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Module:Navbox/Tech Reborn

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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Navbox/Tech Reborn/doc

local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local tr = [=[<translate><!--T:1-->
Tech Reborn</translate>]=]

local blocks = [=[<translate><!--T:2-->
local generators = [=[<translate><!--T:3-->
local consumers = [=[<translate><!--T:4-->
local storage = [=[<translate><!--T:5-->
local cables = [=[<translate><!--T:6-->
local utils = [=[<translate><!--T:7-->
Misc utilities</translate>]=]
local ores = [=[<translate><!--T:8-->
local storageblocks = l{"Storage Blocks", [=[<translate><!--T:9-->
Storage blocks</translate>]=]}
local components = [=[<translate><!--T:10-->
Misc components</translate>]=]
local misc = [=[<translate><!--T:11-->

local items = [=[<translate><!--T:12-->
local poweredtools = [=[<translate><!--T:13-->
Powered tools</translate>]=]
local misctools = [=[<translate><!--T:14-->
Misc tools/armor</translate>]=]
local fusionnuclear = [=[<translate><!--T:15-->
local upgrades = [=[<translate><!--T:16-->
local gems = l{"Gems", [=[<translate><!--T:17-->
local ingots = l{"Ingots", [=[<translate><!--T:18-->
local dusts = l{"Dusts", [=[<translate><!--T:19-->
local smalldusts = l{"Small Dusts", [=[<translate><!--T:20-->
Small Piles of Dust</translate>]=]}
local plates = l{"Plates", [=[<translate><!--T:21-->
local nuggets = l{"Nuggets", [=[<translate><!--T:22-->

return navbox{title = tr, mod = "TR", modname = "Tech Reborn",
	group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
		list{title = generators,
			nid{"Thermal Generator"},
			nid{"Dragon Egg Energy Siphon"},
			nid{"Magic Energy Converter"},
			nid{"Diesel Generator"},
			nid{"Magic Energy Absorber"},
			ni{"Semi Fluid Generator"},
			nid{"Gas Turbine"},
			nid{"Lightning Rod"},
			nid{"Solar Panel"},
			ni{"Creative Panel"},
			nid{"Water Mill"},
			nid{"Wind Mill"}
		list{title = consumers,
			nid{"Industrial Centrifuge"},
			nid{"Rolling Machine"},
			nid{"Industrial Blast Furnace"},
			nid{"Alloy Smelter"},
			nid{"Industrial Grinder"},
			nid{"Implosion Compressor"},
			nid{"Matter Fabricator"},
			ni{"Industrial Chunkloader"},
			ni{"Player Detector (All)"},
			ni{"Player Detector (Others)"},
			ni{"Player Detector (You)"},
			nid{"Assembling Machine"},
			ni{"Industrial Electrolyzer"},
			nid{"Chemical Reactor"},
			nid{"Distillation Tower"},
			nid{"Vacuum Freezer"},
			nid{"Fusion Control Computer"},
			nid{"Electric Furnace"},
			ni{"Auto Crafting Table"},
		list{title = storage,
			ni{"Interdimensional SU"},
			ni{"Adjustable SU"},
			ni{"LESU Controller"},
			ni{"LESU Storage"},
			nid{"Battery Box"},
		list{title = cables,
			nid{"Gold Cable"},
			nid{"HV Cable"},
			ni{"Glass Fiber Cable"},
			nid{"Insulated Copper Cable"},
			nid{"Insulated Gold Cable"},
			nid{"Insulated HV Cable"},
			ni{"LV Transformer"},
			ni{"MV Transformer"},
			nid{"HV Transformer"}
		list{title = utils,
			nid{"Quantum Tank"},
			nid{"Quantum Chest"},
			nid{"Digital Chest"},
			ni{"Iron Alloy Furnace"},
			nid{"Iron Furnace"}
		list{title = ores,
			ni{"Galena Ore"},
			ni{"Iridium Ore"},
			ni{"Ruby Ore"},
			ni{"Sapphire Ore"},
			ni{"Bauxite Ore"},
			ni{"Pyrite Ore"},
			ni{"Cinnabar Ore"},
			ni{"Sphalerite Ore"},
			ni{"Tungsten Ore"},
			ni{"Sheldonite Ore"},
			ni{"Peridot Ore"},
			ni{"Sodalite Ore"},
			ni{"Lead Ore"},
			ni{"Silver Ore"},
			ni{"Copper Ore"},
			ni{"Tin Ore"}
		list{title = storageblocks,
			ni{"Block of Silver"},
			ni{"Block of Aluminium"},
			ni{"Block of Titanium"},
			ni{"Block of Chrome"},
			ni{"Block of Steel"},
			ni{"Block of Brass"},
			ni{"Block of Lead"},
