
            ni{"Magic Wood", "Magic Wood", "Magic"},
            ni{"Mahogany Wood", "Mahogany Wood", "Mahogany"},
            nid{"Mangrove Wood", "Mangrove"},
            ni{"Palm Wood", "Palm Wood", "Palm"},
            ni{"Pine Wood", "Pine Wood", "Pine"},
            nid{"Redwood Wood", "Redwood"},
            ni{"Sacred Oak Wood", "Sacred Oak Wood", "Sacred Oak"},
            ni{"Umbran Wood", "Umbran Wood", "Umbran"},
            nid{"Willow Wood", "Willow"}
        list{title = planks,
            ni{"Cherry Wood Planks", "Cherry Wood Planks", "Cherry"},
            ni{"Ebony Wood Planks", "Ebony Wood Planks", "Ebony"},
            ni{"Ethereal Wood Planks", "Ethereal Wood Planks", "Ethereal"},
            nid{"Eucalyptus Wood Planks", "Eucalyptus"},
            ni{"Fir Wood Planks", "Fir Wood Planks (Biomes O' Plenty)", "Fir"},
            ni{"Hellbark Wood Planks", "Hellbark Wood Planks", "Hellbark"},
            ni{"Jacaranda Wood Planks", "Jacaranda Wood Planks", "Jacaranda"},
            ni{"Magic Wood Planks", "Magic Wood Planks", "Magic"},
            ni{"Mahogany Wood Planks", "Mahogany Wood Planks", "Mahogany"},
            nid{"Mangrove Wood Planks", "Mangrove"},
            ni{"Palm Wood Planks", "Palm Wood Planks", "Palm"},
            ni{"Pine Wood Planks", "Pine Wood Planks", "Pine"},
            nid{"Redwood Wood Planks", "Redwood"},
            ni{"Sacred Oak Wood Planks", "Sacred Oak Wood Planks", "Sacred Oak"},
            ni{"Umbran Wood Planks", "Umbran Wood Planks", "Umbran"},
            nid{"Willow Wood Planks", "Willow"}
        list{title = doors,
            ni{"Cherry Door", "Cherry Door", "Cherry"},
            ni{"Ebony Door", "Ebony Door", "Ebony"},
            ni{"Ethereal Door", "Ethereal Door", "Ethereal"},
            nid{"Eucalyptus Door", "Eucalyptus"},
            ni{"Fir Door", "Fir Door (Biomes O' Plenty)", "Fir"},
            ni{"Hellbark Door", "Hellbark Door", "Hellbark"},
            ni{"Jacaranda Door", "Jacaranda Door", "Jacaranda"},
            ni{"Magic Door", "Magic Door", "Magic"},
            ni{"Mahogany Door", "Mahogany Door", "Mahogany"},
            nid{"Mangrove Door", "Mangrove"},
            ni{"Palm Door", "Palm Door", "Palm"},
            ni{"Pine Door", "Pine Door", "Pine"},
            nid{"Redwood Door", "Redwood"},
            ni{"Sacred Oak Door", "Sacred Oak Door", "Sacred Oak"},
            ni{"Umbran Door", "Umbran Door", "Umbran"},
            nid{"Willow Door", "Willow"}
        list{title = fences,
            ni{"Cherry Fence", "Cherry Fence", "Cherry"},
            ni{"Ebony Fence", "Ebony Fence", "Ebony"},
            ni{"Ethereal Fence", "Ethereal Fence", "Ethereal"},
            nid{"Eucalyptus Fence", "Eucalyptus"},
            nid{"Fir Fence", "Fir"},
            ni{"Hellbark Fence", "Hellbark Fence", "Hellbark"},
            ni{"Jacaranda Fence", "Jacaranda Fence", "Jacaranda"},
            ni{"Magic Fence", "Magic Fence", "Magic"},
            ni{"Mahogany Fence", "Mahogany Fence", "Mahogany"},
            nid{"Mangrove Fence", "Mangrove"},
            ni{"Palm Fence", "Palm Fence", "Palm"},
            ni{"Pine Fence", "Pine Fence", "Pine"},
            nid{"Redwood Fence", "Redwood"},
            ni{"Sacred Oak Fence", "Sacred Oak Fence", "Sacred Oak"},
            ni{"Umbran Fence", "Umbran Fence", "Umbran"},
            nid{"Willow Fence", "Willow"}
        list{title = fencegates,
            ni{"Cherry Fence Gate", "Cherry Fence Gate", "Cherry"},
