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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Navbox/Mystical Agriculture/doc

local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local mystagri = l{"Mystical Agriculture", [=[<translate><!--T:53--> Mystical Agriculture</translate>]=]}

local blocks = [=[<translate><!--T:54--> Blocks</translate>]=]

local ores = [=[<translate><!--T:4--> Ores</translate>]=]
local utility = [=[<translate><!--T:55--> Utility</translate>]=]
local furnaces = [=[<translate><!--T:7--> Furnaces</translate>]=]
local seedreprcs = [=[<translate><!--T:56--> Seed Reprocessors</translate>]=]
local storeblock = [=[<translate><!--T:57--> Storage Block</translate>]=]
local decorative = [=[<translate><!--T:58--> Decorative</translate>]=]
local misc = [=[<translate><!--T:3--> Misc</translate>]=]

local items = [=[<translate><!--T:59--> Items</translate>]=]

local inferium = [=[<translate><!--T:20--> Inferium</translate>]=]
local prudentium = [=[<translate><!--T:21--> Prudentium</translate>]=]
local intermedium = [=[<translate><!--T:22--> Intermedium</translate>]=]
local superium = [=[<translate><!--T:23--> Superium</translate>]=]
local supremium = [=[<translate><!--T:24--> Supremium</translate>]=]

local armor = [=[<translate><!--T:19--> Armor</translate>]=]
local weapons = [=[<translate><!--T:14--> Weapons</translate>]=]
local tools = [=[<translate><!--T:18--> Tools</translate>]=]
local components = [=[<translate><!--T:8--> Components</translate>]=]
local materials = [=[<translate><!--T:60--> Materials</translate>]=]
local food = [=[<translate><!--T:61--> Food</translate>]=]

local charms = [=[<translate><!--T:25--> Charms</translate>]=]

local mobchunk = [=[<translate><!--T:62--> Mob Chunk</translate>]=]
local seeds = [=[<translate><!--T:63--> Seeds</translate>]=]
local craftingseeds = [=[<translate><!--T:33--> Crafting Seeds</translate>]=]
local tierone = [=[<translate><!--T:37--> Tier 1</translate>]=]
local tiertwo = [=[<translate><!--T:38--> Tier 2</translate>]=]
local tierthree = [=[<translate><!--T:39--> Tier 3</translate>]=]
local tierfour = [=[<translate><!--T:40--> Tier 4</translate>]=]
local tierfive = [=[<translate><!--T:41--> Tier 5</translate>]=]
local essence = [=[<translate><!--T:46--> Essences</translate>]=]

local misccomponents = [=[<translate><!--T:64--> Misc Components</translate>]=]
local miscmaterials = [=[<translate><!--T:65--> Misc Materials</translate>]=]

return navbox{title = mystagri, mod = "MA", modname = "Mystical Agriculture",
        group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
            list{name = "ores", title = ores,
				ni{"Inferium Ore"},
				ni{"Prosperity Ore"},
				ni{"Nether Inferium Ore"},
				ni{"Nether Prosperity Ore"},
				ni{"End Inferium Ore"},
				ni{"End Prosperity Ore"}
            list{name = "utility", title = utility,
				list{name = "furnaces", title = furnaces,
					ni{"Inferium Furnace", "Inferium Furnace", "Inferium"},
					ni{"Prudentium Furnace", "Prudentium Furnace", "Prudentium"},
					ni{"Intermedium Furnace", "Intermedium Furnace", "Intermedium"},
					ni{"Superium Furnace", "Superium Furnace", "Superium"},
					ni{"Supremium Furnace", "Supremium Furnace", "Supremium"},
					ni{"Ultimate Furnace", "Ultimate Furnace", "Ultimate"}
