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local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local enderio = l{"Ender IO", [=[<translate><!--T:1--> Ender IO</translate>]=]}

local blocks = [=[<translate><!--T:2--> Blocks</translate>]=]
local generators = [=[<translate><!--T:3--> RF generators</translate>]=]
local consumers = [=[<translate><!--T:4--> RF consumers</translate>]=]
local obelisks = [=[<translate><!--T:5--> Obelisks</translate>]=]
local lights = [=[<translate><!--T:6--> Lights</translate>]=]
local buffers = [=[<translate><!--T:7--> Buffers</translate>]=]
local storage = [=[<translate><!--T:8--> RF storage</translate>]=]
local devices = [=[<translate><!--T:9--> Devices</translate>]=]
local conduits = [=[<translate><!--T:10--> Conduits</translate>]=]
local storageblocks = [=[<translate><!--T:11--> Compact blocks</translate>]=]
local glass = [=[<translate><!--T:12--> Glass</translate>]=]

local misc = [=[<translate><!--T:13--> Misc</translate>]=]

local items = [=[<translate><!--T:14--> Items</translate>]=]
local dark = [=[<translate><!--T:15--> Dark tools/armor</translate>]=]
local ender = [=[<translate><!--T:64--> Ender tools/armor</translate>]=]
local tools = [=[<translate><!--T:16--> Other tools</translate>]=]
local upgrades = [=[<translate><!--T:17--> Upgrades</translate>]=]
local liquid = [=[<translate><!--T:18--> Liquids</translate>]=]
local head = [=[<translate><!--T:19--> Heads</translate>]=]
local ingots = [=[<translate><!--T:20--> Ingots</translate>]=]
local nuggets = [=[<translate><!--T:65--> Nuggets</translate>]=]
local grindingballs = [=[<translate><!--T:66--> Grinding Balls</translate>]=]
local powders = [=[<translate><!--T:21--> Powders</translate>]=]
local gears = [=[<translate><!--T:67--> Gears</translate>]=]
local crystals = [=[<translate><!--T:68--> Crystals</translate>]=]
local components = [=[<translate><!--T:22--> Components</translate>]=]
local potions = [=[<translate><!--T:69--> Potions</translate>]=]
-- misc

-- misc
local entities = [=[<translate><!--T:70--> Entities</translate>]=]
local enchantments = [=[<translate><!--T:71--> Enchantments</translate>]=]

return navbox{title = enderio, mod = "EIO", modname = "Ender IO",
    group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
        list{title = generators,
        	ni{"Simple Stirling Generator"},
            nid{"Stirling Generator"},
            ni{"Simple Photovoltaic Cell"},
            nid{"Photovoltaic Cell"},
            ni{"Advanced Photovoltaic Cell"},
            ni{"Vibrant Photovoltaic Cell"},
            nid{"Combustion Generator"},
            ni{"Enhanced Combustion Generator"},
            ni{"Zombie Generator"},
            ni{"Frank'n'Zombie Generator"},
            nid{"Ender Generator"},
        list{title = consumers,
            ni{"Power Monitor"},
            ni{"Graphical Power Monitor"},
            ni{"Painting Machine"},
            ni{"Simple SAG Mill"},
            ni{"SAG Mill"},
            ni{"Enhanced SAG Mill"},
            ni{"Dimensional Transceiver"},
            ni{"Farming Station"},
            ni{"Simple Alloy Smelter"},
            nid{"Alloy Smelter"},
            ni{"Enhanced Alloy Smelter"},
            ni{"Powered Spawner"},
            ni{"Simple Crafter"},
            ni{"The Vat"},
            ni{"The Enhanced Vat"},
            ni{"Inventory Panel"},
            ni{"Telepad Block"},
            ni{"Inventory Sensor"}
        list{title = obelisks,
            ni{"Aversion Obelisk"},
            ni{"Attractor Obelisk"},
            ni{"Weather Obelisk"},
            ni{"Experience Obelisk"},
            ni{"Relocator Obelisk"},
            ni{"Inhibitor Obelisk"}
        list{title = lights,
            ni{"Electric Light"},
            ni{"Electric Light (Inverted)"},
            ni{"Wireless Light"},
            ni{"Wireless Light (Inverted)"},
            ni{"Light (Inverted)"}
        list{title = buffers,
            ni{"Item Buffer"},
            ni{"Power Buffer"},
            ni{"Omni Buffer"},
            ni{"Creative Buffer"}
        list{title = storage,
            ni{"Basic Capacitor Bank"},
            ni{"Capacitor Bank"},
            ni{"Vibrant Capacitor Bank"},
            ni{"Creative Capacitor Bank"}
        list{title = devices,
            ni{"Dark Pressure Plate"},
            l{"Silent Pressure Plate", [=[<translate><!--T:43--> Silent Pressure Plate</translate>]=]},
            l{"Tuned Pressure Plate", [=[<translate><!--T:44--> Tuned Pressure Plate</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Soul Binder"},
            ni{"Killer Joe"},
            ni{"Vacuum Chest"},
            ni{"Dark Steel Anvil"},
            ni{"Travel Anchor"},
            ni{"Ender Rail"},
            ni{"Exit Rail"},
            ni{"Ender IO", "Ender IO (Block)", [=[<translate><!--T:45--> Ender IO</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Fluid Tank"},
            ni{"Pressurized Fluid Tank"},
            ni{"Conduit Facade"},
            ni{"Hardened Conduit Facade"},
            ni{"Transparent Conduit Facade"},
