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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Navbox/The Mists of RioV/doc

local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local tMoR = l{"The Mists of RioV", [=[<translate><!--T:1--> The Mists of RioV</translate>]=]}

local blocks = [=[<translate><!--T:2--> Blocks</translate>]=]
local ores = [=[<translate><!--T:3--> Ores</translate>]=]
local sBlocks = [=[<translate><!--T:4--> Storage Blocks</translate>]=]
local sBricks = [=[<translate><!--T:5--> Storage Bricks</translate>]=]
local fGlass = [=[<translate><!--T:6--> Fancy Glass</translate>]=]
local wood = [=[<translate><!--T:7--> Wood</translate>]=]
local planks = [=[<translate><!--T:8--> Wood Planks</translate>]=]
local trapDs = [=[<translate><!--T:9--> Trapdoors</translate>]=]
local fences = [=[<translate><!--T:10--> Fences</translate>]=]
local cTables = [=[<translate><!--T:11--> Crafting Tables</translate>]=]
local doors = [=[<translate><!--T:12--> Doors</translate>]=]
local ladders = [=[<translate><!--T:161--> Ladders</translate>]=]
local saps = [=[<translate><!--T:13--> Saplings</translate>]=]
local leaves = [=[<translate><!--T:14--> Leaves</translate>]=]
local bushes = [=[<translate><!--T:15--> Bushes</translate>]=]
local oTerrain = [=[<translate><!--T:16--> Other Terrain</translate>]=]
local devices = [=[<translate><!--T:17--> Devices</translate>]=]
local misc = [=[<translate><!--T:18--> Misc</translate>]=]

local items = [=[<translate><!--T:19--> Items</translate>]=]
local materials = [=[<translate><!--T:20--> Materials</translate>]=]
local sAA = [=[<translate><!--T:21--> Summoners<br />and Actiravtors</translate>]=]
local food = [=[<translate><!--T:22--> Food</translate>]=]
local enchants = [=[<translate><!--T:23--> Enchantments</translate>]=]
local pots = [=[<translate><!--T:24--> Potions</translate>]=]
-- Misc already defined, on line #23

local tools = [=[<translate><!--T:25--> Tools and Weapons</translate>]=]
local armor = [=[<translate><!--T:26--> Armor</translate>]=]
-- material names below: tools and armor share them
local mShadownite = [=[<translate><!--T:27--> Shadownite</translate>]=]
local mAleris = [=[<translate><!--T:28--> Aleris</translate>]=]
local mVrav = [=[<translate><!--T:29--> Vravinite</translate>]=]
local mAmey = [=[<translate><!--T:30--> Amethyst</translate>]=]
local mOnyx = [=[<translate><!--T:31--> Onyx</translate>]=]
local mDrag = [=[<translate><!--T:32--> Dragon</translate>]=]
local mTi = [=[<translate><!--T:33--> Ti'Tun</translate>]=]
local mAu = [=[<translate><!--T:34--> Aun'Tun</translate>]=]
local mPaladin = [=[<translate><!--T:35--> Paladin</translate>]=]
local mFlame = [=[<translate><!--T:36--> Flame</translate>]=]
local mSanct = [=[<translate><!--T:37--> Sanctuary Stone</translate>]=]
local mTef = [=[<translate><!--T:38--> Tef</translate>]=]
local mMythril = [=[<translate><!--T:39--> Mythril</translate>]=]
local mMagCloth = [=[<translate><!--T:40--> Magical Cloth</translate>]=]
local mErm = [=[<translate><!--T:41--> Ermyst</translate>]=]
local mOni = [=[<translate><!--T:42--> Oni</translate>]=]
local mFrav = [=[<translate><!--T:43--> Frav</translate>]=]
local mUnix = [=[<translate><!--T:44--> Unix</translate>]=]
local mTrivu = [=[<translate><!--T:45--> Trivu</translate>]=]
local mFrev = [=[<translate><!--T:46--> Frevinite</translate>]=]
local mRedur = [=[<translate><!--T:47--> Redur</translate>]=]
local mOlite = [=[<translate><!--T:48--> Olite</translate>]=]
local mVrutri = [=[<translate><!--T:49--> Vrutri</translate>]=]
local mShadow = [=[<translate><!--T:50--> Shadow</translate>]=] -- NOT the same as Shadownite
local mTritter = [=[<translate><!--T:51--> Tritter</translate>]=]
local mBrun = [=[<translate><!--T:52--> Brunim</translate>]=]
local mRedtri = [=[<translate><!--T:53--> Redtri</translate>]=]
local mAncient = [=[<translate><!--T:54--> Ancient</translate>]=]
local mZar = [=[<translate><!--T:55--> Zarite</translate>]=]
local mTrinute = [=[<translate><!--T:56--> Trinute</translate>]=]
local mSky = [=[<translate><!--T:57--> Skywood</translate>]=]
local mBlood = [=[<translate><!--T:58--> Blood</translate>]=]
local mCherry = [=[<translate><!--T:59--> Cherry Blossom</translate>]=]
local mGlim = [=[<translate><!--T:60--> Glimmerwood</translate>]=]
local mNBlood = [=[<translate><!--T:61--> Bloodwood</translate>]=] -- NOT the same as Blood
local mNDark = [=[<translate><!--T:62--> Darkwood</translate>]=]
local mNFuse = [=[<translate><!--T:63--> Fusewood</translate>]=]