				list{name = "seedreprcs", title = seedreprcs,
					ni{"Seed Reprocessor", "Seed Reprocessor", "Base"},
					ni{"Inferium Seed Reprocessor", "Inferium Seed Reprocessor", "Inferium"},
					ni{"Prudentium Seed Reprocessor", "Prudentium Seed Reprocessor", "Prudentium"},
					ni{"Intermedium Seed Reprocessor", "Intermedium Seed Reprocessor", "Intermedium"},
					ni{"Superium Seed Reprocessor", "Superium Seed Reprocessor", "Superium"},
					ni{"Supremium Seed Reprocessor", "Supremium Seed Reprocessor", "Supremium"},
					ni{"Ultimate Seed Reprocessor", "Ultimate Seed Reprocessor", "Ultimate"}
			        ni{"Growth Accelerator"},
					ni{"Tinkering Table (Inferium)", "Tinkering Table", "Tinkering Table"},
			        ni{"Witherproof Block"},
			        ni{"Witherproof Glass"}
		list{name = "storeblock", title = storeblock,
			ni{"Block of Inferium"},					
			ni{"Block of Prudentium"},		
			ni{"Block of Intermedium"},			
			ni{"Block of Superium"},					
			ni{"Block of Supremium"},		
			ni{"Block of Inferium Essence"},			
			ni{"Block of Prudentium Essence"},					
			ni{"Block of Intermedium Essence"},		
			ni{"Block of Superium Essence"},
			ni{"Block of Supremium Essence"},		
			ni{"Block of Inferium Coal"},			
			ni{"Block of Prudentium Coal"},					
			ni{"Block of Intermedium Coal"},		
			ni{"Block of Superium Coal"},			
			ni{"Block of Supremium Coal"},					
			ni{"Block of Base Essence"},		
			ni{"Block of Prosperity"},
			ni{"Block of Soulium"}		
		list{name = "decorative", title = decorative,
			nid{"Glowstone Lamp"},
			ni{"Chiseled Soulstone"},
			ni{"Cobbled Soulstone"},
			ni{"Cobbled Soulstone Slab"},
			ni{"Cobbled Soulstone Stairs"},
			ni{"Cobbled Soulstone Wall"},
			ni{"Cracked Soulstone Bricks"},
			ni{"Polished Soulstone"},
			ni{"Soulstone Bricks"},
			ni{"Soulstone Brick Slab"},
			ni{"Soulstone Brick Stairs"},
			ni{"Soulstone Brick Wall"},
			ni{"Soulstone Slab"},
			ni{"Soulstone Slab Block"},
			nid{"Soul Glass"},
			ni{"Soul Glass Pane"}
		list{name = "misc", title = misc,
			ni{"Miner's Torch"},
			ni{"Mystical Machine Frame"}
	group{name = "items", title = items,
		list{name = "inferium", title = inferium,
			list{name = "armor", title = armor,
				ni{"Inferium Helmet", "Inferium Helmet", "Helmet"},
				ni{"Inferium Chestplate", "Inferium Chestplate", "Chestplate"},
				ni{"Inferium Leggings", "Inferium Leggings", "Leggings"},
				ni{"Inferium Boots", "Inferium Boots", "Boots"}
			list{name = "weapons", title = weapons,
				ni{"Inferium Sword", "Inferium Sword", "Sword"},
				ni{"Inferium Bow", "Inferium Bow", "Bow"},
				ni{"Inferium Arrow", "Inferium Arrow", "Arrow"}
			list{name = "tools", title = tools,
				ni{"Inferium Pickaxe", "Inferium Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
				ni{"Inferium Axe", "Inferium Axe", "Axe"},
				ni{"Inferium Shovel", "Inferium Shovel", "Shovel"},
				ni{"Inferium Hoe", "Inferium Hoe", "Hoe"},
				ni{"Inferium Fishing Rod", "Inferium Fishing Rod", "Fishing Rod"},
				ni{"Inferium Shears", "Inferium Shears", "Shears"},
				ni{"Inferium Sickle", "Inferium Sickle", "Sickle"},
				ni{"Inferium Scythe", "Inferium Scythe", "Scythe"},
				ni{"Inferium Watering Can", "Inferium Watering Can", "Watering Can"}
			list{name = "components", title = components,
