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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Navbox/Psi/doc

local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local psi = l{"Psi", [=[<translate><!--T:1--> Psi</translate>]=]}

local blocks = [=[<translate><!--T:2--> Blocks</translate>]=]
local assembly = [=[<translate><!--T:3--> CAD Assemblies</translate>]=]
local core = [=[<translate><!--T:4--> CAD Cores</translate>]=]
local socket = [=[<translate><!--T:5--> CAD Sockets</translate>]=]
local battery = [=[<translate><!--T:6--> CAD Batteries</translate>]=]
local bullet = [=[<translate><!--T:7--> Bullets</translate>]=]
local sensor = [=[<translate><!--T:8--> Exosuit Sensors</translate>]=]
local psimetal = [=[<translate><!--T:9--> Psimetal Tools/Armor</translate>]=]
local components = [=[<translate><!--T:10--> Components</translate>]=]
local spellpieces = l{"Spell Piece", [=[<translate><!--T:12--> Spell Pieces</translate>]=]}
local operators = [=[<translate><!--T:13--> Operators</translate>]=]
local constants = [=[<translate><!--T:14--> Constants</translate>]=]
local selectors = [=[<translate><!--T:15--> Selectors</translate>]=]
local tricks = [=[<translate><!--T:16--> Tricks</translate>]=]
local misc = [=[<translate><!--T:11--> Misc</translate>]=]

return navbox{title = psi, mod = "PSI", modname = "Psi",
	list{title = blocks,
		ni{"CAD Assembler"},
		ni{"Spell Programmer"},
		ni{"Psidust Block"},
		ni{"Psimetal Block"},
		ni{"Psigem Block"},
		ni{"Dark Psimetal Plate"},
		ni{"Dark Psimetal Flow Plate"},
		ni{"Bright Psimetal Plate"},
		ni{"Bright Psimetal Flow Plate"},
		ni{"Ebony Psimetal Block"},
		ni{"Ivory Psimetal Block"},
		ni{"Conjured Block"}
	list{title = assembly,
		ni{"Iron CAD Assembly", "CAD Assembly", "Iron CAD Assembly"},
		ni{"Gold CAD Assembly", "CAD Assembly", "Gold CAD Assembly"},
		ni{"Psimetal CAD Assembly", "CAD Assembly", "Psimetal CAD Assembly"},
		ni{"Ebony Psimetal CAD Assembly", "CAD Assembly", "Ebony Psimetal CAD Assembly"},
		ni{"Ivory Psimetal CAD Assembly", "CAD Assembly", "Ivory Psimetal CAD Assembly"},
		ni{"Creative CAD Assembly"}
	list{title = core,
		ni{"Basic CAD Core"},
		ni{"Overclocked CAD Core"},
		ni{"Conductive CAD Core"},
		ni{"Hyperclocked CAD Core"},
		ni{"Radiative CAD Core"}
	list{title = socket,
		ni{"Basic CAD Socket"},
		ni{"Signaling CAD Socket"},
		ni{"Large CAD Socket"},
		ni{"Transmissive CAD Socket"},
		ni{"Huge CAD Socket"}
	list{title = battery,
		ni{"Basic CAD Battery"},
		ni{"Extended CAD Battery"},
		ni{"Ultradense CAD Battery"}
	list{title = bullet,
		ni{"Spell Bullet"},
		ni{"Projectile Spell Bullet"},
		ni{"Loopcast Spell Bullet"},
		ni{"Circle Spell Bullet"},
		ni{"Grenade Spell Bullet"},
		ni{"Charge Spell Bullet"},
		ni{"Mine Spell Bullet"}
	list{title = sensor,
		ni{"Exosuit Light Sensor"},
		ni{"Exosuit Water Sensor"},
		ni{"Exosuit Heat Sensor"},
		ni{"Exosuit Stress Sensor"}
	list{title = psimetal,
		ni{"Psimetal Shovel"},
		ni{"Psimetal Pickaxe"},
		ni{"Psimetal Axe"},
		ni{"Psimetal Sword"},
		ni{"Psimetal Exosuit Helmet"},
		ni{"Psimetal Exosuit Chestplate"},
		ni{"Psimetal Exosuit Leggings"},
		ni{"Psimetal Exosuit Boots"}
	list{title = components,
		ni{"Psimetal Ingot"},
		ni{"Ebony Psimetal Ingot"},
		ni{"Ivory Psimetal Ingot"},
		ni{"Ebony Substance"},
		ni{"Ivory Substance"}
	list{title = misc,
		ni{"White CAD Colorizer", "CAD Colorizer"},
		ni{"Spell Detonator"},
		ni{"Spell Drive"},
		ni{"Exosuit Controller"},
		ni{"Vector Ruler"},
		ni{"Casting Assistant Device (Iron)", "Casting Assistant Device"}
	list{title = spellpieces,
		list{title = constants,
			ni{"Constant: Number", "Constant: Number", "Number"},
			ni{"Constant: e", "Constant: e", "e"},
			ni{"Constant: Pi", "Constant: Pi", "π"},
			ni{"Constant: Wrapper", "Constant: Wrapper", "Wrapper"}
		list{title = operators,
			ni{"Operator: Absolute", "Operator: Absolute", "Absolute"},
			ni{"Operator: Arc Cosine", "Operator: Arc Cosine", "acos"},
			ni{"Operator: Arc Sine", "Operator: Arc Sine", "asin"},
			ni{"Operator: Ceiling", "Operator: Ceiling", "Ceiling"},