            ni{"Ebony Fence Gate", "Ebony Fence Gate", "Ebony"},
            ni{"Ethereal Fence Gate", "Ethereal Fence Gate", "Ethereal"},
            nid{"Eucalyptus Fence Gate", "Eucalyptus"},
            nid{"Fir Fence Gate", "Fir"},
            ni{"Hellbark Fence Gate", "Hellbark Fence Gate", "Hellbark"},
            ni{"Jacaranda Fence Gate", "Jacaranda Fence Gate", "Jacaranda"},
            ni{"Magic Fence Gate", "Magic Fence Gate", "Magic"},
            ni{"Mahogany Fence Gate", "Mahogany Fence Gate", "Mahogany"},
            nid{"Mangrove Fence Gate", "Mangrove"},
            ni{"Palm Fence Gate", "Palm Fence Gate", "Palm"},
            ni{"Pine Fence Gate", "Pine Fence Gate", "Pine"},
            nid{"Redwood Fence Gate", "Redwood"},
            ni{"Sacred Oak Fence Gate", "Sacred Oak Fence Gate", "Sacred Oak"},
            ni{"Umbran Fence Gate", "Umbran Fence Gate", "Umbran"},
            nid{"Willow Fence Gate", "Willow"}
        list{title = slabs,
            ni{"Cherry Wood Slab", "Cherry Wood Slab", "Cherry"},
            ni{"Ebony Wood Slab", "Ebony Wood Slab", "Ebony"},
            ni{"Ethereal Wood Slab", "Ethereal Wood Slab", "Ethereal"},
            nid{"Eucalyptus Wood Slab", "Eucalyptus"},
            nid{"Fir Wood Slab", "Fir"},
            ni{"Hellbark Wood Slab", "Hellbark Wood Slab", "Hellbark"},
            ni{"Jacaranda Wood Slab", "Jacaranda Wood Slab", "Jacaranda"},
            ni{"Magic Wood Slab", "Magic Wood Slab", "Magic"},
            ni{"Mahogany Wood Slab", "Mahogany Wood Slab", "Mahogany"},
            nid{"Mangrove Wood Slab", "Mangrove"},
            ni{"Palm Wood Slab", "Palm Wood Slab", "Palm"},
            ni{"Pine Wood Slab", "Pine Wood Slab", "Pine"},
            nid{"Redwood Wood Slab", "Redwood"},
            ni{"Sacred Oak Wood Slab", "Sacred Oak Wood Slab", "Sacred Oak"},
            ni{"Umbran Wood Slab", "Umbran Wood Slab", "Umbran"},
            nid{"Willow Wood Slab", "Willow"}
        list{title = stairs,
            ni{"Cherry Wood Stairs", "Cherry Wood Stairs", "Cherry"},
            ni{"Ebony Wood Stairs", "Ebony Wood Stairs", "Ebony"},
            ni{"Ethereal Wood Stairs", "Ethereal Wood Stairs", "Ethereal"},
            nid{"Eucalyptus Wood Stairs", "Eucalyptus"},
            nid{"Fir Wood Stairs", "Fir"},
            ni{"Hellbark Wood Stairs", "Hellbark Wood Stairs", "Hellbark"},
            ni{"Jacaranda Wood Stairs", "Jacaranda Wood Stairs", "Jacaranda"},
            ni{"Magic Wood Stairs", "Magic Wood Stairs", "Magic"},
            ni{"Mahogany Wood Stairs", "Mahogany Wood Stairs", "Mahogany"},
            nid{"Mangrove Wood Stairs", "Mangrove"},
            ni{"Palm Wood Stairs", "Palm Wood Stairs", "Palm"},
            ni{"Pine Wood Stairs", "Pine Wood Stairs", "Pine"},
            nid{"Redwood Wood Stairs", "Redwood"},
            ni{"Sacred Oak Wood Stairs", "Sacred Oak Wood Stairs", "Sacred Oak"},
            ni{"Umbran Wood Stairs", "Umbran Wood Stairs", "Umbran"},
            nid{"Willow Wood Stairs", "Willow"}
    group{name = "resources", title = resources,
        list{title = ores,
            ni{"Amber Ore", "Amber", "Amber Ore"},
            ni{"Biome Essence Ore"},
            ni{"Ender Amethyst Ore", "Amethyst", "Ender Amethyst Ore"},
            ni{"Malachite Ore", "Malachite", "Malachite Ore"},
            ni{"Peridot Ore", "Peridot", "Peridot Ore"},
            ni{"Ruby Ore", "Ruby", "Ruby Ore"},
            ni{"Sapphire Ore", "Sapphire", "Sapphire Ore"},
