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This page is a translated version of the page Module:Navbox/GregTech and the translation is 58% complete.

Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Navbox/GregTech/ja/doc

local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local gregtech = l{"GregTech 5", [=[GregTech 5]=]}

local blocks = [=[ブロック]=]

local machines = [=[機械]=]

local utility = [=[実用]=]

local generators = [=[発電機]=]

local processing = [=[アイテム処理]=]

local multiblocks = [=[マルチブロック]=]

local steammachines = l{"Steam Machines (GregTech 5)", [=[蒸気]=]}

local automation = [=[自動化]=]

local machinehulls = [=[機械外装]=]

local casings = [=[マシン筐体]=]

local transport = [=[輸送]=]

local building = [=[建築]=]

local items = [=[アイテム]=]

local tools = [=[道具]=]

local metatools = l{"Meta-Tools", [=[道具類]=]}

local heads = [=[ツールヘッド]=]

local other = [=[その他]=]

local organics = [=[農業]=]

local crops = [=[作物]=]

local drinks = [=[飲料]=]

local food = [=[食料]=]

local circuits = [=[回路]=]

local complete = [=[回路]=]

local components = [=[中間素材]=]

local batteries = [=[バッテリー]=]

local nuclearcontrol = l{"IC2 Nuclear Control", [=[原子力関連]=]}

local containers = [=[容器]=]

local coins = [=[硬貨]=]

local configuration = [=[金型類]=]

local base = [=[未加工]=]

local molds = [=[鋳型]=]

local extrudershapes = [=[押出金型]=]

local schematics = [=[設計図]=]

local slicerblades = [=[切断ブレード]=]

local planks = [=[木材]=]

local upgrades = [=[アップグレード]=]

local covers = [=[カバー]=]

local tiered = [=[Tier別]=]

local conveyormodules = [=[コンベアー]=]

local electricmotors = [=[モーター]=]

local electricpistons = [=[電動ピストン]=]

local electricpumps = [=[ポンプ]=]

local emitters = [=[エミッター]=]

local fieldgenerators = [=[フィールドジェネレーター]=]

local robotarms = [=[ロボットアーム]=]

local sensors = [=[センサー]=]

local smallrotors = [=[小型ローター]=]

local solarpanels = [=[ソーラーパネル]=]

local colors = [=[染色]=]

local dyes = [=[染料]=]

local spraycans = [=[スプレー缶]=]

local miscellaneous = [=[その他素材]=]

local manuals = [=[マニュアル]=]