				ni{"Inferium Arrow Head", "Inferium Arrow Head", "Arrow Head"},
				ni{"Inferium Armor Core", "Inferium Armor Core", "Armor Core"},
				ni{"Inferium Tool Core", "Inferium Tool Core", "Tool Core"},
				ni{"Inferium Fertilization Core", "Inferium Fertilization Core", "Fertilization Core"}
			list{name = "materials", title = materials,
				ni{"Inferium Coal", "Inferium Coal", "Coal"},
				ni{"Inferium Essence", "Inferium Essence", "Essence"},
				ni{"Inferium Ingot", "Inferium Ingot", "Ingot"},
				ni{"Inferium Nugget", "Inferium Nugget", "Nugget"}
			list{name = "food", title = food,	
				ni{"Inferium Apple", "Inferium Apple", "Apple"}
		list{name = "prudentium", title = prudentium,
			list{name = "armor", title = armor,
				ni{"Prudentium Helmet", "Prudentium Helmet", "Helmet"},
				ni{"Prudentium Chestplate", "Prudentium Chestplate", "Chestplate"},
				ni{"Prudentium Leggings", "Prudentium Leggings", "Leggings"},
				ni{"Prudentium Boots", "Prudentium Boots", "Boots"}
			list{name = "weapons", title = weapons,
				ni{"Prudentium Sword", "Prudentium Sword", "Sword"},
				ni{"Prudentium Bow", "Prudentium Bow", "Bow"},
				ni{"Prudentium Arrow", "Prudentium Arrow", "Arrow"}
			list{name = "tools", title = tools,
				ni{"Prudentium Pickaxe", "Prudentium Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
				ni{"Prudentium Axe", "Prudentium Axe", "Axe"},
				ni{"Prudentium Shovel", "Prudentium Shovel", "Shovel"},
				ni{"Prudentium Hoe", "Prudentium Hoe", "Hoe"},
				ni{"Prudentium Fishing Rod", "Prudentium Fishing Rod", "Fishing Rod"},
				ni{"Prudentium Shears", "Prudentium Shears", "Shears"},
				ni{"Prudentium Sickle", "Prudentium Sickle", "Sickle"},
				ni{"Prudentium Scythe", "Prudentium Scythe", "Scythe"},
				ni{"Prudentium Watering Can", "Prudentium Watering Can", "Watering Can"}
			list{name = "components", title = components,
				ni{"Prudentium Arrow Head", "Prudentium Arrow Head", "Arrow Head"},
				ni{"Prudentium Armor Core", "Prudentium Armor Core", "Armor Core"},
				ni{"Prudentium Tool Core", "Prudentium Tool Core", "Tool Core"},
				ni{"Prudentium Fertilization Core", "Prudentium Fertilization Core", "Fertilization Core"}
			list{name = "materials", title = materials,
				ni{"Prudentium Coal", "Prudentium Coal", "Coal"},
				ni{"Prudentium Essence", "Prudentium Essence", "Essence"},
				ni{"Prudentium Ingot", "Prudentium Ingot", "Ingot"},
				ni{"Prudentium Nugget", "Prudentium Nugget", "Nugget"}
			list{name = "food", title = food,	
				ni{"Prudentium Apple", "Prudentium Apple", "Apple"}
		list{name = "intermedium", title = intermedium,
			list{name = "armor", title = armor,
				ni{"Intermedium Helmet", "Intermedium Helmet", "Helmet"},
				ni{"Intermedium Chestplate", "Intermedium Chestplate", "Chestplate"},
				ni{"Intermedium Leggings", "Intermedium Leggings", "Leggings"},
				ni{"Intermedium Boots", "Intermedium Boots", "Boots"}
			list{name = "weapons", title = weapons,
				ni{"Intermedium Sword", "Intermedium Sword", "Sword"},
				ni{"Intermedium Bow", "Intermedium Bow", "Bow"},
				ni{"Intermedium Arrow", "Intermedium Arrow", "Arrow"}
			list{name = "tools", title = tools,
				ni{"Intermedium Pickaxe", "Intermedium Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
				ni{"Intermedium Axe", "Intermedium Axe", "Axe"},