            ni{"Tanzanite Ore", "Tanzanite", "Tanzanite Ore"},
            ni{"Topaz Ore", "Topaz", "Topaz Ore"}
        list{title = refined,
            ni{"Biome Essence"},
            ni{"Ender Amethyst", "Amethyst", "Ender Amethyst"},
        list{title = refinedblocks,
            ni{"Block of Amber", "Amber", "Block of Amber"},
            ni{"Block of Amethyst", "Amethyst", "Block of Amethyst"},
            ni{"Block of Malachite", "Malachite", "Block of Malachite"},
            ni{"Block of Peridot", "Peridot", "Block of Peridot"},
            ni{"Block of Ruby", "Ruby", "Block of Ruby"},
            ni{"Block of Sapphire","Sapphire", "Block of Sapphire"},
            ni{"Block of Tanzanite", "Tanzanite", "Block of Tanzanite"},
            ni{"Block of Topaz", "Topaz", "Block of Topaz"}
    group{name = "materials", title = materials,
        list{title = mudstuff,
            ni{"Mud Ball"},
            nid{"Mud Brick"},
            ni{"Mud Bricks"},
            ni{"Mud Bricks Slab"},
            ni{"Mud Bricks Stairs"}
        list{title = dirtstuff,
            ni{"Coarse Loamy Dirt"},
            ni{"Coarse Sandy Dirt"},
            ni{"Coarse Silty Dirt"},
            ni{"Loamy Dirt"},
            ni{"Loamy Farmland"},
            ni{"Loamy Grass Block"},
            ni{"Sandy Dirt"},
            ni{"Sandy Farmland"},
            ni{"Sandy Grass Block"},
            ni{"Silty Dirt"},
            ni{"Silty Farmland"},
            ni{"Silty Grass Block"}
        list{title = blocks,
            ni{"Ash Block"},
            ni{"Bamboo Thatching"},
            ni{"Celestial Crystal"},
            ni{"Crag Rock"},
            ni{"Dried Sand"},
            ni{"Empty Honeycomb Block"},
            ni{"Filled Honeycomb Block"},
            ni{"Flowering Grass Bloock"},
            ni{"Giant Flower Stem"},
            ni{"Giant Red Flower Petal"},
            ni{"Giant Yellow Flower Petal"},
            ni{"Hardened Ice"},
            ni{"Hive Block"},
            ni{"Honey Block"},
            ni{"Honeycomb Block"},
            ni{"Large Bone Segment"},
            ni{"Medium Bone Segment"},
            ni{"Origin Grass Block"},
            ni{"Overgrown Netherrack"},
            nid{"Polished Limestone"},
            ni{"Polished Shale"},
            ni{"Polished Siltstone"},
            ni{"Small Bone Segment"},
            ni{"Smoldering Grass Block"},
            ni{"Spectral Moss"}
    group{name = "items", title = items,
        list{title = armor,
            list{title = amethystarmor,
                ni{"Amethyst Helmet", "Amethyst Helmet", "Helmet"},
                ni{"Amethyst Chestplate", "Amethyst Chestplate", "Chestplate"},
                ni{"Amethyst Leggings", "Amethyst Leggings", "Leggings"},
                ni{"Amethyst Boots", "Amethyst Boots", "Boots"}
            list{title = mudarmor,
                ni{"Muddy Helmet", "Muddy Helmet", "Helmet"},
                ni{"Muddy Chestplate", "Muddy Chestplate", "Chestplate"},
                ni{"Muddy Leggings", "Muddy Leggings", "Leggings"},
                ni{"Muddy Boots", "Muddy Boots", "Boots"}
        list{title = weapons,
            ni{"Amethyst Sword"},
            ni{"Muddy Sword"}
        list{title = buckets,
            ni{"Blood Bucket"},
            ni{"Honey Bucket"},
            ni{"Hot Spring Water Bucket"},
            ni{"Poison Bucket"}
        list{title = dyes,
            nid{"Black Dye"},
            nid{"Blue Dye"},
