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Module:Navbox/Thaumcraft 5

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local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)
local tc5 = l{"Thaumcraft 5", [=[<translate><!--T:74--> Thaumcraft 5</translate>]=]}

local basic = [=[<translate><!--T:75--> Basic Information</translate>]=]
local concepts = [=[<translate><!--T:76--> Concepts</translate>]=]
local research = [=[<translate><!--T:77--> Research</translate>]=]
local ores = [=[<translate><!--T:78--> Ores</translate>]=]
local greatwood = [=[<translate><!--T:79--> Greatwood</translate>]=]
local silverwood = [=[<translate><!--T:80--> Silverwood</translate>]=]
local plants = [=[<translate><!--T:81--> Flori</translate>]=]
local shards = [=[<translate><!--T:82--> Primal Shards</translate>]=]
local taint = [=[<translate><!--T:83--> Taint</translate>]=]
local creative = [=[<translate><!--T:84--> Creative</translate>]=]
local enchantments = [=[<translate><!--T:154--> Enchantments</translate>]=]
local mobs = [=[<translate><!--T:85--> Creatures</translate>]=]
local biomes = [=[<translate><!--T:86--> Biomes</translate>]=]

local thaum = [=[<translate><!--T:87--> Thaumaturgy</translate>]=]
local wands = [=[<translate><!--T:88--> Wands</translate>]=]
local caps = [=[<translate><!--T:89--> Wand Caps</translate>]=]
local rods = [=[<translate><!--T:90--> Wand Rods</translate>]=]
local cores = [=[<translate><!--T:91--> Wand Cores</translate>]=]
local foci = [=[<translate><!--T:92--> Wand Foci</translate>]=]
local aura = [=[<translate><!--T:93--> Aura</translate>]=]

local alc = [=[<translate><!--T:94--> Alchemy</translate>]=]
local devices = [=[<translate><!--T:95--> Devices</translate>]=]
local rawComps = [=[<translate><!--T:96--> Raw Components</translate>]=]
local comps = [=[<translate><!--T:97--> Components</translate>]=]
local thaumtools = [=[<translate><!--T:98--> Thaumium Tools and Armor</translate>]=]

local art = [=[<translate><!--T:99--> Artifice</translate>]=]
local cons = [=[<translate><!--T:100--> Constructs</translate>]=]
local thaumaturge = [=[<translate><!--T:101--> Thaumaturge</translate>]=]
local armortools = [=[<translate><!--T:102--> Armor and Tools</translate>]=]
local baubles = [=[<translate><!--T:103--> Baubles</translate>]=]
local arrows = [=[<translate><!--T:104--> Arrows</translate>]=]

local golem = l{"Golemancy (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:105--> Golemancy</translate>]=]}
local seals = [=[<translate><!--T:106--> Control Seals</translate>]=]

local eldritch = l{"Eldritch (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:107--> The Eldritch</translate>]=]}
local terrain = [=[<translate><!--T:108--> Terrain</translate>]=]
local void = [=[<translate><!--T:109--> Void Metal</translate>]=]
local crimson = [=[<translate><!--T:110--> Crimson Cult</translate>]=]
local treasure = [=[<translate><!--T:111--> Treasure</translate>]=]

local misc = [=[<translate><!--T:112--> Misc</translate>]=]

local addons = [=[<translate><!--T:208--> Addons</translate>]=]