				ni{"Intermedium Shovel", "Intermedium Shovel", "Shovel"},
				ni{"Intermedium Hoe", "Intermedium Hoe", "Hoe"},
				ni{"Intermedium Fishing Rod", "Intermedium Fishing Rod", "Fishing Rod"},
				ni{"Intermedium Shears", "Intermedium Shears", "Shears"},
				ni{"Intermedium Sickle", "Intermedium Sickle", "Sickle"},
				ni{"Intermedium Scythe", "Intermedium Scythe", "Scythe"},
				ni{"Intermedium Watering Can", "Intermedium Watering Can", "Watering Can"}
			list{name = "components", title = components,
				ni{"Intermedium Arrow Head", "Intermedium Arrow Head", "Arrow Head"},
				ni{"Intermedium Armor Core", "Intermedium Armor Core", "Armor Core"},
				ni{"Intermedium Tool Core", "Intermedium Tool Core", "Tool Core"},
				ni{"Intermedium Fertilization Core", "Intermedium Fertilization Core", "Fertilization Core"}
			list{name = "materials", title = materials,
				ni{"Intermedium Coal", "Intermedium Coal", "Coal"},
				ni{"Intermedium Essence", "Intermedium Essence", "Essence"},
				ni{"Intermedium Ingot", "Intermedium Ingot", "Ingot"},
				ni{"Intermedium Nugget", "Intermedium Nugget", "Nugget"}
			list{name = "food", title = food,	
				ni{"Intermedium Apple", "Intermedium Apple", "Apple"}
		list{name = "superium", title = superium,
			list{name = "armor", title = armor,
				ni{"Superium Helmet", "Superium Helmet", "Helmet"},
				ni{"Superium Chestplate", "Superium Chestplate", "Chestplate"},
				ni{"Superium Leggings", "Superium Leggings", "Leggings"},
				ni{"Superium Boots", "Superium Boots", "Boots"}
			list{name = "weapons", title = weapons,
				ni{"Superium Sword", "Superium Sword", "Sword"},
				ni{"Superium Bow", "Superium Bow", "Bow"},
				ni{"Superium Arrow", "Superium Arrow", "Arrow"}
			list{name = "tools", title = tools,
				ni{"Superium Pickaxe", "Superium Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
				ni{"Superium Axe", "Superium Axe", "Axe"},
				ni{"Superium Shovel", "Superium Shovel", "Shovel"},
				ni{"Superium Hoe", "Superium Hoe", "Hoe"},
				ni{"Superium Fishing Rod", "Superium Fishing Rod", "Fishing Rod"},
				ni{"Superium Shears", "Superium Shears", "Shears"},
				ni{"Superium Sickle", "Superium Sickle", "Sickle"},
				ni{"Superium Scythe", "Superium Scythe", "Scythe"},
				ni{"Superium Watering Can", "Superium Watering Can", "Watering Can"}
			list{name = "components", title = components,
				ni{"Superium Arrow Head", "Superium Arrow Head", "Arrow Head"},
				ni{"Superium Armor Core", "Superium Armor Core", "Armor Core"},
				ni{"Superium Tool Core", "Superium Tool Core", "Tool Core"},
				ni{"Superium Fertilization Core", "Superium Fertilization Core", "Fertilization Core"}
			list{name = "materials", title = materials,
				ni{"Superium Coal", "Superium Coal", "Coal"},
				ni{"Superium Essence", "Superium Essence", "Essence"},
				ni{"Superium Ingot", "Superium Ingot", "Ingot"},
				ni{"Superium Nugget", "Superium Nugget", "Nugget"}
			list{name = "food", title = food,	
				ni{"Superium Apple", "Superium Apple", "Apple"}
		list{name = "supremium", title = supremium,
			list{name = "armor", title = armor,
				ni{"Supremium Helmet", "Supremium Helmet", "Helmet"},
				ni{"Supremium Chestplate", "Supremium Chestplate", "Chestplate"},
				ni{"Supremium Leggings", "Supremium Leggings", "Leggings"},
				ni{"Supremium Boots", "Supremium Boots", "Boots"}