            nid{"Brown Dye"},
            nid{"Green Dye"},
            nid{"White Dye"}
        list{title = food,
            ni{"Bowl of Rice"},
            nid{"Fruit Salad"},
            ni{"Honey Jar"},
            ni{"Shroom Salad"},
            ni{"Veggie Salad"}
        list{title = item,
            ni{"Celestial Crystal Shard"},
            ni{"Chunk of Flesh"},
            ni{"Dull Flower Band"},
            ni{"Empty Honeycomb"},
            ni{"Exotic Flower Band"},
            ni{"Filled Honeycomb"},
            ni{"Flax String"},
            ni{"Flower Basket"},
            ni{"Lush Flower Band"},
            nid{"Music Disc"},
            ni{"Plain Flower Band"},
            ni{"Wading Boots"}
        list{title = jars,
            ni{"Pixie Jar"},
            ni{"Poison Extract Jar"}
        list{title = terrarium,
            ni{"Bamboo Terrarium", "Bamboo Terrarium", "Bamboo"},
            ni{"Cactus Terrarium", "Cactus Terrarium", "Cactus"},
            ni{"Dead Terrarium", "Dead Terrarium", "Dead"},
            ni{"Ender Terrarium", "Ender Terrarium", "Ender"},
            ni{"Fern Terrarium", "Fern Terrarium", "Fern"},
            ni{"Flax Terrarium", "Flax Terrarium", "Flax"},
            ni{"Flower Terrarium", "Flower Terrarium", "Flower"},
            ni{"Glowshroom Terrarium", "Glowshroom Terrarium", "Glowshroom"},
            ni{"Koru Terrarium", "Koru Terrarium", "Koru"},
            ni{"Mushroom Terrarium", "Mushroom Terrarium", "Mushroom"},
            ni{"Mystic Terrarium", "Mystic Terrarium", "Mystic"},
            ni{"Nether Terrarium", "Nether Terrarium", "Nether"},
            ni{"Ominous Terrarium", "Ominous Terrarium", "Ominous"},
            ni{"Origin Terrarium", "Origin Terrarium", "Origin"},
            ni{"Sapling Terrarium", "Sapling Terrarium", "Sapling"},
            ni{"Wasteland Terrarium", "Wasteland Terrarium", "Wasteland"}
        list{title = tools,
            list{title = amethysttools,
                ni{"Amethyst Axe", "Amethyst Axe", "Axe"},
                ni{"Amethyst Hoe", "Amethyst Hoe", "Hoe"},
                ni{"Amethyst Pickaxe", "Amethyst Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
                ni{"Amethyst Scythe", "Amethyst Scythe", "Scythe"},
                ni{"Amethyst Shovel", "Amethyst Shovel", "Shovel"}
            list{title = mudtools,
                ni{"Muddy Axe", "Muddy Axe", "Axe"},
                ni{"Muddy Hoe", "Muddy Hoe", "Hoe"},
                ni{"Muddy Pickaxe", "Muddy Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
                ni{"Muddy Scythe", "Muddy Scythe", "Scythe"},
                ni{"Muddy Shovel", "Muddy Shovel", "Shovel"}
            list{title = othertools,
                ni{"Biome Finder"},
                ni{"Dart Blower"},
                ni{"Diamond Scythe"},
                ni{"Golden Scythe"},
                nid{"Iron Scythe"},
                ni{"Poison Dart"},
                ni{"Stone Scythe"},
                ni{"Wooden Scythe"}
        list{title = components,
            ni{"Empty Jar"},
            ni{"Mud Ball"},
            ni{"Pile of Ashes"},
            nid{"Pixie Dust"},
            ni{"Shroom Powder"},
            ni{"Terrestrial Artifact"},
            ni{"Wither Wart"}
    group{name = "animals", title = animals,
        list{title = spawneggs,
            ni{"Spawn Butterfly"},
            ni{"Spawn Pixie"},
            ni{"Spawn Snail"},
            ni{"Spawn Wasp"}

return p