local mNQuartz = [=[<translate><!--T:64--> Nether Quartz</translate>]=]

local wands = [=[<translate><!--T:65--> Wands</translate>]=]

local mobs = [=[<translate><!--T:66--> Mobs</translate>]=]

local passive = [=[<translate><!--T:67--> Passive</translate>]=]
local neutral = [=[<translate><!--T:68--> Neutral</translate>]=]
local aggresive = [=[<translate><!--T:69--> Aggresive</translate>]=]

local dims = [=[<translate><!--T:70--> Dimensions</translate>]=]

return navbox{title = tMoR, mod = "TMOR", modname = "The Mists of RioV",
    group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
        list{title = ores,
            ni{"Jaavik Ore"},
            ni{"Aleris Ore"},
            ni{"Drakiuz Ore"},
            ni{"Vravinite Ore"},
            ni{"Blindonite Ore"},
            ni{"Amethyst Ore"},
            ni{"Onyx Ore"},
            ni{"Nironite Ore"},
            ni{"Dragon Ore"},
            ni{"Nether Crystal Ore"},
            ni{"Shadow Ore"},
            ni{"Ermyst Ore"},
            ni{"Tritter Ore"},
            ni{"Brunim Ore"},
            ni{"Redtri Ore"},
            ni{"Frevinite Ore"},
            ni{"Redur Ore"},
            ni{"Olite Ore"},
            ni{"Vrutri Ore"},
            ni{"Soul Ore"},
            ni{"Oni Ore"},
            ni{"Frav Ore"},
            ni{"Unix Ore"},
            ni{"Trivu Ore"},
            ni{"Drak Glowium"},
            ni{"RioV Glowium"},
            ni{"Griv Glowium"}
        list{title = sBlocks,
            ni{"Black Quartz Block"},
            ni{"Drakiuz Block"},
            ni{"Vravinite Block"},
            ni{"Aleris Block"},
            ni{"Jaavik Block"},
            ni{"Blindonite Block"},
            ni{"Onyx Block"},
            nid{"Amethyst Block"},
            ni{"Nironite Block"},
            ni{"Dragon Block"},
            ni{"Shadow Block"},
            ni{"Ermyst Block"},
            ni{"Tritter Block"},
            ni{"Brunim Block"},
            ni{"Redtri Block"},
            ni{"Olite Block"},
            ni{"Vrutri Block"},
            ni{"Oni Block"},
            ni{"Frav Block"},
            ni{"Unix Block"},
            ni{"Trivu Block"}
        list{title = sBricks,
            ni{"Amethyst Bricks"},
            nid{"Onyx Bricks"},
            ni{"Blindonite Bricks"},
            nid{"Dragon Bricks"},
            ni{"Vravinite Bricks"},
            ni{"Aleris Bricks"},
            ni{"Jaavik Bricks"},
            ni{"Nironite Bricks"},
            ni{"Drakiuz Bricks"},
            ni{"Slate Bricks"},
            ni{"Cracked Slate Bricks"}
        list{title = fGlass,
            ni{"A Field of Colorful Flowers"},
            ni{"A Relaxing Melody"},
            ni{"A Sunshine from a Thousand Suns"},
            ni{"Dark Gothic Shades"}
        list{title = wood,
            nid{"Blood Wood"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Wood"},
            ni{"Cer Log"},
            ni{"Drak Log"},
            ni{"Sky Log"},
            ni{"Trivu Log"}
        list{title = planks,
            ni{"Skywood Planks"},
            ni{"Blood Planks"},
            ni{"Cherry Planks"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Planks"},
            ni{"Cer Planks"},
            ni{"Drak Planks"},
            ni{"Sky Planks"},
            ni{"Trivu Planks"}
        list{title = trapDs,
            ni{"Skywood Trapdoor"},
            ni{"Blood Trapdoor"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Trapdoor"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Trapdoor"}
        list{title = fences,
            ni{"Skywood Fence"},
            ni{"Blood Fence"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Fence"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Fence"},
            ni{"Skywood Fence Gate"},
            ni{"Blood Fence Gate"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Fence Gate"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Fence Gate"}
        list{title = cTables,
            ni{"Skywood Crafting Table"},
            ni{"Blood Crafting Table"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Crafting Table"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Crafting Table"}
        list{title = doors,
            ni{"Skywood Door"},
            ni{"Blood Door"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Door"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Door"}
        list{title = ladders,
            ni{"Skywood Ladder"},