            ni{"Transparent Hardened Conduit Facade"},
            ni{"Energy Gauge"},
            ni{"Self-resetting Lever"},
            ni{"XP Vacuum"},
			ni{"Block Detector"},
			ni{"Block Detector (Silent)"},
			ni{"Wireless Charger"},
			ni{"Wired Charger"},
			ni{"Enhanced Wired Charger"},
			ni{"Wireless Charging Antenna"},
			ni{"Enhanced Wireless Charging Antenna"},
			ni{"Wireless Charging Antenna Extension"},
			ni{"Impulse Hopper"}
        list{title = conduits,
            ni{"Redstone Conduit"},
            ni{"Conduit Switch"},
            ni{"Insulated Redstone Conduit"},
            ni{"ME Conduit"},
            ni{"Dense ME Conduit"},
            ni{"Fluid Conduit"},
            ni{"Pressurized Fluid Conduit"},
            ni{"Ender Fluid Conduit"},
            ni{"Energy Conduit"},
            ni{"Enhanced Energy Conduit"},
            ni{"Ender Energy Conduit"},
            ni{"Item Conduit"},
            ni{"Network Conduit (OC)"},
        list{title = storageblocks,
            ni{"Electrical Steel Block", "Electrical Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:46--> Electrical Steel Block</translate>]=]},--I wonder if there's a better way to deal with this...
            ni{"Energetic Alloy Block", "Energetic Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:47--> Energetic Alloy Block</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Vibrant Alloy Block", "Vibrant Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:48--> Vibrant Alloy Block</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Redstone Alloy Block", "Redstone Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:49--> Redstone Alloy Block</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Conductive Iron Block", "Conductive Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:50--> Conductive Iron Block</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Pulsating Iron Block", "Pulsating Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:51--> Pulsating Iron Block</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Dark Steel Block", "Dark Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:52--> Dark Steel Block</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Soularium Block", "Soularium", [=[<translate><!--T:53--> Soularium Block</translate>]=]},
            ni{"End Steel Block", "End Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:72--> End Steel Block</translate>]=]}
        list{title = glass,
            ni{"Fused Quartz"},
            ni{"Quite Clear Glass"},
            ni{"Enlightened Fused Quartz"},
            ni{"Enlightened Clear Glass"},
            ni{"Dark Fused Quartz"},
            ni{"Dark Clear Glass"}
        list{title = misc,
            nid{"Reinforced Obsidian"},
            ni{"Dark Steel Ladder"},
            ni{"Dark Iron Bars"},
            ni{"Dark Steel Trapdoor"},
            ni{"Broken Spawner"},
            ni{"Fused Quartz Frame"},
            nid{"Confusion Charge"},
            nid{"Ender Charge"},
			nid{"Concussion Charge"},
			ni{"Dark Steel Door"},
			ni{"Industrial Insulation"},
			ni{"End Steel Bars"}
    group{name = "items", title = items,
        list{title = dark,
        	ni{"Dark Helm"},
            ni{"Dark Plate"},
            ni{"Dark Leggings"},
            ni{"Dark Boots"},
            ni{"The Ender"},
            ni{"Dark Pick"},
            ni{"Dark Axe"},
            ni{"Dark Bow"},
            ni{"Dark Shears"},
        list{title = ender,
        	ni{"Ender Helm"},
            ni{"Ender Plate"},
            ni{"Ender Leggings"},
            ni{"Ender Boots"},
            ni{"The Ender Mk2"},
            ni{"Ender Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Ender Axe"},
            ni{"Ender Bow"}
        list{title = tools,
            ni{"Conduit Probe"},
            ni{"Yeta Wrench"},
            ni{"Experience Rod"},
            ni{"Staff of Traveling"},
            ni{"Staff of Levity"},
            ni{"Coordinate Selector"},
            ni{"Rod of Return"},
            ni{"Inventory Panel Remote"},
            ni{"Advanced Inventory Panel Remote"},
            ni{"Ender Inventory Panel Remote"},
            nid{"Dialing Device"},
            ni{"Cold Fire Igniter"}
        list{title = upgrades,
            ni{"Basic Item Filter"},
            ni{"Advanced Item Filter"},
            ni{"Limited Item Filter"},
            ni{"Big Item Filter"},
            ni{"Advanced Big Item Filter"},
            ni{"Existing Item Filter"},
            ni{"Mod Item Filter"},
            ni{"Power Item Filter"},
            ni{"Fluid Item Filter"},
            ni{"Species Item Filter"},
            ni{"Extract Speed Upgrade"},
            ni{"Extract Speed Downgrade"},
            ni{"Basic Capacitor"},
            ni{"Double-Layer Capacitor"},
            ni{"Octadic Capacitor"},
            ni{"Loot Capacitor"},
            ni{"Remote Awareness Upgrade"},
            ni{"Glider Wings"}
        list{title = liquid,
            ni{"Fire Water"},
            ni{"Rocket Fuel"},