			ni{"Operator: Closest to Point", "Operator: Closest to Point", "Closest to Point"},
			ni{"Operator: Cosine", "Operator: Cosine", "cos"},
			ni{"Operator: Cube", "Operator: Cube", "Cube"},
			ni{"Operator: Divide", "Operator: Divide", "Divide"},
			ni{"Operator: Entity Axial Look", "Operator: Entity Axial Look", "Entity Axial Look"},
			ni{"Operator: Entity Look", "Operator: Entity Look", "Entity Look"},
			ni{"Operator: Entity Motion", "Operator: Entity Motion", "Entity Motion"},
			ni{"Operator: Entity Position", "Operator: Entity Position", "Entity Position"},
			ni{"Operator: Floor", "Operator: Floor", "Floor"},
			ni{"Operator: Focused Entity", "Operator: Focused Entity", "Focused Entity"},
			ni{"Operator: Integer Divide", "Operator: Integer Divide", "Integer Divide"},
			ni{"Operator: Inverse", "Operator: Inverse", "Inverse"},
			ni{"Operator: Add To List", "Operator: Add To List", "Add to List"},
			ni{"Operator: Remove From List", "Operator: Remove From List", "Remove from List"},
			ni{"Operator: Logarithm", "Operator: Logarithm", "Log"},
			ni{"Operator: Max", "Operator: Max", "Max"},
			ni{"Operator: Min", "Operator: Min", "Min"},
			ni{"Operator: Modulus", "Operator: Modulus", "Modulus"},
			ni{"Operator: Multiply", "Operator: Multiply", "Multiply"},
			ni{"Operator: Power", "Operator: Power", "Power"},
			ni{"Operator: Random Entity", "Operator: Random Entity", "Random Entity"},
			ni{"Operator: Random", "Operator: Random", "Random"},
			ni{"Operator: Round", "Operator: Round", "Round"},
			ni{"Operator: Sine", "Operator: Sine", "sin"},
			ni{"Operator: Square Root", "Operator: Square Root", "Square Root"},
			ni{"Operator: Square", "Operator: Square", "Square"},
			ni{"Operator: Subtract", "Operator: Subtract", "Subtract"},
			ni{"Operator: Sum", "Operator: Sum", "Sum"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Construct", "Operator: Vector Construct", "Vector Construct"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Cross Product", "Operator: Vector Cross Product", "Vector Cross Product"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Divide", "Operator: Vector Divide", "Vector Divide"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Dot Product", "Operator: Vector Dot Product", "Vector Dot Product"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Extract X", "Operator: Vector Extract X", "Vector Extract X"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Extract Y", "Operator: Vector Extract Y", "Vector Extract Y"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Extract Z", "Operator: Vector Extract Z", "Vector Extract Z"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Magnitude", "Operator: Vector Magnitude", "Vector Magnitude"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Multiply", "Operator: Vector Multiply", "Vector Multiply"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Negate", "Operator: Vector Negate", " Vector Negate"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Normalize", "Operator: Vector Normalize", "Vector Normalize"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Project", "Operator: Vector Project", "Vector Project"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Axis Raycast", "Operator: Vector Axis Raycast", "Vector Axis Raycast"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Raycast", "Operator: Vector Raycast", "Vector Raycast"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Subtract", "Operator: Vector Subtract", "Vector Subtract"},
			ni{"Operator: Vector Sum", "Operator: Vector Sum", "Vector Sum"}
		list{title = selectors,
			ni{"Selector: Attack Target", "Selector: Attack Target", "Attack Target"},
			ni{"Selector: Attacker", "Selector: Attacker", "Attacker"},
			ni{"Selector: Block Broken", "Selector: Block Broken", "Block Broken"},
			ni{"Selector: Block Broken Side", "Selector: Block Broken Side", "Block Broken Side"},
			ni{"Selector: Block Presence", "Selector: Block Presence", "Block Presence"},
			ni{"Selector: Caster", "Selector: Caster", "Caster"},
			ni{"Selector: Damage Taken", "Selector: Damage Taken", "Damage Taken"},