			list{name = "weapons", title = weapons,
				ni{"Supremium Sword", "Supremium Sword", "Sword"},
				ni{"Supremium Bow", "Supremium Bow", "Bow"},
				ni{"Supremium Arrow", "Supremium Arrow", "Arrow"}
			list{name = "tools", title = tools,
				ni{"Supremium Pickaxe", "Supremium Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
				ni{"Supremium Axe", "Supremium Axe", "Axe"},
				ni{"Supremium Shovel", "Supremium Shovel", "Shovel"},
				ni{"Supremium Hoe", "Supremium Hoe", "Hoe"},
				ni{"Supremium Fishing Rod", "Supremium Fishing Rod", "Fishing Rod"},
				ni{"Supremium Shears", "Supremium Shears", "Shears"},
				ni{"Supremium Sickle", "Supremium Sickle", "Sickle"},
				ni{"Supremium Scythe", "Supremium Scythe", "Scythe"},
				ni{"Supremium Watering Can", "Supremium Watering Can", "Watering Can"}
			list{name = "components", title = components,
				ni{"Supremium Arrow Head", "Supremium Arrow Head", "Arrow Head"},
				ni{"Supremium Armor Core", "Supremium Armor Core", "Armor Core"},
				ni{"Supremium Tool Core", "Supremium Tool Core", "Tool Core"},
				ni{"Supremium Fertilization Core", "Supremium Fertilization Core", "Fertilization Core"}
			list{name = "materials", title = materials,
				ni{"Supremium Coal", "Supremium Coal", "Coal"},
				ni{"Supremium Essence", "Supremium Essence", "Essence"},
				ni{"Supremium Ingot", "Supremium Ingot", "Ingot"},
				ni{"Supremium Nugget", "Supremium Nugget", "Nugget"}
			list{name = "food", title = food,	
				ni{"Supremium Apple", "Supremium Apple", "Apple"}
		list{name = "charms", title = charms,
				ni{"Charm: Attack AOE"},
				ni{"Charm: Mining AOE"},
				ni{"Charm: Reaping AOE"},
				ni{"Charm: Scything AOE"},
				ni{"Charm: Shearing AOE"},
				ni{"Charm: Tilling AOE"},
				ni{"Charm: Absorption"},
				ni{"Charm: Antivenom"},
				ni{"Charm: Fire Resistance"},
				ni{"Charm: Jump Boost"},
				ni{"Charm: Miner's Vision"},
				ni{"Charm: Night Vision"},
				ni{"Charm: Quick Draw"},
				ni{"Charm: Rainbow"},
				ni{"Charm: Resistance"},
				ni{"Charm: Speed"},
				ni{"Charm: Strength"},
				ni{"Charm: Strength 2"},
				ni{"Charm: Triple Shot"},
				ni{"Charm: Wither Resistance"}
		list{name = "mobchunk", title = mobchunk,
				ni{"Tier 1 Mob Chunk"},
				ni{"Tier 2 Mob Chunk"},
				ni{"Tier 3 Mob Chunk"},
				ni{"Tier 4 Mob Chunk"},
				ni{"Tier 5 Mob Chunk"}
				ni{"Experience Chunk"},
				ni{"Zombie Chunk"},
				ni{"Pig Chunk"},
				ni{"Chicken Chunk"},
				ni{"Cow Chunk"},
				ni{"Sheep Chunk"},
				ni{"Slime Chunk"},
				ni{"Skeleton Chunk"},
				ni{"Creeper Chunk"},
				ni{"Spider Chunk"},
				ni{"Rabbit Chunk"},
				ni{"Guardian Chunk"},
				ni{"Blaze Chunk"},
				ni{"Ghast Chunk"},
				ni{"Enderman Chunk"},
				ni{"Wither Skeleton Chunk"}				
				ni{"Blizz Chunk"},
				ni{"Blitz Chunk"},
				ni{"Basalz Chunk"},
		list{name = "seeds", title = seeds,
				ni{"Inferium Seeds (Tier 1)", "Inferium Seeds", "Inferium Seeds"}		
			list{name = "craftingseeds", title = craftingseeds,
				ni{"Base Crafting Seed", "Base Crafting Seed", "Base"},
				ni{"Tier 1 Crafting Seed", "Tier 1 Crafting Seed", "Tier 1"},
				ni{"Tier 2 Crafting Seed", "Tier 2 Crafting Seed", "Tier 2"},
				ni{"Tier 3 Crafting Seed", "Tier 3 Crafting Seed", "Tier 3"},
				ni{"Tier 4 Crafting Seed", "Tier 4 Crafting Seed", "Tier 4"},