return navbox{title=gregtech, mod="GT5", modname = "GregTech 5",
    group{ name="blocks", title = blocks,
        list{ title=machines,
            list{ title=utility,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Low Voltage Transformer","Transformer (GregTech 5)","変圧器"},
                ni{"Low Voltage Locker","Locker (GregTech 5)","ロッカー"},
                ni{"Low Voltage Battery Buffer (1)","バッテリーバッファ"}--[[]]
            list{ title=generators,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Basic Diesel Generator","Diesel Generator (GregTech 5)","ディーゼル発電機"},
                ni{"Basic Gas Turbine","Gas Turbine (GregTech 5)","ガスタービン"},
                ni{"Large Bronze Boiler","大型ボイラー"},
                ni{"Naquadah Reactor Mark I","ナクアダリアクター"},
                ni{"Basic Steam Turbine","Steam Turbine (GregTech 5)","蒸気タービン"}--[[]]
            list{ title=processing,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Basic Alloy Smelter","Alloy Smelter (GregTech 5)", "Alloy Smelter"},
                ni{"Basic Amplifabricator","Amplifabricator"},
                ni{"Basic Arc Furnace","Arc Furnace (GregTech 5)","Arc Furnace"},
                ni{"Basic Assembling Machine","Assembling Machine (GregTech 5)","Assembling Machine"},
                ni{"Basic Autoclave","Autoclave"},
                ni{"Basic Bending Machine","Bending Machine"},
                ni{"Basic Brewery","Brewery (GregTech 5)","Brewery"},
                ni{"Basic Canning Machine","Canning Machine (GregTech 5)","Canning Machine"},
                ni{"Basic Centrifuge","Centrifuge (GregTech 5)","Centrifuge"},
                ni{"Basic Chemical Bath","Chemical Bath"},
                ni{"Basic Chemical Reactor","Chemical Reactor (GregTech 5)","Chemical Reactor"},
                ni{"Basic Compressor","Compressor (GregTech 5)","Compressor"},
                ni{"Basic Cutting Machine","Cutting Machine (GregTech 5)","Cutting Machine"},
                ni{"Basic Disassembler","Disassembler"},
                ni{"Basic Distillery","Distillery (GregTech 5)","Distillery"},
                ni{"Basic Electric Furnace","Electric Furnace (GregTech 5)","Electric Furnace"},
                ni{"Basic Electric Oven","Electric Oven"},
                ni{"Basic Electrolyzer","Electrolyzer (GregTech 5)","Electrolyzer"},
                ni{"Basic Electromagnetic Separator","Electromagnetic Separator"},
                ni{"Basic Extractor","Extractor (GregTech 5)","Extractor"},
                ni{"Basic Extruder","Extruder (GregTech 5)", "Extruder"},
                ni{"Basic Fermenter","Fermenter (GregTech 5)","Fermenter"},
                ni{"Basic Fluid Canner","Fluid Canner"},
                ni{"Basic Fluid Extractor","Fluid Extractor (GregTech 5)", "Fluid Extractor"},
                ni{"Basic Fluid Heater","Fluid Heater"},
                ni{"Basic Fluid Solidifier","Fluid Solidifier"},
                ni{"Basic Forming Press","Forming Press"},
                ni{"Basic Forge Hammer","Forge Hammer (GregTech 5)","Forge Hammer"},
                ni{"Basic Lathe","Lathe (GregTech 5)", "Lathe"},
                ni{"Basic Precision Laser Engraver","Precision Laser Engraver"},
                ni{"Basic Macerator","Macerator (GregTech 5)","Macerator"},
                ni{"Basic Mass Fabricator","Mass Fabricator (GregTech 5)","Mass Fabricator"},
                ni{"Basic Microwave","Microwave (GregTech 5)","Microwave"},
                ni{"Basic Mixer","Mixer (GregTech 5)","Mixer"},
                ni{"Basic Ore Washing Plant","Ore Washing Plant (GregTech 5)","Ore Washing Plant"},
                ni{"Basic Packager","Packager (GregTech 5)", "Packager"},
                ni{"Basic Plasma Arc Furnace","Plasma Arc Furnace"},
                ni{"Basic Polarizer","Polarizer (GregTech 5)", "Polarizer"},
                ni{"Basic Printer","Printer (GregTech 5)","Printer"},
                ni{"Basic Rock Breaker","Rock Breaker"},
                ni{"Basic Recycler","Recycler (GregTech 5)","Recycler"},
                ni{"Basic Replicator","Replicator (GregTech 5)","Replicator"},
                ni{"Basic Scanner","Scanner (GregTech 5)","Scanner"},
                ni{"Basic Sifting Machine","Sifting Machine"},
                ni{"Basic Slicing Machine","Slicing Machine"},
                ni{"Basic Thermal Centrifuge","Thermal Centrifuge (GregTech 5)","Thermal Centrifuge"},
                ni{"Basic Unpackager","Unpackager"},
                ni{"Basic Wiremill","Wiremill (GregTech 5)","Wiremill"}--[[]]
            list{ title=multiblocks,--[[                ]]
                ni{"LV Dynamo Hatch","Dynamo Hatch"},
                ni{"LV Energy Hatch","Energy Hatch"},
                ni{"Maintenance Hatch","Maintenance Hatch"},
                ni{"Input Hatch (LV)","Input Hatch (GregTech 5)","Input Hatch"},