return navbox{title = tc5, mod = "TC5", modname = "Thaumcraft 5",
	group{name = "basic", title = basic,
		list{title = concepts,
			l{"Aura (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:156--> Aura</translate>]=]},
			l{"Aspects (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:157--> Aspects</translate>]=]},
			l{"Champion Mobs (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:158--> Champion Mobs</translate>]=]},
			l{"Commands (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:159--> Commands</translate>]=]},
			l{"Essentia (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:160--> Essentia</translate>]=]},
			l{"Flux (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:161--> Flux</translate>]=]},
			l{"Research (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:162--> Research</translate>]=]},
			l{"Vis (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:163--> Vis</translate>]=]},
			l{"Warp (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:164--> Warp</translate>]=]},
			l{"Wands (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:165--> Wands</translate>]=]}
		list{title = ores,
			nid{"Amber Bearing Stone"},
			nid{"Cinnabar Ore"},
			nid{"Air Crystal"},
			nid{"Fire Crystal"},
			nid{"Earth Crystal"},
			nid{"Water Crystal"},
			nid{"Order Crystal"},
			nid{"Entropy Crystal"}
		list{title = shards,
			nid{"Air Shard"},
			nid{"Fire Shard"},
			nid{"Water Shard"},
			nid{"Earth Shard"},
			nid{"Order Shard"},
			nid{"Entropy Shard"}
		list{title = greatwood,
			nid{"Greatwood Log"},
			nid{"Greatwood Leaves"},
			nid{"Greatwood Planks"},
			nid{"Greatwood Stairs"},
			nid{"Greatwood Slab"},
			nid{"Greatwood Sapling"}
		list{title = silverwood,
			nid{"Silverwood Log"},
			nid{"Silverwood Leaves"},
			nid{"Silverwood Planks"},
			nid{"Silverwood Stairs"},
			nid{"Silverwood Slab"},
			nid{"Silverwood Sapling"}
		list{title = plants,
		list{title = research,
			nid{"Knowledge Fragment"},
			ni{"Research Table"},
			nid{"Scribing Tools"},
		list{title = taint,
			nid{"Crusted Taint"},
			ni{"Degraded Taint Dust"},
			nid{"Fibrous Taint"},
			nid{"Flux Crystal"},
			nid{"Flux Goo"},
			ni{"Swollen Taint"},
			ni{"Taint Geyser"},
			nid{"Taint Tendril"},
			nid{"Tainted Goo"},
			nid{"Taintwood Log"},
			nid{"Tainted Rock"},
			nid{"Tainted Soil"},
			ni{"Spawn Tainted Creeper", "Tainted Creeper (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:168--> Tainted Creeper</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Tainted Pig", "Tainted Pig (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:169--> Tainted Pig</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Tainted Villager", "Tainted Villager (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:170--> Tainted Villager</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Tainted Crawler", "Tainted Crawler (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:171--> Tainted Crawler</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Taintacle", "Taintancle (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:172--> Taintancle</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Tainted Chicken", "Tainted Chicken (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:173--> Tainted Chicken</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Tainted Cow", "Tainted Cow (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:174--> Tainted Cow</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Tainted Rabbit", "Tainted Rabbit", [=[<translate><!--T:175--> Tainted Rabbit</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Thaumic Slime", "Thaumic Slime (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:176--> Thaumic Slime</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Taint Swarm", "Taint Swarm (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:177--> Taint Swarm</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Tainted Sheep", "Tainted Sheep (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:178--> Tainted Sheep</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Giant Taintacle", "Giant Taintacle (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:179--> Giant Taintacle</translate>]=]}