            ni{"Nutrient Distillation"},
            ni{"Vapor of Levity"},
            ni{"Dew of the Void"},
            ni{"Liquid XP"},
            ni{"Liquid Sunshine"},
            ni{"Cloud Seed"},
            ni{"Concentrated Cloud Seed"}
        list{title = head,
            ni{"Enderman Head"},
            ni{"Tormented Enderman Head"}
        list{title = ingots,
            ni{"Enderium Base"},
            ni{"Electrical Steel Ingot", "Electrical Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:73--> Electrical Steel Ingot</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Energetic Alloy Ingot", "Energetic Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:74--> Energetic Alloy Ingot</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Vibrant Alloy Ingot", "Vibrant Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:75--> Vibrant Alloy Ingot</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Redstone Alloy Ingot", "Redstone Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:76--> Redstone Alloy Ingot</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Conductive Iron Ingot", "Conductive Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:77--> Conductive Iron Ingot</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Pulsating Iron Ingot", "Pulsating Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:78--> Pulsating Iron Ingot</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Dark Steel Ingot", "Dark Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:79--> Dark Steel Ingot</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Soularium Ingot", "Soularium", [=[<translate><!--T:80--> Soularium Ingot</translate>]=]},
            ni{"End Steel Ingot", "End Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:81--> End Steel Ingot</translate>]=]}
        list{title = nuggets,
            ni{"Electrical Steel Nugget", "Electrical Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:82--> Electrical Steel Nugget</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Energetic Alloy Nugget", "Energetic Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:83--> Energetic Alloy Nugget</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Vibrant Alloy Nugget", "Vibrant Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:62--> Vibrant Alloy Nugget</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Redstone Alloy Nugget", "Redstone Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:84--> Redstone Alloy Nugget</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Conductive Iron Nugget", "Conductive Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:85--> Conductive Iron Nugget</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Pulsating Iron Nugget", "Pulsating Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:61--> Pulsating Iron Nugget</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Dark Steel Nugget", "Dark Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:86--> Dark Steel Nugget</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Soularium Nugget", "Soularium", [=[<translate><!--T:87--> Soularium Nugget</translate>]=]},
            ni{"End Steel Nugget", "End Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:88--> End Steel Nugget</translate>]=]}
        list{title = grindingballs,
        	ni{"Electrical Steel Grinding Ball", "Electrical Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:89--> Electrical Steel Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Energetic Alloy Grinding Ball", "Energetic Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:90--> Energetic Alloy Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Vibrant Alloy Grinding Ball", "Vibrant Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:91--> Vibrant Alloy Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Redstone Alloy Grinding Ball", "Redstone Alloy", [=[<translate><!--T:92--> Redstone Alloy Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Conductive Iron Grinding Ball", "Conductive Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:93--> Conductive Iron Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Pulsating Iron Grinding Ball", "Pulsating Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:94--> Pulsating Iron Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Dark Steel Grinding Ball", "Dark Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:95--> Dark Steel Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Soularium Grinding Ball", "Soularium", [=[<translate><!--T:96--> Soularium Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"End Steel Grinding Ball", "End Steel", [=[<translate><!--T:97--> End Steel Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Signalum Grinding Ball", "Signalum", [=[<translate><!--T:98--> Signalum Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Enderium Grinding Ball", "Enderium", [=[<translate><!--T:99--> Enderium Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Lumium Grinding Ball", "Lumium", [=[<translate><!--T:100--> Lumium Grinding Ball</translate>]=]},