                ni{"Output Hatch (LV)","Output Hatch (GregTech 5)","Output Hatch"},
                ni{"Input Bus (LV)","Input Bus (GregTech 5)","Input Bus"},
                ni{"Output Bus (LV)","Output Bus (GregTech 5)","Output Bus"},
                ni{"Muffler Hatch (LV)","Muffler Hatch"},
                ni{"Electric Blast Furnace"},
                nid{"Implosion Compressor"},
                ni{"Vacuum Freezer", "Vacuum Freezer (GregTech 5)", "Vacuum Freezer"},
                ni{"Bronze Plated Blast Furnace"},
                ni{"Multi Smelter"}--[[]]
            list{ title=steammachines,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Small Coal Boiler", "Small Coal Boiler (GregTech 5)", "Small Coal Boiler"},
                ni{"Steam Furnace"},
                ni{"Simple Solar Boiler"},
                ni{"Steam Macerator"},
                ni{"Steam Extractor"},
                ni{"Steam Forge Hammer"},
                ni{"Steam Compressor"},
                ni{"Steam Alloy Smelter"},
                ni{"High Pressure Extractor"},
                ni{"High Pressure Furnace"},
                ni{"High Pressure Macerator"},
                ni{"High Pressure Forge Hammer"},
                ni{"High Pressure Compressor"},
                ni{"High Pressure Coal Boiler", "High Pressure Coal Boiler (GregTech 5)", "High Pressure Coal Boiler"},
                ni{"High Pressure Lava Boiler"},
                ni{"High Pressure Alloy Smelter"}--[[]]
            list{ title=automation,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Ultra Low Voltage Chest Buffer","Chest Buffer"},
                ni{"Ultra Low Voltage Item Filter","Item Filter (Block) (GregTech 5)", "Item Filter"},
                ni{"Ultra Low Voltage Type Filter","Type Filter"},
                ni{"Ultra Low Voltage Regulator","Regulator"},
                ni{"Ultra Low Voltage Super Buffer","Super Buffer"}--[[]]
        list{ title=machinehulls,--[[            ]]
            ni{"Bronze Hull"},
            ni{"Bricked Bronze Hull"},
            ni{"Steel Hull"},
            ni{"Bricked Steel Hull"},
            ni{"LV Machine Hull","Machine Hull (GregTech 5)","Machine Hull"},
            ni{"Iron Frame Box","Frame Box"}--[[]]
        list{ title=casings,--[[            ]]
            ni{"LV Machine Casing","Electric Machine Casing"},
            ni{"Bronze Plated Bricks"},
            ni{"Heat Proof Machine Casing","Machine Casing (GregTech 5)","Machine Casing"},
            ni{"Cupronickel Coil Block","Coil Block"},
            ni{"Bronze Gear Box Casing","Gear Box Casing"},
            ni{"Bronze Firebox Casing","Firebox Casing"}--[[]]
        list{ title=transport,--[[            ]]
            ni{"4x Copper Wire","Wire (GregTech 5)","Wire"},
            ni{"4x Copper Cable","Cable (GregTech 5)","Cable"},
            ni{"Copper Fluid Pipe","Fluid Pipe (GregTech 5)","Fluid Pipe"},
            ni{"Electrum Item Pipe","Item Pipe (GregTech 5)", "Item Pipe"}--[[]]
        list{ title=building,--[[            ]]
            nid{"Black Granite"},
            nid{"Red Granite"},
            ni{"Dark Concrete"},
            ni{"Light Concrete"}--[[]]
    group{ name="items", title=items,
        list{ title=tools,
            list{ title=metatools,--[[                ]]
                nid{"Soft Hammer"},
                nid{"Wire Cutter"},
                ni{"Branch Cutter"},
                nid{"Universal Spade"},
                ni{"Butchery Knife"},
                ni{"Rolling Pin"},
                ni{"Drill (LV)"},
                ni{"Drill (MV)"},
                ni{"Drill (HV)"},
                ni{"Buzzsaw (LV)"},
                ni{"Chainsaw (LV)"},
                ni{"Chainsaw (MV)"},
                ni{"Chainsaw (HV)"},
                ni{"Wrench (LV)"},
                ni{"Wrench (MV)"},
                ni{"Wrench (HV)"},
                ni{"JackHammer (HV)"}--[[]]
            list{ title=heads,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Iron Plow Head","Plow Head"},
                ni{"Iron Sense Blade","Sense Blade"},
                ni{"Iron Universal Spade Head","Universal Spade Head"},
                ni{"Iron Wrench Tip","Wrench Tip"},
                ni{"Iron Chainsaw Tip","Chainsaw Tip"},
                ni{"Iron Drill Tip","Drill Tip"},
                ni{"Iron Saw Blade","Saw Blade (GregTech 5)","Saw Blade"},
                ni{"Iron File Head","File Head"},
                ni{"Iron Hammer Head","Hammer Head"},
                ni{"Iron Hoe Head","Hoe Head"},
                ni{"Iron Axe Head","Axe Head"},
                ni{"Iron Shovel Head","Shovel Head"},
                ni{"Iron Pickaxe Head","Pickaxe Head"},
                ni{"Iron Sword Blade","Sword Blade"}--[[]]
            list{ title=other,--[[                ]]
                nid{"Portable Scanner"},