		list{title = enchantments,
			ni{mod="V", "Enchanted Book", "Haste (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:203--> Haste</translate>]=]},
			ni{mod="V", "Enchanted Book", "Repair (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:204--> Repair</translate>]=]}
		list{title = creative,
			ni{"Ancient Autocaster Placer"},
			nid{"Flux Sponge"},
			ni{"Node Placer"},
			ni{"Obelisk Placer"}
		list{title = biomes,
			l{"Eerie biome (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:205--> Eerie biome</translate>]=]},
			l{"Magical Forest (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:206--> Magical Forest</translate>]=]},
			l{"Taint biome", [=[<translate><!--T:207--> Taint biome</translate>]=]}
		list{title = mobs,
			ni{"Spawn Angry Zombie", "Angry Zombie (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:180--> Angry Zombie</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Firebat", "Firebat (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:181--> Firebat</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Furious Zombie", "Furious Zombie (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:182--> Furious Zombie</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Pech Forager", "Pech Forager (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:183--> Pech Forager</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Wisp", "Wisp (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:184--> Wisp</translate>]=]}
		list{title = misc,
			nid{"Amber Block"},
			nid{"Amber Bricks"},
			nid{"Block of Flesh"},
			ni{"Quicksilver Drop"},
			nid{"Zombie Brain"}
	group{name = "thaum", title = thaum,
		list{title = wands,
			nid{"Iron Capped Wooden Wand"},
			nid{"Gold Banded Greatwood Wand"},
			ni{"Thaumium Bossed Silverwood Wand"},
			ni{"Thaumium Bossed Silverwood Scepter"},
			ni{"Void Aspected Primal Staff"}
		list{title = caps,
			nid{"Iron Cap"},
			nid{"Gold Cap"},
			ni{"Brass Cap"},
			nid{"Inert Thaumium Cap"},
			nid{"Charged Thaumium Cap"}
		list{title = rods,
			nid{"Greatwood Rod",},
			nid{"Silverwood Rod"},
			nid{"Obsidian Rod"},
			nid{"Blazing Rod"},
			nid{"Icy Rod"},
			nid{"Quartz Rod"},
			nid{"Bone Rod"},
			nid{"Reed Rod"}
		list{title = cores,
			nid{"Greatwood Staff Core"},
			nid{"Silverwood Staff Core"},
			nid{"Obsidian Staff Core"},
			nid{"Blazing Staff Core"},
			nid{"Icy Staff Core"},
			nid{"Quartz Staff Core"},
			nid{"Bone Staff Core"},
			nid{"Reed Staff Core"}
		list{title = foci,
			nid{"Wand Focus: Shock"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Fire"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Frost"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Excavation"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Equal Trade"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Portable Hole"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Nine Hells"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Pech's Curse"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Vis Shard"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Builder"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Grappler"}
		list{title = aura,
			ni{"Aura Totem of Attraction"},
			ni{"Aura Totem of Dispersal"},
			nid{"Amulet of Vis"},
			ni{"Node Magnet"},
			ni{"Node Stabilizer"},
			ni{"Recharge Pedestal"},