				ni{"Tier 5 Crafting Seed", "Tier 5 Crafting Seed", "Tier 5"}				
			list{name = "tierone", title = tierone,
				ni{"Stone Seeds"},
				ni{"Dirt Seeds"},
				ni{"Nature Seeds"},
				ni{"Wood Seeds"},
				ni{"Water Seeds"},
				ni{"Ice Seeds"},
				ni{"Zombie Seeds"}
			list{name = "tiertwo", title = tiertwo,
					ni{"Fire Seeds"},
					ni{"Dye Seeds"},
					ni{"Nether Seeds"},
					ni{"Coal Seeds"},
					ni{"Pig Seeds"},
					ni{"Chicken Seeds"},
					ni{"Cow Seeds"},
					ni{"Sheep Seeds"},
					ni{"Slime Seeds"}
					ni{"Silicon Seeds"}
					ni{"Marble Seeds"}
					nid{"Mystical Flower Seeds"}
					ni{"Rubber Seeds"}
					ni{"Sulfur Seeds"},
					ni{"Aluminum Seeds"},
					ni{"Copper Seeds"}
					ni{"Aluminum Brass Seeds"}
			list{name = "tierthree", title = tierthree,
					ni{"Iron Seeds"},
					ni{"Nether Quartz Seeds"},
					ni{"Glowstone Seeds"},
					ni{"Redstone Seeds"},
					ni{"Obsidian Seeds"},
					ni{"Skeleton Seeds"},
					ni{"Creeper Seeds"},
					ni{"Spider Seeds"},
					ni{"Rabbit Seeds"},
					ni{"Guardian Seeds"}
					ni{"Black Quartz Seeds"}
					ni{"Sky Stone Seeds"},
					ni{"Certus Quartz Seeds"}
					ni{"Aquamarine Seeds"}
					ni{"Manasteel Seeds"}
					ni{"Graphite Seeds"}
					ni{"Quartz Enriched Iron Seeds"}
					ni{"Saltpeter Seeds"},
					ni{"Tin Seeds"},
					ni{"Bronze Seeds"},
					ni{"Silver Seeds"},
					ni{"Lead Seeds"},
					ni{"Blizz Seeds"},
					ni{"Blitz Seeds"},
					ni{"Basalz Seeds"}
					ni{"Knightslime Seeds"},
					ni{"Ardite Seeds"}
					ni{"Steeleaf Seeds"},
					ni{"Ironwood Seeds"}
			list{name = "tierfour", title = tierfour,
					ni{"Gold Seeds"},
					ni{"Lapis Lazuli Seeds"},
					ni{"End Seeds"},
					ni{"Experience Seeds"},
					ni{"Blaze Seeds"},
					ni{"Ghast Seeds"},
					ni{"Enderman Seeds"}
					ni{"Fluix Seeds"}
					ni{"Ruby Seeds"},
					ni{"Sapphire Seeds"},
					ni{"Peridot Seeds"},
					ni{"Amber Seeds"},
					ni{"Topaz Seeds"},
					ni{"Malachite Seeds"},
					ni{"Tanzanite Seeds"}
					ni{"Elementium Seeds"}
					ni{"Osmium Seeds"},
					ni{"Glowstone Ingot Seeds"}
					ni{"Compressed Iron Seeds"}
					ni{"Steel Seeds"},
					ni{"Nickel Seeds"},
					ni{"Constantan Seeds"},
					ni{"Electrum Seeds"},
					ni{"Invar Seeds"},
					ni{"Mithril Seeds"},
					ni{"Signalum Seeds"},
					ni{"Lumium Seeds"}
					ni{"Cobalt Seeds"}
					ni{"Knightmetal Seeds"},
					ni{"Fiery Ingot Seeds"}
			list{name = "tierfive", title = tierfive,
					ni{"Diamond Seeds"},
					ni{"Emerald Seeds"},
					ni{"Wither Skeleton Seeds"}
					ni{"Starmetal Seeds"},
					ni{"Rock Crystal Seeds"}
					ni{"Ender Amethyst Seeds"}
					ni{"Terrasteel Seeds"}
					ni{"Draconium Seeds"}
					ni{"Yellorium Seeds"}
					ni{"Uranium Seeds"},
					ni{"Uranium 238 Seeds"},
					ni{"Iridium Ore Seeds"}
					ni{"Refined Obsidian Seeds"}
					ni{"Platinum Seeds"},
					ni{"Iridium Seeds"},
					ni{"Enderium Seeds"}
					ni{"Manyullyn Seeds"}
		list{name = "essence", title = essence,
				ni{"Blaze Essence"},
				ni{"Chicken Essence"},
				ni{"Coal Essence"},
				ni{"Cow Essence"},
				ni{"Creeper Essence"},
				ni{"Diamond Essence"},
				ni{"Dirt Essence"},
				ni{"Dye Essence"},
				ni{"Emerald Essence"},
				ni{"End Essence"},
				ni{"Enderman Essence"},
				ni{"Experience Essence"},
				nid{"Fire Essence"},
