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local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)
local de = l{"Draconic Evolution", [=[<translate><!--T:1--> Draconic Evolution</translate>]=]}

local blocks = [=[<translate><!--T:2--> Blocks</translate>]=]
local devices = [=[<translate><!--T:3--> Devices</translate>]=]
local storage = [=[<translate><!--T:4--> Storage blocks</translate>]=]
local misc = [=[<translate><!--T:5--> Misc</translate>]=]
local legacy = [=[<translate><!--T:39--> Legacy</translate>]=]

local tools = [=[<translate><!--T:6--> Tools and armor</translate>]=]
local draconic = [=[<translate><!--T:7--> Draconic</translate>]=]
local wyvern = [=[<translate><!--T:8--> Wyvern</translate>]=]
local fluxcapacitor = [=[<translate><!--T:9--> Flux Capacitor</translate>]=]

local items = [=[<translate><!--T:10--> Items</translate>]=]
local cores = [=[<translate><!--T:11--> Cores</translate>]=]
local upgradekeys = [=[<translate><!--T:26--> Upgrade Keys</translate>]=]
local itemsmisc = [=[<translate><!--T:13--> Components/misc</translate>]=]

local terrain = [=[<translate><!--T:14--> Terrain</translate>]=]
local entities = [=[<translate><!--T:15--> Entities</translate>]=]
local guides = [=[<translate><!--T:16--> Guides</translate>]=]