                ni{"Debug Scanner"},
                nid{"Match Box"},
                ni{"Platinum Lighter"},
                ni{"BrainTech Aerospace Advanced Reinforced Duct Tape FAL-84"}--[[]]
        list{ title=organics,
            list{ title=crops,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Argentia Leaf"},
                ni{"Aurelia Leaf"},
                ni{"Chilly Pepper"},
                ni{"Coppon Fiber"},
                ni{"Ferru Leaf"},
                ni{"Indigo Blossom"},
                ni{"Max Tomato"},
                ni{"Milk Wart"},
                ni{"Oil Berry"},
                ni{"Plumbilia Leaf"},
                ni{"Tea Leaf"},
                ni{"Tine Twig"},
            list{ title=drinks,--[[                ]]
                nid{"Apple Juice"},
                ni{"Cafe au lait"},
                nid{"Cave Johnson's Grenade Juice"},
                ni{"Chilly Sauce"},
                nid{"Chocolate Milk"},
                ni{"Dark Beer"},
                ni{"Dark Chocolate Milk"},
                ni{"Dark Coffee"},
                ni{"Dark Coffee au lait"},
                ni{"Diablo Sauce"},
                ni{"Diabolo Sauce"},
                ni{"Dragon Blood"},
                ni{"Glen McKenner"},
                ni{"Golden Apple Juice"},
                ni{"Golden Cider"},
                ni{"Grape Juice"},
                ni{"Holy Water"},
                ni{"Hops Juice"},
                ni{"Hot Sauce"},
                ni{"Ice Tea"},
                ni{"Idun's Apple Juice"},
                ni{"Lait au cafe"},
                ni{"Lemon Juice"},
                nid{"Mc Guffium 239"},
                ni{"Mineral Water"},
                ni{"Notches Brew"},
                nid{"Old Man Snitches glitched Diablo Sauce"},
                ni{"Pirate Brew"},
                ni{"Potato Juice"},
                nid{"Purple Drink"},
                ni{"Reed Water"},
                ni{"Salty Water"},
                ni{"Sweet Tea"},
                ni{"Wheaty Hops Juice"},
                ni{"Wheaty Juice"},
            list{ title=food,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Bacon Sandwich"},
                ni{"Bag of Chili Chips"},
                ni{"Bag of Potato Chips"},
                ni{"Baked Cake Bottom"},
                ni{"Cake Bottom"},
                ni{"Cheese Pizza"},
                ni{"Cheese Sandwich"},
                ni{"Cheese Slice"},
                ni{"Chocolate Dough"},
                ni{"Cookie shaped Dough"},
                ni{"Chili Chips"},
                ni{"Chum on a Stick"},
                ni{"Chum", "Chum (GregTech 5)", "Chum"},
                ni{"Cucumber Slice"},
                ni{"Dough (Baguette)"},
                ni{"Dough (Bread)"},
                ni{"Dough (Bun)"},
                ni{"Flattened Dough"},
                ni{"Fries (Box)","Fries"},
                ni{"Large Bacon Sandwich"},
                ni{"Large Cheese Sandwich"},
                ni{"Large Steak Sandwich"},
                ni{"Large Veggie Sandwich"},
                ni{"Lemon Slice"},
                ni{"Mince Meat Pizza"},
                ni{"Onion Slice"},
                ni{"Potato Chips (Raw)"},
                nid{"Potato Chips"},
                nid{"Potato on a Stick"},
                ni{"Potato Strips"},
                ni{"Raw Cheese Pizza"},
                ni{"Raw Mince Meat Pizza"},
                ni{"Raw Veggie Pizza"},
                nid{"Roasted Potato on a Stick"},
                ni{"Sliced Baguette"},
                ni{"Sliced Bread"},
                ni{"Sliced Bun"},
                ni{"Steak Sandwich"},
                ni{"Sugary Dough"},
                ni{"Tomato Slice"},
                ni{"Veggie Pizza"},
                ni{"Veggie Sandwich"},
            list{ title=complete,--[[                ]]
                ni{"NAND Chip"},
                ni{"Basic Electronic Circuit"},
                ni{"Good Electronic Circuit"},
                nid{"Advanced Circuit"},
                nid{"Data Storage Circuit"},
                nid{"Data Control Circuit"},
                nid{"Energy Flow Circuit"},
                ni{"Data Stick"},
                nid{"Data Orb"}--[[]]
            list{ title=components,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Basic Circuit Board"},
                ni{"Advanced Circuit Board"},
                ni{"Processor Board"},
                ni{"Engraved Crystal Chip"},
                ni{"Engraved Lapotron Chip"},
                ni{"Advanced Circuit Parts"},
                ni{"Etched Medium Voltage Wiring"},
                ni{"Etched High Voltage Wiring"},
                ni{"Etched Extreme Voltage Wiring"}--[[]]
        list{ title=batteries,--[[            ]]
            ni{"Small Battery Hull","Battery Hull (GregTech 5)","Small Battery Hull"},