			ni{"Stabilizing Totem Pole"},
			ni{"Totem Pole Inner"},
			ni{"Totem Pole Outer"}
		list{title = misc,
			nid{"Focus Pouch"},
			nid{"Focal Manipulator"}
	group{name = "alc", title = alc,
		list{title = devices,
			nid{"Advanced Alchemical Construct"},
			nid{"Alchemical Construct"},
			ni{"Auxiliary Slurry Pump"},
			ni{"Auxiliary Venting Port"},
			nid{"Arcane Alembic"},
			nid{"Arcane Bellows"},
			nid{"Arcane Spa"},
			nid{"Directional Essentia Tube"},
			ni{"Emptying Essentia Transfuser"},
			nid{"Essentia Buffer"},
			ni{"Essentia Centrifuge"},
			nid{"Essentia Crystallizer"},
			nid{"Essentia Smeltery"},
			nid{"Essentia Tube"},
			nid{"Essentia Resonator"},
			nid{"Essentia Valve"},
			nid{"Everfull Urn"},
			nid{"Filling Essentia Transfuser"},
			nid{"Filtered Essentia Tube"},
			nid{"Mnemonic Matrix"},
			nid{"Restricted Essentia Tube"},
			ni{"White Tallow Candle", "Tallow Candle (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:185--> Tallow Candle</translate>]=]},
			nid{"Thaumium Essentia Smeltery"},
			nid{"Void Jar"},
			nid{"Void Metal Essentia Smeltery"},
			nid{"Warded Jar"}
		list{title = rawComps,
			nid{"Balanced Shard"},
			ni{"Bucket of Liquid Death", "Liquid Death (Thaumcraft 6)", [=[<translate><!--T:186--> Liquid Death</translate>]=]},
			nid{"Ethereal Bloom"},
			nid{"Magic Tallow"},
			ni{"Native Iron Cluster", "Native Cluster (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:187--> Native Cluster</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Tainted Shard"},
			ni{"Yellow Nitor", "Nitor (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:188--> Nitor</translate>]=]}
		list{title = comps,
			nid{"Alchemical Brass Ingot"},
			nid{"Bottle of Taint"},
			nid{"Brass Block"},
			nid{"Brass Gear"},
			nid{"Brass Lid Brace"},
			nid{"Brass Plate"},
			nid{"Crystallized Essence"},
			nid{"Essentia Filter"},
			nid{"Glass Phial"},
			nid{"Morphic Resonator"},
			nid{"Phial of Essentia"},
			nid{"Purifying Bath Salts"},
			ni{"Bucket of Purifying Fluid", "Purifying Fluid (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:189--> Purifying Fluid</translate>]=]},
			nid{"Salis Mundus"},
			nid{"Sanitizing Soap"},
			nid{"Thaumium Block"},
			nid{"Thaumium Gear"},
			nid{"Thaumium Ingot"},
			nid{"Thaumium Plate"},
			ni{"Wispy Essence"}
		list{title = thaumtools,
			nid{"Thaumium Axe"},
			nid{"Thaumium Sword"},
			nid{"Thaumium Shovel"},
			nid{"Thaumium Pickaxe"},
			nid{"Thaumium Hoe"},
			nid{"Thaumium Helm"},
			nid{"Thaumium Chestplate"},
			nid{"Thaumium Leggings"},
			nid{"Thaumium Boots"}
		list{title = misc,
			nid{"Beef Nugget"},
			ni{"Blank Label"},
			nid{"Chicken Nugget"},
			ni{"Fish Nugget"},
			ni{"Mutton Nugget"},
			nid{"Pork Nugget"},
			ni{"Rabbit Nugget"}
	group{name = "art", title = art,
		list{title = devices,
			nid{"Ancient Pedestal"},
			nid{"Arcane Bellows"},
			nid{"Arcane Ear"},
			nid{"Arcane Lamp"},
			nid{"Arcane Levitator"},
			nid{"Arcane Pattern Crafter"},
			nid{"Arcane Pedestal"},
			nid{"Arcane Workbench"},
			nid{"Barrier Stone"},
			nid{"Brain in a Jar"},
			nid{"Eldritch Pedestal"},
			l{"Infusion Altar (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:166--> Infusion Altar</translate>]=]},
			l{"Infernal Furnace", [=[<translate><!--T:167--> Infernal Furnace</translate>]=]},
			nid{"Lamp of Fertility"},
			nid{"Lamp of Growth"},
			nid{"Paving Stone of Travel"},
			nid{"Redstone Relay"},
			nid{"Runic Matrix"},
			nid{"Stone Table"},
			nid{"Thaumic Dioptra"},
			nid{"Thaumostatic Harness"},
			nid{"Wood Table"}
		list{title = cons,
			nid{"Arcane Brick Stairs"},
			nid{"Arcane Brick Slab"},
			nid{"Arcane Stone"},
			nid{"Arcane Stone Brick"},
			nid{"Arcane Stone Slab"},
			nid{"Arcane Stone Stairs"},
			nid{"Infusion Cost Stone"},