            ni{"Blood Ladder"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Ladder"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Ladder"}
        list{title = saps,
            ni{"Skywood Sapling"},
            nid{"Blood Sapling"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Sapling"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Sapling"},
            ni{"Cer Sapling"},
            ni{"Drak Sapling"},
            ni{"Sky Sapling"},
            ni{"Trivu Sapling"},
            ni{"Vri Sapling"}
        list{title = leaves,
            ni{"Pale Leaves"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Leaves"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Leaves"},
            ni{"Cer Leaves"},
            ni{"Drak Leaves"},
            ni{"Sky Leaves"},
            ni{"Trivu Leaves"},
            ni{"Vri Leaves"}
        list{title = bushes,
            ni{"Fireberry Bush"},
            ni{"Fire Bush"},
            ni{"Bloodberry Bush"},
            ni{"Sanctuatite Bush"},
            ni{"Sanctuatite Berry Bush"},
            ni{"Glimmer Bush"},
            ni{"Glimmerberry Bush"},
            ni{"Pale bush"},
            nid{"Blueberry Bush"},
            nid{"Raspberry Bush"},
            nid{"Blackberry Bush"},
            ni{"Strawberry Bush"},
            ni{"Griv Bush"},
            ni{"Shadow Bush"},
            ni{"Tritter Bush"},
            ni{"Brunim Bush"},
            ni{"Redtri Bush"},
            ni{"Drak Bush"},
            ni{"Frevinite Bush"},
            ni{"Redur Bush"},
            ni{"Olite Bush"},
            ni{"Vrutri Bush"},
            ni{"RioV Bush"},
            ni{"Ermyst Bush"},
            ni{"Trivu Bush"},
            ni{"Cer Bush"},
            ni{"Sky Bush"}
        list{title = oTerrain,
            ni{"Sanctuatite Stone"},
            ni{"Sanctuatite Grass"},
            ni{"Sanctuatite Dirt"},
            ni{"Slate Cobblestone"},
            ni{"Flamonor Stone"},
            ni{"Blood Grass"},
            ni{"Blood Dirt"},
            ni{"Glimmer Stone"},
            ni{"Glimmer Grass"},
            ni{"Glimmer Dirt"},
            ni{"Black Stone"},
            nid{"End Stone"},
            ni{"Blood Stone"},
            ni{"Steaming Blood Deposit"},
            ni{"Sky Cloud"},
            ni{"Drak Grass"},
            ni{"Drak Dirt"},
            ni{"Drak Stone"},
            ni{"Cobble Drak Stone"},
            ni{"RioV Grass"},
            ni{"RioV Dirt"},
            nid{"Sky Stone"},
            ni{"Cobble Sky Stone"},
            ni{"Mini Boss Spawner"},
        list{title = devices,
        list{title = misc,
            ni{"Jaerin Flag"},
            ni{"Raetiin Flag"},
            ni{"No Faction Flag"},
            ni{"Griv Light"},
            ni{"Drak Light"},
            ni{"RioV Light"},
            ni{"White Planks", "Colored Planks (The Mists of RioV)", [=[<translate><!--T:164--> Colored Planks</translate>]=]}
    group{name = "items", title = items,
        list{title = materials,
            ni{"Shadownite Ingot"},
            ni{"Altru Crystal"},
            ni{"Wood Elf King Crystal"},
            ni{"Altru Soul"},
            ni{"Elf Crystal"},
            ni{"Tef Crystal"},
            ni{"Purple Feather"},
            ni{"Cloth of Magic"},
            ni{"The Darkness Crystal"},
            ni{"Black Bone"},
            ni{"Slate Fragment"},
            ni{"Terron Crystal"},
            ni{"Base Crystal"},
            nid{"Dark Matter"},
            ni{"Mythril Ingot"},
            ni{"Burned Quartz"},
            nid{"Ingot of Flame"},
            ni{"Bonyium Ingot"},
            ni{"Skywood Stick"},
            ni{"Blood Stick"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Stick"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Stick"},
            ni{"Dracianite Gem"},
            ni{"Enhancer Gem"},
            ni{"The Corrupted"},
            ni{"Corrupted Shard"},
            ni{"Trivu Stick"}
        list{title = sAA,
            ni{"Ti'Tun Summoner"},
            ni{"Aun'Tun Summoner"},
            ni{"Sanctuatite Activator"},
            ni{"Flamonor Activator"},
            ni{"Vaeryn Activator"},
            ni{"Blind Oasis Activator"},
            ni{"Dracianite Summoner"},
            ni{"Inferno Summoner"},
            ni{"RioV Activator"},
            ni{"Drak Activator"},
            ni{"Griv Activator"}
        list{title = food,
            nid{"Chocolate Cake"},
            ni{"Sanctuatite Berry"},
            ni{"Blood Berry"},