            ni{"Medium Battery Hull","Battery Hull (GregTech 5)","Medium Battery Hull"},
            ni{"Large Battery Hull","Battery Hull (GregTech 5)","Large Battery Hull"},
            ni{"Small Acid Battery","Small Battery (GregTech 5)","Small Acid Battery"},
            ni{"Small Mercury Battery","Small Battery (GregTech 5)","Small Mercury Battery"},
            ni{"Small Cadmium Battery (Charged)","Small Battery (GregTech 5)","Small Cadmium Battery"},
            ni{"Small Lithium Battery (Charged)","Small Battery (GregTech 5)","Small Lithium Battery"},
            ni{"Small Sodium Battery (Charged)","Small Battery (GregTech 5)","Small Sodium Battery"},
            ni{"Medium Acid Battery","Medium Battery","Medium Acid Battery"},
            ni{"Medium Mercury Battery","Medium Battery","Medium Mercury Battery"},
            ni{"Medium Cadmium Battery (Charged)","Medium Battery","Medium Cadmium Battery"},
            ni{"Medium Lithium Battery (Charged)","Medium Battery","Medium Lithium Battery"},
            ni{"Medium Sodium Battery (Charged)","Medium Battery","Medium Sodium Battery"},
            ni{"Large Acid Battery","Large Battery (GregTech 5)","Large Acid Battery"},
            ni{"Large Mercury Battery","Large Battery (GregTech 5)","Large Mercury Battery"},
            ni{"Large Cadmium Battery (Charged)","Large Battery (GregTech 5)","Large Cadmium Battery"},
            ni{"Large Lithium Battery (Charged)","Large Battery (GregTech 5)","Large Lithium Battery"},
            ni{"Large Sodium Battery (Charged)","Large Battery (GregTech 5)","Large Sodium Battery"},
            ni{"Lapotronic Energy Orb (Charged)","Lapotronic Energy Orb (GregTech 5)", "Lapotronic Energy Orb"},
            nid{"Zero Point Module"},
            ni{"Tantalum Capacitor (Charged)","Tantalum Capacitor"}--[[]]
        list{ title=nuclearcontrol,--[[            ]]
            ni{"GregTech Sensor Card", "GregTech Sensor Card (GregTech 5)", "GregTech Sensor Card"},
            ni{"GregTech Sensor Kit", "GregTech Sensor Kit (GregTech 5)", "GregTech Sensor Kit"}--[[]]
        list{ title=containers,--[[            ]]
            ni{"Empty Crate"},
            ni{"Empty Glass Arrow Head"},
            ni{"Empty Plastic Fuel Can"},
            ni{"Empty Spray Can","Empty Spray Can (GregTech 5)","Empty Spray Can"},
            ni{"Empty Thermos Can"},
            ni{"Large Steel Fluid Cell"},
            ni{"Large Tungstensteel Fluid Cell"},
            ni{"Light Glass Vial Arrow"},
            ni{"Regular Glass Vial Arrow"}--[[]]
        list{ title=coins,--[[            ]]
            ni{"Ancient Gold Coin"},
            ni{"Chocolate Coin"},
            ni{"Doge Coin"},
            ni{"Copper GT Credit"},
            ni{"Cupronickel GT Credit"},
            ni{"Silver GT Credit"},
            ni{"Gold GT Credit"},
            ni{"Platinum GT Credit"},
            ni{"Osmium GT Credit"},
            ni{"Naquadah GT Credit"},
            ni{"Neutronium GT Credit"},
            ni{"Industrial Copper Credit"},
            ni{"Industrial Silver Credit"},
            ni{"Industrial Gold Credit"},
            ni{"Industrial Platinum Credit"},
            ni{"Industrial Osmium Credit"}--[[]]
        list{ title=configuration,
            list{ title=base,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Schematic", "Schematic (GregTech 5)", "Schematic"},
                ni{"Empty Shape Plate"},
                ni{"Integrated Circuit", "Integrated Circuit (GregTech 5)", "Integrated Circuit"}--[[]]
            list{ title=molds,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Mold (Anvil)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Anvil"},
                ni{"Mold (Arrow Head)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Arrow Head"},
                ni{"Mold (Baguette)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Baguette"},
                ni{"Mold (Ball)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Ball"},
                ni{"Mold (Block)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Block"},
                ni{"Mold (Bottle)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Bottle"},
                ni{"Mold (Bread)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Bread"},
                ni{"Mold (Buns)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Buns"},
                ni{"Mold (Casing)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Casing"},
                ni{"Mold (Coinage)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Coinage"},
                ni{"Mold (Cylinder)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Cylinder"},
                ni{"Mold (Gear)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Gear"},
                ni{"Mold (Ingot)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Ingot"},