			nid{"Infusion Speed Stone"}
		list{title = armortools,
			nid{"Boots of the Traveller"},
			nid{"Bow of Bone"},
			nid{"Essentia Mirror"},
			nid{"Goggles of Revealing"},
			nid{"Magic Hand Mirror"},
			nid{"Magic Mirror"},
			nid{"Axe of the Stream"},
			nid{"Hoe of Growth"},
			nid{"Pickaxe of the Core"},
			nid{"Shovel of the Earthmover"},
			nid{"Sword of the Zephyr"},
			nid{"Thaumium Fortress Helm"},
			nid{"Thaumium Fortress Cuirass"},
			nid{"Thaumium Fortress Thigh Guards"}
		list{title = baubles,
			nid{"Fancy Amulet"},
			nid{"Fancy Belt"},
			nid{"Fancy Ring"},
			nid{"Mundane Amulet"},
			nid{"Mundane Belt"},
			nid{"Mundane Ring"},
			ni{"Apprentices Ring of Aer"},
			ni{"Apprentices Ring of Terra"},
			ni{"Apprentices Ring of Ignis"},
			ni{"Apprentices Ring of Aqua"},
			ni{"Apprentices Ring of Ordo"},
			ni{"Apprentices Ring of Perditio"},
			nid{"Amulet of Runic Shielding"},
			nid{"Amulet of Emergency Shielding"},
			nid{"Girdle of Runic Shielding"},
			ni{"Kinetic Girdle of Shielding"},
			nid{"Ring of Protection"},
			nid{"Ring of Runic Shielding"},
			ni{"Charged Ring of Shielding"},
			ni{"Revitalizing Ring of Shielding"},
			ni{"Verdant Heart Band"},
			nid{"Vis Stone"},
			nid{"Thaumostatic Girdle"}
		list{title = thaumaturge,
			nid{"Thaumaturge's Robe"},
			nid{"Thaumaturge's Leggings"},
			nid{"Thaumaturge's Boots"}
		list{title = arrows,
			nid{"Air Arrow"},
			nid{"Fire Arrow"},
			nid{"Earth Arrow"},
			nid{"Water Arrow"},
			nid{"Order Arrow"},
			nid{"Entropy Arrow"}
		list{title = comps,
			nid{"Enchanted Fabric"},
			nid{"Primal Charm"},
			nid{"Mirrored Glass"}
		list{title = misc,
			ni{"White Banner", "Banner (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:190--> Banner</translate>]=]}
	group{name = "golem", title = golem,
		list{title = devices,
			nid{"Advanced Automated Crossbow"},
			nid{"Arcane Bore"},
			nid{"Arcane Bore Base"},
			nid{"Automated Crossbow"},
			l{"Golem Press (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:191--> Golem Press</translate>]=]},
			nid{"Hungry Chest"}
		list{title = seals,
			nid{"Control Seal: Butcher"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Block Breaker"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Collect"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Empty"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Guard"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Harvest"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Lumberjack"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Provide"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Store"},
			nid{"Control Seal: Use"}
		list{title = comps,
			nid{"Biothaumic Mind"},
			nid{"Clockwork Mind"},
			nid{"Iron Plate"},
			nid{"Vision Module"}
		list{title = misc,
			nid{"Blank Seal"},
			nid{"Golemancer's Bell"}
	group{name = "eldritch", title = eldritch,
		list{title = terrain,
			nid{"Ambient Grass Block"},
			ni{"Ancient Doorway"},
			nid{"Ancient Rock"},
			nid{"Ancient Stone"},
			nid{"Ancient Stone Slab"},
			nid{"Common Crate"},
			nid{"Common Urn"},
			nid{"Crimson Cult Banner"},
			nid{"Crusted Stone"},
			nid{"Eldritch Stone"},
			nid{"Glowing Crusted Stone"},
			nid{"Glyphed Stone"},
			nid{"Porous Stone"},
			nid{"Rare Crate"},
			nid{"Rare Urn"},
			ni{"Starry Void"},
			nid{"Uncommon Crate"},
			nid{"Uncommon Urn"}
		list{title = void,
			ni{"Charged Void Metal Cap"},
			ni{"Inert Void Metal Cap"},
			nid{"Void Axe"},
			nid{"Void Sword"},
			nid{"Void Shovel"},
			nid{"Void Pickaxe"},
			nid{"Void Hoe"},
			nid{"Void Helm"},
			nid{"Void Chestplate"},
			nid{"Void Leggings"},
			nid{"Void Boots"},
			nid{"Void Metal Block"},
			nid{"Void Metal Gear"},
			nid{"Void Metal Ingot"},
			nid{"Void Metal Plate"},
			nid{"Void Thaumaturge Hood"},