            ni{"Blue Apple"},
            ni{"Pepper Spices"},
            ni{"Wine Glass"},
            ni{"Spiced Wine"},
            ni{"Green Apple"},
            ni{"Horse Meat"},
            ni{"Cooked Horse Meat"},
            ni{"Shadow Berry"},
            ni{"Tritter Berry"},
            ni{"Brunim Berry"},
            ni{"Redtri Berry"},
            ni{"Frevinite Berry"},
            ni{"Redur Berry"},
            ni{"Olite Berry"},
            ni{"Vrutri Berry"},
            ni{"Ermyst Berry"},
            ni{"Trivu Berry"},
            ni{"Cer Berry"},
            ni{"Sky Berry"}
        list{title = enchants,
            l{"Kanuutu", [=[<translate><!--T:165--> Kanuutu</translate>]=]},
            l{"Frost", [=[<translate><!--T:166--> Frost</translate>]=]},
            l{"Venom", [=[<translate><!--T:167--> Venom</translate>]=]},
            l{"Confusion", [=[<translate><!--T:168--> Confusion</translate>]=]},
            l{"Vicious", [=[<translate><!--T:169--> Vicious</translate>]=]},
            l{"Hatred", [=[<translate><!--T:170--> Hatred</translate>]=]},
            l{"Sprink", [=[<translate><!--T:171--> Sprink</translate>]=]}
        list{title = pots,
            ni{"Eosnite Potion"},
            ni{"Athnic Potion"}
        list{title = misc,
            ni{"The Mists of RioV Guide"}
    group{name = "tools", title = tools,
        list{title = mShadownite,
            ni{"Shadownite Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Shadownite Axe"},
            ni{"Shadownite Shovel"},
            ni{"Shadownite Sword"},
            ni{"Shadownite Wand"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Sword"}
        list{title = mAleris,
            ni{"Aleris Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Aleris Axe"},
            ni{"Aleris Shovel"},
            ni{"Aleris Sword"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Sword"}
        list{title = mVrav,
            ni{"Vravinite Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Vravinite Axe"},
            ni{"Vravinite Shovel"},
            ni{"Vravinite Sword"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Sword"},
            ni{"Vravinite Bow"},
            ni{"Vravinite Arrow"}
        list{title = mAmey,
            ni{"Amethyst Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Amethyst Axe"},
            ni{"Amethyst Shovel"},
            ni{"Amethyst Sword"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Sword"}
        list{title = mOnyx,
            ni{"Onyx Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Onyx Axe"},
            ni{"Onyx Shovel"},
            ni{"Onyx Sword"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Sword"}
        list{title = mDrag,
            ni{"Dragon Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Dragon Axe"},
            ni{"Dragon Shovel"},
            ni{"Dragon Sword"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Sword"}
        list{title = mAu,
            ni{"Axe of Aun'Tun"},
            ni{"Unfused Axe of Aun'Tun"},
            ni{"Half Infused Axe of Aun'Tun"},
            ni{"Ultra Axe of Aun'Tun"}
        list{title = mSanct,
            ni{"Sanctuary Stone Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Sanctuary Stone Axe"},
            ni{"Sanctuary Stone Shovel"},
            ni{"Sanctuary Stone Sword"}
        list{title = mErm,
            ni{"Ermyst Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Ermyst Sword"},
            ni{"Ermyst Axe"},
            ni{"Ermyst Shovel"},
            ni{"Ermyst Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Ermyst Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Ermyst Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Ermyst Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Ermyst Hoe"},
            ni{"Ermyst Rifle"}
        list{title = mOni,
            ni{"Oni Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Oni Sword"},
            ni{"Oni Axe"},
            ni{"Oni Shovel"},
            ni{"Oni Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Oni Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Oni Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Oni Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Oni Hoe"},
            ni{"Oni Rifle"}
        list{title = mFrav,
            ni{"Frav Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Frav Sword"},
            ni{"Frav Axe"},
            ni{"Frav Shovel"},