                ni{"Mold (Name)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Name"},
                ni{"Mold (Nuggets)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Nuggets"},
                ni{"Mold (Plate)","Mold (GregTech 5)","Plate"}--[[]]
            list{ title=extrudershapes,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Axe Head)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Axe Head"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Block)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Block"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Bolt)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Bolt"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Bottle)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Bottle"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Casing)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Casing"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Cell)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Cell"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (File Head)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","File Head"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Gear)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Gear"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Hammer Head)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Hammer Head"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Hoe Head)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Hoe Head"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Huge Pipe)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Huge Pipe"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Ingot)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Ingot"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Large Pipe)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Large Pipe"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Normal Pipe)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Normal Pipe"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Pickaxe Head)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Pickaxe Head"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Plate)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Plate"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Ring)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Ring"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Rod)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Rod"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Saw Blade)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Saw Blade"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Shovel Head)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Shovel Head"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Small Pipe)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Small Pipe"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Sword Blade)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Sword Blade"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Tiny Pipe)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Tiny Pipe"},
                ni{"Extruder Shape (Wire)","Extruder Shape (GregTech 5)","Wire"}--[[]]
            list{ title=schematics,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Schematic (Dusts)","Schematic","Dusts"},
                ni{"Schematic (Crafting)","Schematic","Crafting"},
                ni{"Schematic (1x1)","Schematic","1x1"},
                ni{"Schematic (2x2)","Schematic","2x2"},
                ni{"Schematic (3x3)","Schematic","3x3"}--[[]]
            list{ title=slicerblades,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Slicer Blade (Flat)","Slicer Blade (Flat)","Flat"},
                ni{"Slicer Blade (Stripes)","Slicer Blade (Stripes)","Stripes"}--[[]]
        list{ title=planks,--[[            ]]
            ni{"Oak Plank","Plank","Oak"},
            ni{"Spruce Plank","Plank","Spruce"},
            ni{"Birch Plank","Plank","Birch"},
            ni{"Jungle Plank","Plank","Jungle"},
            ni{"Acacia Plank","Plank","Acacia"},
            ni{"Dark Oak Plank","Plank","Dark Oak"},
            ni{"Larch Plank","Plank","Larch"},
            ni{"Teak Plank","Plank","Teak"},
            ni{"Green Acacia Plank","Plank","Green Acacia"},
            ni{"Lime Plank","Plank","Lime"},
            ni{"Chestnut Plank","Plank","Chestnut"},
            ni{"Wenge Plank","Plank","Wenge"},
            ni{"Baobab Plank","Plank","Baobab"},
            ni{"Sequoia Plank","Plank","Sequoia"},
            ni{"Kapok Plank","Plank","Kapok"},
            ni{"Ebony Plank","Plank","Ebony"},
            ni{"Mahagony Plank","Plank","Mahagony"},
            ni{"Balsa Plank","Plank","Balsa"},
            ni{"Willow Plank","Plank","Willow"},
            ni{"Walnut Plank","Plank","Walnut"},