			ni{"Block of Electrum"},
			ni{"Block of Zinc"},
			ni{"Block of Platinum"},
			ni{"Block of Tungsten"},
			ni{"Block of Nickel"},
			ni{"Block of Invar"},
			ni{"Block of Iridium"},
			ni{"Block of Tungstensteel"},
			ni{"Block of Ruby"},
			ni{"Block of Sapphire"},
			ni{"Block of Peridot"},
			ni{"Block of Yellow Garnet"},
			ni{"Block of Red Garnet"},
			ni{"Block of Copper"},
			ni{"Block of Tin"},
			ni{"Block of Refined Iron"}
		list{title = components,
			nid{"Standard Machine Casing"},
			nid{"Reinforced Machine Casing"},
			nid{"Advanced Machine Casing"},
			nid{"Fusion Coil"},
			ni{"Basic Machine Frame"},
			ni{"Advanced Machine Frame"},
			ni{"Highly Advanced Machine Frame"},
			nid{"Iridium Reinforced Tungstensteel Block"},
			nid{"Iridium Reinforced Stone"},
			nid{"Reinforced Glass"}
		list{title = misc,
			nid{"Rubber Wood"},
			ni{"Rubber Wood Planks"},
			ni{"Rubber Leaves"},
			ni{"Rubber Sapling"},
			nid{"Iron Fence"},
	group{name = "items", title = items,
		list{title = poweredtools,
			nid{"Electric Treetap"},
			ni{"Steel Drill"},
			nid{"Diamond Drill"},
			nid{"Advanced Drill"},
			ni{"Steel Chainsaw"},
			ni{"Diamond Chainsaw"},
			nid{"Advanced Chainsaw"},
			ni{"Steel Jackhammer"},
			ni{"Diamond Jackhammer"},
			ni{"Advanced Jackhammer"},
			nid{"Cloaking Device"}
		list{title = misctools,
			nid{"Bronze Sword"},
			nid{"Bronze Pickaxe"},
			nid{"Bronze Shovel"},
			nid{"Bronze Axe"},
			nid{"Bronze Hoe"},
			nid{"Bronze Helmet"},
			nid{"Bronze Chestplate"},
			nid{"Bronze Leggings"},
			nid{"Bronze Boots"},
			nid{"Ruby Sword"},
			nid{"Ruby Pickaxe"},
			nid{"Ruby Shovel"},
			nid{"Ruby Axe"},
			nid{"Ruby Hoe"},
			nid{"Ruby Helmet"},
			nid{"Ruby Chestplate"},
			nid{"Ruby Leggings"},
			nid{"Ruby Boots"},
			nid{"Sapphire Sword"},
			nid{"Sapphire Pickaxe"},
			nid{"Sapphire Shovel"},
			nid{"Sapphire Axe"},
			nid{"Sapphire Hoe"},
			nid{"Sapphire Helmet"},
			nid{"Sapphire Chestplate"},
			nid{"Sapphire Leggings"},
			nid{"Sapphire Boots"},
			nid{"Peridot Sword"},
			nid{"Peridot Pickaxe"},
			nid{"Peridot Shovel"},
			nid{"Peridot Axe"},
			nid{"Peridot Hoe"},
			nid{"Peridot Helmet"},
			nid{"Peridot Chestplate"},
			nid{"Peridot Leggings"},
			nid{"Peridot Boots"},
		list{title = storage,
			ni{"Lithium Batpack"},
			ni{"Lapotronic Orbpack"},
			nid{"Lithium Battery"},
			nid{"Lapotronic Energy Orb"},
			nid{"Energy Crystal"},
			nid{"Lapotron Crystal"},
		list{title = fusionnuclear,
			nid{"60k Helium Coolant Cell"},
			nid{"180k Helium Coolant Cell"},
			nid{"360k Helium Coolant Cell"},
			ni{"60k nak Coolant Cell"},
			ni{"180k nak Coolant Cell"},
			ni{"360k nak Coolant Cell"},
			nid{"Fuel Rod (Thorium)"},
			ni{"Dual Fuel Rod (Thorium)"},
			nid{"Quad Fuel Rod (Thorium)"},
			ni{"Fuel Rod (Plutonium)"},
			ni{"Dual Fuel Rod (Plutonium)"},
			ni{"Quad Fuel Rod (Plutonium)"},
			ni{"Neutron Reflector"},
			nid{"Iridium Neutron Reflector"},
			ni{"Thick Neutron Reflector"},
			nid{"10k Coolant Cell"},
			ni{"30k Coolant Cell"},
			ni{"60k Coolant Cell"}
		list{title = upgrades,
			nid{"Overclocker Upgrade"},
			ni{"Tranformer Upgrade"},
			nid{"Energy Storage Upgrade"},
			nid{"Range Upgrade"},
			nid{"Ejector Upgrade"},
			ni{"Importer Upgrade"}
		list{title = gems,
			ni{"Red Garnet"},
			ni{"Yellow Garnet"}
		list{title = ingots,
			ni{"Aluminium Ingot"},
			ni{"Brass Ingot"},
			ni{"Bronze Ingot"},
			ni{"Chrome Ingot"},
			ni{"Copper Ingot"},
			ni{"Electrum Ingot"},
			ni{"Invar Ingot"},
			ni{"Iridium Ingot"},
			ni{"Lead Ingot"},
			ni{"Nickel Ingot"},
			ni{"Platinum Ingot"},
			ni{"Silver Ingot"},
			ni{"Steel Ingot"},
			ni{"Tin Ingot"},
			ni{"Titanium Ingot"},
			ni{"Tungsten Ingot"},