            ni{"Frav Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Frav Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Frav Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Frav Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Frav Hoe"},
            ni{"Frav Rifle"}
        list{title = mUnix,
            ni{"Unix Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Unix Sword"},
            ni{"Unix Axe"},
            ni{"Unix Shovel"},
            ni{"Unix Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Unix Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Unix Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Unix Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Unix Hoe"},
            ni{"Unix Rifle"}
        list{title = mTrivu,
            ni{"Trivu Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Trivu Sword"},
            ni{"Trivu Axe"},
            ni{"Trivu Shovel"},
            ni{"Trivu Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Trivu Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Trivu Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Trivu Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Trivu Hoe"},
            ni{"Trivu Rifle"}
        list{title = mFrev,
            ni{"Frevinite Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Frevinite Sword"},
            ni{"Frevinite Axe"},
            ni{"Frevinite Shovel"},
            ni{"Frevinite Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Frevinite Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Frevinite Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Frevinite Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Frevinite Hoe"},
            ni{"Frevinite Rifle"}
        list{title = mRedur,
            ni{"Redur Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Redur Sword"},
            ni{"Redur Axe"},
            ni{"Redur Shovel"},
            ni{"Redur Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Redur Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Redur Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Redur Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Redur Hoe"},
            ni{"Redur Rifle"}
        list{title = mOlite,
            ni{"Olite Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Olite Sword"},
            ni{"Olite Axe"},
            ni{"Olite Shovel"},
            ni{"Olite Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Olite Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Olite Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Olite Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Olite Hoe"},
            ni{"Olite Rifle"}
        list{title = mVrutri,
            ni{"Vrutri Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Vrutri Sword"},
            ni{"Vrutri Axe"},
            ni{"Vrutri Shovel"},
            ni{"Vrutri Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Vrutri Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Vrutri Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Vrutri Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Vrutri Hoe"},
            ni{"Vrutri Rifle"}
        list{title = mShadow,
            ni{"Shadow Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Shadow Sword"},
            ni{"Shadow Axe"},
            ni{"Shadow Shovel"},
            ni{"Shadow Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Shadow Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Shadow Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Shadow Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Shadow Hoe"},
            ni{"Shadow Rifle"}
        list{title = mTritter,
            ni{"Tritter Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Tritter Sword"},
            ni{"Tritter Axe"},
            ni{"Tritter Shovel"},
            ni{"Tritter Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Tritter Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Tritter Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Tritter Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Tritter Hoe"},
            ni{"Tritter Rifle"}
        list{title = mBrun,
            ni{"Brunim Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Brunim Sword"},
            ni{"Brunim Axe"},
            ni{"Brunim Shovel"},
            ni{"Brunim Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Brunim Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Brunim Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Brunim Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Brunim Hoe"},