				ni{"Ghast Essence"},
				ni{"Glowstone Essence"},
				ni{"Gold Essence"},
				ni{"Guardian Essence"},
				nid{"Ice Essence"},
				ni{"Iron Essence"},
				ni{"Lapis Lazuli Essence"},
				nid{"Nature Essence"},
				ni{"Nether Essence"},
				ni{"Nether Quartz Essence"},
				ni{"Obsidian Essence"},
				ni{"Pig Essence"},
				ni{"Rabbit Essence"},
				ni{"Redstone Essence"},
				ni{"Sheep Essence"},
				ni{"Skeleton Essence"},
				ni{"Slime Essence"},
				ni{"Spider Essence"},
				ni{"Stone Essence"},
				nid{"Water Essence"},
				ni{"Wither Skeleton Essence"},
				ni{"Wood Essence"},
				ni{"Zombie Essence"}
				ni{"Black Quartz Essence"}
				ni{"Certus Quartz Essence"},
				ni{"Fluix Essence"},
				ni{"Sky Stone Essence"},
				ni{"Silicon Essence"}
				ni{"Aquamarine Essence"},
				ni{"Marble Essence"},
				ni{"Rock Crystal Essence"},
				ni{"Starmetal Essence"}
				ni{"Amber Essence"},
				ni{"Ender Amethyst Essence"},
				ni{"Malachite Essence"},
				ni{"Peridot Essence"},
				ni{"Ruby Essence"},
				ni{"Sapphire Essence"},
				ni{"Tanzanite Essence"},
				ni{"Topaz Essence"}
				ni{"Elementium Essence"},
				ni{"Manasteel Essence"},
				ni{"Mystical Flower Essence"},
				ni{"Terrasteel Essence"}
				ni{"Draconium Essence"}
				ni{"Graphite Essence"},
				ni{"Yellorium Essence"}
				ni{"Iridium Ore Essence"},
				ni{"Rubber Essence"},
				ni{"Uranium Essence"},
				ni{"Uranium 238 Essence"}
				ni{"Glowstone Ingot Essence"},
				ni{"Osmium Essence"},
				ni{"Refined Obsidian Essence"}
				ni{"Compressed Iron Essence"}
				ni{"Quartz Enriched Iron Essence"}
				ni{"Aluminum Essence"},
				ni{"Basalz Essence"},
				ni{"Blitz Essence"},
				ni{"Blizz Essence"},
				ni{"Bronze Essence"},				
				ni{"Constantan Essence"},
				ni{"Copper Essence"},
				ni{"Electrum Essence"},
				ni{"Enderium Essence"},
				ni{"Invar Essence"},
				ni{"Iridium Essence"},
				ni{"Lead Essence"},
				ni{"Lumium Essence"},
				ni{"Mithril Essence"},
				ni{"Nickel Essence"},
				ni{"Platinum Essence"},
				ni{"Saltpeter Essence"},
				ni{"Signalum Essence"},
				ni{"Silver Essence"},
				ni{"Steel Essence"},
				ni{"Sulfur Essence"},
				ni{"Tin Essence"}
				ni{"Aluminum Brass Essence"},
				ni{"Ardite Essence"},
				ni{"Cobalt Essence"},
				ni{"Knightslime Essence"},
				ni{"Manyullyn Essence"}
				ni{"Fiery Ingot Essence"},
				ni{"Ironwood Essence"},
				ni{"Knightmetal Essence"},
				ni{"Steeleaf Essence"}
		list{name = "utility", title = utility,
			ni{"Core Remover"},
			ni{"Fertilized Essence"},
			ni{"Mystical Fertilizer"},
			ni{"Infusion Crystal"},
			ni{"Master Infusion Crystal"},
			ni{"Soulium Dagger"}
		list{name = "misccomponents", title = misccomponents,
				ni{"Blank Charm"},
				nid{"Blank Record"},
				ni{"Blank Skull"},
				ni{"Dye Cluster"},
				ni{"Nature Cluster"},
				ni{"Nether Cluster"},
				ni{"End Cluster"},
				ni{"Experience Droplet"},
				ni{"Mystical Feather"},
				ni{"Mystical Stick"},
				ni{"Mystical String"},
				ni{"Theoretical Infinite Water Source"}
				ni{"Mystical Flower Cluster"}
		list{name = "miscmaterials", title = miscmaterials,
			ni{"Base Essence Ingot"},
			ni{"Base Essence Nugget"},
			ni{"Prosperity Shard"},
			ni{"Soul Dust"},
			ni{"Soulium Dust"},
			ni{"Soulium Ingot"},
			ni{"Soulium Nugget"}

return p