			ni{"Selector: Eidos Changelog", "Selector: Eidos Changelog", "Eidos Changelog"},
			ni{"Selector: Focal Point", "Selector: Focal Point", "Focal Point"},
			ni{"Selector: Item Presence", "Selector: Item Presence", "Item Presence"},
			ni{"Selector: Loopcast Index", "Selector: Loopcast Index", "Loopcast Index"},
			ni{"Selector: Nearby Animals", "Selector: Nearby Animals", "Nearby Animals"},
			ni{"Selector: Nearby Enemies", "Selector: Nearby Enemies", "Nearby Enemies"},
			ni{ "Selector: Nearby Items", "Selector: Nearby Items", "Nearby Items"},
			ni{"Selector: Nearby Living", "Selector: Nearby Living", "Nearby Living"},
			ni{"Selector: Nearby Projectiles", "Selector: Nearby Projectiles", "Nearby Projectiles"},
			ni{"Selector: Nearby Smeltables", "Selector: Nearby Smeltables", "Nearby Smeltables"},
			ni{"Selector: Ruler Vector", "Selector: Ruler Vector", "Ruler Vector"},
			ni{"Selector: Saved Vector", "Selector: Saved Vector", "Saved Vector"},
			ni{"Selector: Sneak Status", "Selector: Sneak Status", "Sneak Status"},
			ni{"Selector: Time", "Selector: Time", "Time"}
		list{title = tricks,
			ni{"Trick: Add Motion", "Trick: Add Motion", "Add Motion"},
			ni{"Trick: Mass Add Motion", "Trick: Mass Add Motion", "Mass Add Motion"},
			ni{"Trick: Blaze", "Trick: Blaze", "Blaze"},
			ni{"Trick: Blink", "Trick: Blink", "Blink"},
			ni{"Trick: Mass Blink", "Trick: Mass Blink", "Mass Blink"},
			ni{"Trick: Break Block", "Trick: Break Block", "Break Block"},
			ni{"Trick: Break Block Sequence", "Trick: Break Block Sequence", "Break Block Sequence"},
			ni{"Trick: Collapse Block", "Trick: Collapse Block", "Collapse Block"},
			ni{"Trick: Conjure Block", "Trick: Conjure Block", "Conjure Block"},
			ni{"Trick: Conjure Block Sequence", "Trick: Conjure Block Sequence", "Conjure Block Sequence"},
			ni{"Trick: Conjure Light", "Trick: Conjure Light", "Conjure Light"},
			ni{"Trick: Debug", "Trick: Debug", "Debug"},
			ni{"Trick: Die", "Trick: Die", "Die"},
			ni{"Trick: Ebony And Ivory", "Trick: Ebony And Ivory", "Ebony And Ivory"},
			ni{"Trick: Eidos Anchor", "Trick: Eidos Anchor", "Eidos Anchor"},
			ni{"Trick: Eidos Reversal", "Trick: Eidos Reversal", "Eidos Reversal"},
			ni{"Trick: Evaluate", "Trick: Evaluate", "Evaluate"},
			ni{"Trick: Explode", "Trick: Explode", "Explode"},
			ni{"Trick: Fire Resistance", "Trick: Fire Resistance", "Fire Resistance"},
			ni{"Trick: Greater Infusion", "Trick: Greater Infusion", "Greater Infusion"},
			ni{"Trick: Haste", "Trick: Haste", "Haste"},
			ni{"Trick: Ignite", "Trick: Ignite", "Ignite"},
			ni{"Trick: Infusion", "Trick: Infusion", "Infusion"},
			ni{"Trick: Invisibility", "Trick: Invisibility", "Invisiblity"},
			ni{"Trick: Jump Boost", "Trick: Jump Boost", "Jump Boost"},
			ni{"Trick: Mass Exodus", "Trick: Mass Exodus", "Mass Exodus"},
			ni{"Trick: Move Block", "Trick: Move Block", "Move Block"},
			ni{"Trick: Overgrow", "Trick: Overgrow", "Overgrow"},
			ni{"Trick: Place Block", "Trick: Place Block", "Place Block"},
			ni{"Trick: Place Block Sequence", "Trick: Place Block Sequence", "Place Block Sequence"},
			ni{"Trick: Regeneration", "Trick: Regeneration", "Regeneration"},
			ni{"Trick: Resistance", "Trick: Resistance", "Resistance"},
			ni{"Trick: Save Vector", "Trick: Save Vector", "Save Vector"},
			ni{"Trick: Sleep", "Trick: Sleep", "Sleep"},
			ni{"Trick: Slowness", "Trick: Slowness", "Slowness"},
			ni{"Trick: Smelt Block", "Trick: Smelt Block", "Smelt Block"},
			ni{"Trick: Smelt Item", "Trick: Smelt Item", "Smelt Item"},
			ni{"Trick: Smite", "Trick: Smite", "Smite"},
			ni{"Trick: Speed", "Trick: Speed", "Speed"},
			ni{"Trick: Strength", "Trick: Strength", "Strength"},
			ni{"Trick: Switch Focus Slot", "Trick: Switch Focus Slot", "Switch Focus Slot"},
			ni{"Trick: Torrent", "Trick: Torrent", "Torrent"},
			ni{"Trick: Water Breathing", "Trick: Water Breathing", "Water Breathing"},
			ni{"Trick: Weakness", "Trick: Weakness", "Weakness"},
			ni{"Trick: Wither", "Trick: Wither", "Wither"}
			ni{"Error Suppressor"},

return p