            ni{"Brunim Rifle"}
        list{title = mRedtri,
            ni{"Redtri Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Redtri Sword"},
            ni{"Redtri Axe"},
            ni{"Redtri Shovel"},
            ni{"Redtri Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Redtri Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Redtri Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Redtri Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Redtri Hoe"},
            ni{"Redtri Rifle"}
        list{title = mAncient,
            ni{"Ancient Sword"},
            ni{"Ancient Rifle"}
        list{title = mZar,
            ni{"Zarite Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Zarite Sword"},
            ni{"Zarite Axe"},
            ni{"Zarite Shovel"},
            ni{"Zarite Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Zarite Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Zarite Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Zarite Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Zarite Rifle"}
        list{title = mTrinute,
            ni{"Trinute Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Trinute Sword"},
            ni{"Trinute Axe"},
            ni{"Trinute Shovel"},
            ni{"Trinute Pickaxe Tier II"},
            ni{"Trinute Sword Tier II"},
            ni{"Trinute Axe Tier II"},
            ni{"Trinute Shovel Tier II"},
            ni{"Trinute Rifle"}
        list{title = mSky,
            ni{"Skywood Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Skywood Axe"},
            ni{"Skywood Shovel"},
            ni{"Skywood Sword"}
        list{title = mBlood,
            ni{"Blood Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Blood Axe"},
            ni{"Blood Shovel"},
            ni{"Blood Sword"}
        list{title = mCherry,
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Axe"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Shovel"},
            ni{"Cherry Blossom Sword"}
        list{title = mGlim,
            ni{"Glimmerwood Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Axe"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Shovel"},
            ni{"Glimmerwood Sword"}
        list{title = mNBlood,
            ni{"Infused Bloodwood Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Bloodwood Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Bloodwood Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Bloodwood Sword"}
        list{title = mNDark,
            ni{"Infused Darkwood Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Darkwood Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Darkwood Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Darkwood Sword"}
        list{title = mNFuse,
            ni{"Infused Fusewood Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Fusewood Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Fusewood Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Fusewood Sword"}
        list{title = mNQuartz,
            ni{"Infused Nether Quartz Pickaxe"},
            ni{"Infused Nether Quartz Axe"},
            ni{"Infused Nether Quartz Shovel"},
            ni{"Infused Nether Quartz Sword"}
        list{title = wands,
            ni{"Gravi Wand"},
            ni{"Fireball Wand"},
            ni{"Shadow Wand"},
            ni{"Gravity Wand"},
            ni{"Replacu Wand"},
            ni{"Harming Wand"},
            ni{"Kill Wand"},
            ni{"Fatigue Wand"},
            ni{"Fire Wand"},
            ni{"Directi Wand"},
            ni{"Frost Wand"},
            ni{"Confusion Wand"},
            ni{"Withrin Wand"},
            ni{"Hungru Wand"},
            ni{"Venom Wand"}
        list{title = misc,
            ni{"Glowing Sword of Ti'Tun"},
            ni{"Paladin Longsword"},
            ni{"Sword of Flame"},
            ni{"Bow of Wur'Tun"},
            ni{"Enforced Bow of Wur Tun"},
            ni{"Darkness Arrow"},
            ni{"Khuuli's Scythe"},
            ni{"Daetori's Sword"},
            ni{"Sorrow Sword"},
            ni{"Agonite Pickaxe"}
    group{name = "armor", title = armor,
        list{title = mShadownite,
            ni{"Shadownite Helmet"},
            ni{"Shadownite Chestplate"},
            ni{"Shadownite Leggings"},
            ni{"Shadownite Boots"},
            ni{"Shadownite Ring"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Helmet"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Chestplate"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Leggings"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Boots"},