			ni{"Hot Tungstensteel Ingot"},
			ni{"Tungstensteel Ingot"},
			ni{"Zinc Ingot"},
			ni{"Refined Iron Ingot"},
			ni{"Advanced Alloy Ingot"}
		list{title = plates,
			ni{"Advanced Alloy"},
			ni{"Aluminium Plate"},
			ni{"Brass Plate"},
			ni{"Bronze Plate"},
			nid{"Carbon Plate"},
			ni{"Chrome Plate"},
			ni{"Coal Plate"},
			ni{"Copper Plate"},
			ni{"Diamond Plate"},
			ni{"Electrum Plate"},
			ni{"Emerald Plate"},
			ni{"Gold Plate"},
			ni{"Invar Plate"},
			ni{"Iridium Plate"},
			ni{"Iron Plate"},
			ni{"Lazurite Plate"},
			ni{"Lead Plate"},
			ni{"Nickel Plate"},
			ni{"Obsidian Plate"},
			ni{"Peridot Plate"},
			ni{"Platinum Plate"},
			ni{"Red Garnet Plate"},
			ni{"Redstone Plate"},
			ni{"Refined Iron Plate"},
			ni{"Ruby Plate"},
			ni{"Sapphire Plate"},
			ni{"Silver Plate"},
			ni{"Steel Plate"},
			ni{"Tin Plate"},
			ni{"Titanium Plate"},
			ni{"Tungsten Plate"},
			ni{"Tungstensteel Plate"},
			ni{"Wooden Plate"},
			ni{"Yellow Garnet Plate"},
			ni{"Zinc Plate"}
		list{title = nuggets,
			ni{"Aluminium Nugget"},
			ni{"Brass Nugget"},
			ni{"Bronze Nugget"},
			ni{"Chrome Nugget"},
			ni{"Copper Nugget"},
			ni{"Diamond Nugget"},
			ni{"Electrum Nugget"},
			ni{"Hot Tungstensteel Nugget"},
			ni{"Invar Nugget"},
			ni{"Iridium Nugget"},
			ni{"Iron Nugget"},
			ni{"Lead Nugget"},
			ni{"Nickel Nugget"},
			ni{"Platinum Nugget"},
			ni{"Refined Iron Nugget"},
			ni{"Silver Nugget"},
			ni{"Steel Nugget"},
			ni{"Tin Nugget"},
			ni{"Titanium Nugget"},
			ni{"Tungsten Nugget"},
			ni{"Tungstensteel Nugget"},
			ni{"Zinc Nugget"}
		list{title = dusts,
			ni{"Almandine Dust"},
			ni{"Aluminium Dust"},
			ni{"Andesite Dust"},
			ni{"Andradite Dust"},
			ni{"Basalt Dust"},
			ni{"Bauxite Dust"},
			ni{"Brass Dust"},
			ni{"Bronze Dust"},
			ni{"Calcite Dust"},
			ni{"Charcoal Dust"},
			ni{"Chrome Dust"},
			ni{"Cinnabar Dust"},
			ni{"Clay Dust"},
			ni{"Coal Dust"},
			ni{"Copper Dust"},
			ni{"Dark Ashes"},
			ni{"Diamond Dust"},
			ni{"Diorite Dust"},
			ni{"Electrum Dust"},
			ni{"Emerald Dust"},
			ni{"Ender Eye Dust"},
			ni{"Ender Pearl Dust"},
			ni{"Endstone Dust"},
			ni{"Flint Dust"},
			ni{"Galena Dust"},
			ni{"Gold Dust"},
			ni{"Granite Dust"},
			ni{"Grossular Dust"},
			ni{"Invar Dust"},
			ni{"Iron Dust"},
			ni{"Lazurite Dust"},
			ni{"Lead Dust"},
			ni{"Magnesium Dust"},
			ni{"Manganese Dust"},
			ni{"Marble Dust"},
			ni{"Netherrack Dust"},
			ni{"Nickel Dust"},
			ni{"Obsidian Dust"},
			ni{"Peridot Dust"},
			ni{"Phosphorous Dust"},
			ni{"Platinum Dust"},
			ni{"Pyrite Dust"},
			ni{"Pyrope Dust"},
			ni{"Red Garnet Dust"},
			ni{"Ruby Dust"},
			ni{"Saltpeter Dust"},
			ni{"Sapphire Dust"},
			ni{"Saw Dust"},
			ni{"Silver Dust"},
			ni{"Sodalite Dust"},
			ni{"Spessartine Dust"},
			ni{"Sphalerite Dust"},
			ni{"Steel Dust"},
			ni{"Sulfur Dust"},
			ni{"Tin Dust"},
			ni{"Titanium Dust"},
			ni{"Tungsten Dust"},
			ni{"Uvarovite Dust"},
			ni{"Yellow Garnet Dust"},
			ni{"Zinc Dust"}
		list{title = smalldusts,
			ni{"Small Pile of Almandine Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Aluminium Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Andesite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Andradite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Ashes"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Basalt Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Bauxite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Brass Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Bronze Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Calcite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Charcoal Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Chrome Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Cinnabar Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Clay Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Coal Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Copper Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Dark