        list{title = powders,
        	ni{"Grains of Infinity"},
        	ni{"Binder Composite"},
            ni{"Coal Powder", "Coal", [=[<translate><!--T:54--> Coal Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Iron Powder", "Iron", [=[<translate><!--T:55--> Iron Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Gold Powder", "Gold", [=[<translate><!--T:56--> Gold Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Copper Powder", "Copper", [=[<translate><!--T:57--> Copper Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Tin Powder", "Tin", [=[<translate><!--T:58--> Tin Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Ender Pearl Powder", "Ender Pearl", [=[<translate><!--T:59--> Ender Pearl Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Obsidian Powder", "Obsidian", [=[<translate><!--T:60--> Obsidian Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Lapis Lazuli Powder", "Lapis Lazuli", [=[<translate><!--T:101--> Lapis Lazuli Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Quartz Powder", "Quartz", [=[<translate><!--T:102--> Quartz Powder</translate>]=]},
            ni{"Grains of Prescience"},
            ni{"Grains of Vibrancy"},
            ni{"Grains of Piezallity"},
            ni{"Grains of the End"},
            ni{"Photovoltaic Composite"},
            ni{"Industrial Powder Coating"},
            ni{"Soul Attuned Powder Coating"}
        list{title = gears,
        	ni{"Wooden Gear"},
        	ni{"Stone Compound Gear"},
        	ni{"Infinity Bimetal Gear"},
        	ni{"Energized Bimetal Gear"},
        	ni{"Vibrant Bimetal Gear"}
        list{title = crystals,
        	ni{"Pulsating Crystal"},
        	ni{"Vibrant Crystal"},
        	nid{"Ender Crystal"},
        	ni{"Enticing Crystal"},
        	ni{"Weather Crystal"},
        	ni{"Precient Crystal"},
        list{title = components,
            ni{"Zombie Electrode"},
            ni{"Z-Logic Controller"},
            ni{"Skeletal Contractor"},
            ni{"Ender Resonator"},
            ni{"Sentient Ender"},
            nid{"Glider Wing"},
            ni{"Conduit Binder"},
            ni{"Dark Steel Ball"},
            ni{"Simple Machine Chassis"},
            ni{"Industrial Machine Chassis"},
            ni{"Soul Machine Chassis"},
            ni{"Enhanced Machine Chassis"},
            ni{"Soulless Machine Chassis"},
            ni{"End Steel Chassis"},
            ni{"Simple Machine Parts"},
            nid{"Machine Parts"},
            ni{"Enhanced Machine Parts"},
            ni{"Photovoltaic Plate"},
            ni{"Nutritious Stick"},
            ni{"Clippings and Trimmings"},
            ni{"Twigs and Prunings"},
            ni{"Organic Green Dye"},
            ni{"Organic Brown Dye"},
            ni{"Organic Black Dye"},
            ni{"Guardian Diode"},
            ni{"Redstone Filter Base"},
            nid{"Withering Dust"},
			nid{"Confusing Powder"},
			nid{"Ender Fragment"},
			ni{"Wireless Energy Transmitter Dish Assembly"},
			ni{"Enhanced Machine Coating"},
			ni{"Cake Base"},
			ni{"Infinity Rod"},
			ni{"Infinity Dust"}
        list{title = potions,
			ni{"Potion of Rising"},
			ni{"Potion of Decay"},
			ni{"Potion of Confusion"}
        	ni{"Soul Vial"},
        	nid{"Owl Egg"}
    group{name = "misc", title = misc,
    		ni{"Spawn Enderminy", "Enderminy (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:103--> Enderminy</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Concussion Creeper", "Concussion Creeper (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:104--> Concussion Creeper</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Fallen Knight", "Fallen Knight (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:105--> Fallen Knight</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Wither Witch", "Wither Witch (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:106--> Wither Witch</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Wither Cat", "Wither Cat (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:107--> Wither Cat</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Dire Wolf", "Dire Wolf (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:108--> Dire Wolf</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Khndrel Keght", "Khndrel Keght (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:109--> Khndrel Keght</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Owl", "Owl (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:110--> Owl</translate>]=]}
    	list{title = enchantments,
			ni{mod = "V", "Enchanted Book", "Decay (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:112--> Decay</translate>]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Enchanted Book", "Repellent"},
			ni{mod = "V", "Enchanted Book", "Shimmer"},
			ni{mod = "V", "Enchanted Book", "Soulbound (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:113--> Soulbound</translate>]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Enchanted Book", "Withering (Ender IO)", [=[<translate><!--T:111--> Withering</translate>]=]}

return p