            ni{"Greenheart Plank","Plank","Greenheart"},
            ni{"Cherry Plank","Plank","Cherry"},
            ni{"Mahoe Plank","Plank","Mahoe"},
            ni{"Poplar Plank","Plank","Poplar"},
            ni{"Palm Plank","Plank","Palm"},
            ni{"Papaya Plank","Plank","Papaya"},
            ni{"Pine Plank","Plank","Pine"},
            ni{"Plum Plank","Plank","Plum"},
            ni{"Maple Plank","Plank","Maple"},
            ni{"Citrus Plank","Plank","Citrus"}--[[]]
        list{ title=upgrades,--[[            ]]
            ni{"Lock Upgrade"},
            ni{"Muffler Upgrade","Muffler Upgrade (GregTech 5)","Muffler Upgrade"}--[[]]
        list{ title=covers,--[[            ]]
            ni{"Activity Detector"},
            nid{"Computer Monitor"},
            nid{"Crafting Table Cover"},
            ni{"Fluid Detector"},
            ni{"Item Detector"},
            ni{"Machine Controller"},
            ni{"Shutter Module"},
            ni{"Energy Detector"}--[[]]
        list{ title=tiered,
            list{title=conveyormodules,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Conveyor Module (LV)","Conveyor Module (GregTech 5)","LV"},
                ni{"Conveyor Module (MV)","Conveyor Module (GregTech 5)","MV"},
                ni{"Conveyor Module (HV)","Conveyor Module (GregTech 5)","HV"},
                ni{"Conveyor Module (EV)","Conveyor Module (GregTech 5)","EV"},
                ni{"Conveyor Module (IV)","Conveyor Module (GregTech 5)","IV"}--[[]]
            list{title=electricmotors,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Electric Motor (LV)","Electric Motor (GregTech 5)","LV"},
                ni{"Electric Motor (MV)","Electric Motor (GregTech 5)","MV"},
                ni{"Electric Motor (HV)","Electric Motor (GregTech 5)","HV"},
                ni{"Electric Motor (EV)","Electric Motor (GregTech 5)","EV"},
                ni{"Electric Motor (IV)","Electric Motor (GregTech 5)","IV"}--[[]]
            list{title=electricpistons,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Electric Piston (LV)","Electric Piston","LV"},
                ni{"Electric Piston (MV)","Electric Piston","MV"},
                ni{"Electric Piston (HV)","Electric Piston","HV"},
                ni{"Electric Piston (EV)","Electric Piston","EV"},
                ni{"Electric Piston (IV)","Electric Piston","IV"}--[[]]
            list{title=electricpumps,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Electric Pump (LV)","Electric Pump (GregTech 5)","LV"},
                ni{"Electric Pump (MV)","Electric Pump (GregTech 5)","MV"},
                ni{"Electric Pump (HV)","Electric Pump (GregTech 5)","HV"},
                ni{"Electric Pump (EV)","Electric Pump (GregTech 5)","EV"},
                ni{"Electric Pump (IV)","Electric Pump (GregTech 5)","IV"}--[[]]
            list{title=emitters,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Emitter (LV)","Emitter","LV"},
                ni{"Emitter (MV)","Emitter","MV"},
                ni{"Emitter (HV)","Emitter","HV"},
                ni{"Emitter (EV)","Emitter","EV"},
                ni{"Emitter (IV)","Emitter","IV"}--[[]]
            list{title=fieldgenerators,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Field Generator (LV)","Field Generator","LV"},
                ni{"Field Generator (MV)","Field Generator","MV"},
                ni{"Field Generator (HV)","Field Generator","HV"},
                ni{"Field Generator (EV)","Field Generator","EV"},
                ni{"Field Generator (IV)","Field Generator","IV"}--[[]]
            list{title=robotarms,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Robot Arm (LV)","Robot Arm","LV"},
                ni{"Robot Arm (MV)","Robot Arm","MV"},
                ni{"Robot Arm (HV)","Robot Arm","HV"},
                ni{"Robot Arm (EV)","Robot Arm","EV"},
                ni{"Robot Arm (IV)","Robot Arm","IV"}--[[]]
            list{title=sensors,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Sensor (LV)","Sensor","LV"},
                ni{"Sensor (MV)","Sensor","MV"},
                ni{"Sensor (HV)","Sensor","HV"},
                ni{"Sensor (EV)","Sensor","EV"},
                ni{"Sensor (IV)","Sensor","IV"}--[[]]
            list{title=smallrotors,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Small Tin Rotor","Small Rotor","Tin"},
                ni{"Small Bronze Rotor","Small Rotor","Bronze"},
                ni{"Small Steel Rotor","Small Rotor","Steel"},
                ni{"Small Stainless Steel Rotor","Small Rotor","Stainless Steel"},
                ni{"Small Tungstensteel Rotor","Small Rotor","Tungstensteel"}--[[]]