Ashes"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Diamond Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Diorite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Electrum Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Emerald Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Ender Eye Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Ender Pearl Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Endstone Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Flint Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Galena Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Gold Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Granite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Grossular Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Invar Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Iron Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Lazurite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Lead Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Magnesium Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Manganese Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Marble Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Netherrack Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Nickel Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Obsidian Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Peridot"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Phosphorous Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Platinum Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Pyrite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Pyrope Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Red Garnet Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Redstone"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Ruby Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Saltpeter Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Sapphire Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Saw Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Silver Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Sodalite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Spessartine Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Sphalerite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Steel Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Sulfur Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Tin Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Titanium Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Tungsten Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Uvarovite Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Yellow Garnet Dust"},
			ni{"Small Pile of Zinc Dust"}
		list{title = components,
			nid{"Energy Flow Circuit"},
			nid{"Data Control Circuit"},
			nid{"Data Storage Circuit"},
			nid{"Data Orb"},
			nid{"Diamond Grinding Head"},
			ni{"Diamond Saw Blade"},
			nid{"Tungsten Grinding Head"},
			nid{"Cupronickel Heating Coil"},
			nid{"Nichrome Heating Coil"},
			nid{"Kanthal Heating Coil"},
			nid{"Computer Monitor"},
			nid{"Machine Parts"},
			nid{"Electronic Circuit"},
			ni{"Advanced Electronic Circuit"},
			ni{"Carbon Mesh"},
			ni{"Carbon Fiber"},
			nid{"Mixed Metal Ingot"},
			nid{"Iridium Alloy Ingot"},
		list{title = misc,
			ni{"Tech Manual"},
			nid{"Empty Cell"},
			nid{"Scrap Box"},
			nid{"Frequency Transmitter"},
			ni{"Missing Recipe Placeholder"},
			ni{"Debug Tool"}

return p