return navbox{title = de, mod = "DE", modname = "Draconic Evolution",
	group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
		list{title = devices,
			ni{"Admin Dislocator"},
			ni{"Advanced Entity Detector"},
			ni{"Basic Fusion Crafting Injector"},
			ni{"Celestial Manipulator"},
			ni{"Chaotic Fusion Crafting Injector"},
			ni{"Creative RF Source"},
			ni{"Dislocator Pedestal"},
			ni{"Dislocator Receptacle"},
			ni{"Draconic Fusion Crafting Injector"},
			nid{"Energy Core"},
			ni{"Energy Core Stabilizer"},
			ni{"Energy Infuser"},
			ni{"Energy Pylon"},
			nid{"Entity Detector"},
			ni{"Fusion Crafting Core"},
			ni{"Mob Grinder"},
			nid{"Rain Sensor"},
			ni{"Wyvern Fusion Crafting Injector"}
		list{title = storage,
			ni{"Awakened Draconium Block"},
			ni{"Charged Draconium Block"},
			ni{"Draconium Block"}
		list{title = misc,
			l{"Chaos Crystal (Draconic Evolution)", [=[<translate><!--T:17--> Chaos Crystal</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Dislocator Receptacle"},
			ni{"Draconium Ore"},
			ni{"Nether Draconium Ore"},
			ni{"Ender Draconium Ore"},
			ni{"Draconium Infused Obsidian"},
		list{title = legacy,
			ni{"Admin Dislocator"},
			ni{"Advanced Energy Relay"},
			ni{"Advanced Energy Transceiver"},
			ni{"Advanced Player Detector"},
			ni{"Advanced Wireless Transceiver"},
			ni{"Creative Key Stone"},
			ni{"Distortion Flame"},
			ni{"Draconic Chest"},
			ni{"Draconic Reactor Core"},
			nid{"Energy Relay"},
			ni{"Energy Transceiver"},
			ni{"Fluid Gate"},
			ni{"Flux Gate"},
			nid{"Particle Generator"},
			nid{"Player Detector"},
			ni{"Reactor Energy Injector"},
			ni{"Reactor Stabilizer"},
			ni{"Resurrection Stone"},
			ni{"Stabilized Mob Spawner"},
			ni{"Sun Dial"},
			ni{"Upgrade Modifier"},
			nid{"Weather Controller"},
			ni{"Wireless Energy Transceiver"}
	group{name = "tools", title = tools,
		list{title = draconic,
			ni{"Draconic Axe"},
			ni{"Draconic Boots"},
			ni{"Draconic Bow"},
			ni{"Draconic Chestplate"},
			ni{"Draconic Helm"},
			ni{"Draconic Hoe"},
			ni{"Draconic Leggings"},
			ni{"Draconic Shovel"},
			ni{"Draconic Staff of Power"},
			ni{"Draconic Sword"},
			ni{"Draconic Pickaxe"}
		list{title = wyvern,
			ni{"Axe of the Wyvern"},
			ni{"Bow of the Wyvern"},
			ni{"Pickaxe of the Wyvern"},
			ni{"Shovel of the Wyvern"},
			ni{"Sword of the Wyvern"},
			ni{"Wyvern Boots"},
			ni{"Wyvern Chestplate"},
			ni{"Wyvern Helm"},
			ni{"Wyvern Leggings"}
		list{title = fluxcapacitor,
			ni{"Creative Flux Capacitor"},
			ni{"Draconic Flux Capacitor"},
			ni{"Wyvern Flux Capacitor"}
		list{title = legacy,
			ni{"Box of Safety Matches"},
			ni{"Charm of Dislocation"},
			ni{"Crystal Binder"},
			nid{"Ender Arrow"},
			ni{"Enhanced Charm of Dislocation"},
			ni{"Safety Match"}
	group{name = "items", title = items,
		list{title = cores,
			ni{"Awakened Core"},
			ni{"Chaotic Core"},
			ni{"Draconic Core"},
			ni{"Draconic Energy Core"},
			ni{"Wyvern Core"},
			ni{"Wyvern Energy Core"}
		list{title = upgradekeys,
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Arrow Damage)", "Upgrade Key (Arrow Damage)", [=[<translate><!--T:27--> Arrow Damage</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Arrow Speed)", "Upgrade Key (Arrow Speed)", [=[<translate><!--T:28--> Arrow Speed</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Attack AOE)", "Upgrade Key (Attack AOE)", [=[<translate><!--T:29--> Attack AOE</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Attack Damage)", "Upgrade Key (Attack Damage)", [=[<translate><!--T:30--> Attack Damage</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Dig AOE)", "Upgrade Key (Dig AOE)", [=[<translate><!--T:31--> Dig AOE</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Dig Speed)", "Upgrade Key (Dig Speed)", [=[<translate><!--T:32--> Dig Speed</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Draw Speed)", "Upgrade Key (Draw Speed)", [=[<translate><!--T:33--> Draw Speed</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Jump Boost)", "Upgrade Key (Jump Boost)", [=[<translate><!--T:34--> Jump Boost</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Movement Speed)", "Upgrade Key (Movement Speed)", [=[<translate><!--T:35--> Movement Speed</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (RF Capacity)", "Upgrade Key (RF Capacity)", [=[<translate><!--T:36--> RF Capacity</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Shield Capacity)", "Upgrade Key (Shield Capacity)", [=[<translate><!--T:37--> Shield Capacity</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Upgrade Key (Shield Recovery)", "Upgrade Key (Shield Recovery)", [=[<translate><!--T:38--> Shield Recovery</translate>]=]},
		list{title = itemsmisc,
			ni{"Advanced Dislocator"},
			ni{"Awakened Draconium Ingot"},
			ni{"Awakened Draconium Nugget"},
			ni{"Chaos Shard"},
			ni{"Large Chaos Fragment"},
			ni{"Small Chaos Fragment"},
			ni{"Tiny Chaos Fragment"},
			ni{"Draconium Dust"},
			ni{"Draconic Evolution Information Tablet"},
			ni{"Draconium Ingot"},
			ni{"Draconium Nugget"},
			ni{"Dragon Heart"}
		list{title = legacy,
			ni{"Awakened Item Dislocator"},
			ni{"Item Dislocator"},
			ni{"Mob Soul"},
			ni{"Reactor Stabilizer Focus Ring"},
			ni{"Reactor Stabilizer Frame"},
			ni{"Reactor Stabilizer Inner Rotor"},
			ni{"Reactor Stabilizer Outer Rotor"},
			ni{"Reactor Stabilizer Rotor Assembly"}
	group{name = "misc", title = misc,
		list{title = terrain,
			l{"Comets", [=[<translate><!--T:19--> Comets</translate>]=]},
			l{"Chaos Island", [=[<translate><!--T:20--> Chaos Island</translate>]=]}
		list{title = entities,
			l{"Chaos Guardian", [=[<translate><!--T:21--> Chaos Guardian</translate>]=]}
		list{title = misc,
			l{"Achievements (Draconic Evolution)", [=[<translate><!--T:22--> Achievements</translate>]=]},
			l{"Reaper", [=[<translate><!--T:40--> Reaper</translate>]=]}
		list{title = guides,
			l{"Getting Started (Draconic Evolution)", [=[<translate><!--T:23--> Getting Started</translate>]=]},
			l{"Draconic Evolution Reactor Guide", [=[<translate><!--T:24--> Reactor Guide</translate>]=]}

return p