			nid{"Void Thaumaturge Robe"},
			nid{"Void Thaumaturge Leggings"},
			nid{"Void Seed"}
		list{title = crimson,
			ni{"Spawn Crimson Cleric", "Crimson Cleric (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:192--> Crimson Cleric</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Crimson Knight", "Crimson Knight (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:193--> Crimson Knight</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Crimson Praetor", "Crimson Praetor", [=[<translate><!--T:194--> Crimson Praetor</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Eldritch Construct", "Eldritch Construct", [=[<translate><!--T:195--> Eldritch Construct</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Eldritch Crab", "Eldritch Crab (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:196--> Eldritch Crab</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Eldritch Guardian", "Eldritch Guardian (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:197--> Eldritch Guardian</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Eldritch Warden", "Eldritch Warden", [=[<translate><!--T:198--> Eldritch Warden</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Greater Crimson Portal", "Greater Crimson Portal", [=[<translate><!--T:199--> Greater Crimson Portal</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Lesser Crimson Portal", "Lesser Crimson Portal", [=[<translate><!--T:200--> Lesser Crimson Portal</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Mind Spider", "Mind Spider (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:201--> Mind Spider</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Shambling Husk", "Shambling Husk (Thaumcraft 5)", [=[<translate><!--T:202--> Shambling Husk</translate>]=]},
			nid{"Crimson Cult Helm"},
			nid{"Crimson Cult Chestplate"},
			nid{"Crimson Cult Greaves"},
			nid{"Crimson Cult Boots"},
			nid{"Crimson Cult Hood"},
			nid{"Crimson Cult Robe"},
			nid{"Crimson Cult Leggings"},
			nid{"Crimson Praetor Helm"},
			nid{"Crimson Praetor Chestplate"},
			nid{"Crimson Praetor Greaves"}
		list{title = treasure,
			nid{"Common Treasure"},
			nid{"Uncommon Treasure"},
			nid{"Rare Treasure"}
		list{title = misc,
			nid{"Crimson Blade"},
			nid{"Crimson Rites"},
			nid{"Eldritch Eye"},
			nid{"Sanity Checker"},
			nid{"Sinister Lodestone"},
			nid{"Staff Core of the Primal"},
			nid{"Primal Crusher"},
			nid{"Primordial Pearl"},
			nid{"Wand Focus: Primal"}
	group{name = "addons", title = addons,
			l{"Automagy", [=[<translate><!--T:209--> Automagy</translate>]=]},
			l{"Schools of Magic", [=[<translate><!--T:210--> Schools of Magic</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumaturgical Knowledge", [=[<translate><!--T:211--> Thaumaturgical Knowledge</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumic Bases", [=[<translate><!--T:212--> Thaumic Bases</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumic Equivalence", [=[<translate><!--T:213--> Thaumic Equivalence</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumic Infusion", [=[<translate><!--T:214--> Thaumic Infusion</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumic Mechworks", [=[<translate><!--T:215--> Thaumic Mechworks</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumic Palmistry", [=[<translate><!--T:216--> Thaumic Palmistry</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumic Potatoes", [=[<translate><!--T:217--> Thaumic Potatoes</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumcraft Research Helper", [=[<translate><!--T:218--> Thaumcraft Research Helper</translate>]=]},
			l{"ThaumicStorage", [=[<translate><!--T:219--> ThaumicStorage</translate>]=]},
			l{"Thaumic Tinkerer", [=[<translate><!--T:220--> Thaumic Tinkerer</translate>]=]}

return p