            list{title=solarpanels,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Solar Panel","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","1V"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (8V)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","8V"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (LV)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","LV"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (MV)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","MV"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (HV)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","HV"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (EV)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","EV"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (IV)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","IV"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (LuV)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","LuV"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (ZPM)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","ZPM"},
                ni{"Solar Panel (UV)","Solar Panel (GregTech 5)","UV"}--[[]]
        list{ title=colors,
            list{ title=dyes,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Black Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Black Dye"},
                ni{"Blue Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Blue Dye"},
                ni{"Brown Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Brown Dye"},
                ni{"Cyan Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Cyan Dye"},
                ni{"Gray Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Gray Dye"},
                ni{"Green Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Green Dye"},
                ni{"Indigo Dye","Indigo Dye (GregTech 5)","Indigo Dye"},
                ni{"Light Blue Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Light Blue Dye"},
                ni{"Light Gray Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Light Gray Dye"},
                ni{"Lime Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Lime Dye"},
                ni{"Magenta Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Magenta Dye"},
                ni{"Orange Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Orange Dye"},
                ni{"Pink Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Pink Dye"},
                ni{"Purple Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Purple Dye"},
                ni{"Red Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Red Dye"},
                ni{"White Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","White Dye"},
                ni{"Yellow Dye","Dye (GregTech 5)","Yellow Dye"}--[[]]
            list{ title=spraycans,--[[                ]]
                ni{"Spray Can (Black)","Spray Can","Black"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Blue)","Spray Can","Blue"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Brown)","Spray Can","Brown"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Cyan)","Spray Can","Cyan"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Gray)","Spray Can","Gray"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Green)","Spray Can","Green"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Light Blue)","Spray Can","Light Blue"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Light Gray)","Spray Can","Light Gray"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Lime)","Spray Can","Lime"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Magenta)","Spray Can","Magenta"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Orange)","Spray Can","Orange"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Pink)","Spray Can","Pink"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Purple)","Spray Can","Purple"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Red)","Spray Can","Red"},
                ni{"Spray Can (White)","Spray Can","White"},
                ni{"Spray Can (Yellow)","Spray Can","Yellow"}--[[]]
        list{ title=miscellaneous,--[[            ]]
            nid{"Diamond Grinding Head"},
            ni{"Diamond Sawblade"},
            nid{"Tungsten Grinding Head"},
            nid{"Iridium Alloy Ingot"},
            ni{"Item Filter", "Item Filter (Item) (GregTech 5)", "Item Filter"},
            ni{"Enchanted Page"},
            ni{"Enchanted Pages"},
            ni{"Magic Paper"},
            ni{"Printed Pages"},
            ni{"Punch Card"},
            ni{"Punched Card"},
            ni{"Iron Minecart Wheels"},
            ni{"Steel Minecart Wheels"},
            ni{"Sealed Wood Plank","The holy Planks of Sengir"},
            ni{"Basic Machine Casing","You ran into a serious Bug, if you have legitly aquired this Block, please report it immidietly","Serious Bug Block"},
        list{ title=manuals,--[[            ]]
            nid{"Microwave Oven Manual"},
            nid{"Printer Manual V2.0"},
            nid{"Punch Card Manual V0.0"}--[[]]
return p