            ni{"Infused Shadownite Ring"}
        list{title = mAleris,
            ni{"Aleris Helmet"},
            ni{"Aleris Chestplate"},
            ni{"Aleris Leggings"},
            ni{"Aleris Boots"},
            ni{"Aleris Ring"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Helmet"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Chestplate"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Leggings"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Boots"},
            ni{"Infused Aleris Ring"}
        list{title = mVrav,
            ni{"Vravinite Helmet"},
            ni{"Vravinite Chestplate"},
            ni{"Vravinite Leggings"},
            ni{"Vravinite Boots"},
            ni{"Vravinite Ring"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Helmet"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Chestplate"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Leggings"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Boots"},
            ni{"Infused Vravinite Ring"}
        list{title = mAmey,
            ni{"Amethyst Helmet"},
            ni{"Amethyst Chestplate"},
            ni{"Amethyst Leggings"},
            ni{"Amethyst Boots"},
            ni{"Amethyst Ring"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Helmet"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Chestplate"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Leggings"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Boots"},
            ni{"Infused Amethyst Ring"}
        list{title = mOnyx,
            ni{"Onyx Helmet"},
            ni{"Onyx Chestplate"},
            ni{"Onyx Leggings"},
            ni{"Onyx Boots"},
            ni{"Onyx Ring"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Helmet"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Chestplate"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Leggings"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Boots"},
            ni{"Infused Onyx Ring"}
        list{title = mDrag,
            ni{"Dragon Helmet"},
            ni{"Dragon Chestplate"},
            ni{"Dragon Leggings"},
            ni{"Dragon Boots"},
            ni{"Dragon Ring"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Helmet"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Chestplate"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Leggings"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Boots"},
            ni{"Infused Dragon Ring"}
        list{title = mTi,
            ni{"Ti'Tun Helmet"},
            ni{"Ti'Tun Chestplate"},
            ni{"Ti'Tun Leggings"},
            ni{"Ti'Tun Boots"}
        list{title = mAu,
            ni{"Supreme Aun'Tun Helmet"},
            ni{"Supreme Aun'Tun Chestplate"},
            ni{"Supreme Aun'Tun Leggings"},
            ni{"Supreme Aun'Tun Boots"},
            ni{"Aun'Tun Minion Helmet"},
            ni{"Aun'Tun Minion Chestplate"},
            ni{"Aun'Tun Minion Leggings"},
            ni{"Aun'Tun Minion Boots"}
        list{title = mPaladin,
            ni{"Paladin Helmet"},
            ni{"Paladin Chestplate"},
            ni{"Paladin Leggings"},
            ni{"Paladin Boots"}
        list{title = mFlame,
            ni{"Helmet of Flame"},
            ni{"Chestplate of Flame"},
            ni{"Leggings of Flame"},
            ni{"Boots of Flame"}
        list{title = mTef,
            ni{"Tef Helmet"},
            ni{"Tef Chestplate"},
            ni{"Tef Leggings"},
            ni{"Tef Boots"}
        list{title = mMythril,
            ni{"Mythril Helmet"},
            ni{"Mythril Chestplate"},
            ni{"Mythril Leggings"},
            ni{"Mythril Boots"}
        list{title = mMagCloth,
            ni{"Hood of Magic"},
            ni{"Robe of Magic"},
            ni{"Leggings of Magic"},
            ni{"Boots of Magic"}
        list{title = mErm,
            ni{"Ermyst Helmet"},
            ni{"Ermyst Chestplate"},
            ni{"Ermyst Leggings"},
            ni{"Ermyst Boots"},
            ni{"Ermyst Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Ermyst Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Ermyst Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Ermyst Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Ermyst Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mOni,
            ni{"Oni Helmet"},
            ni{"Oni Chestplate"},
            ni{"Oni Leggings"},
            ni{"Oni Boots"},
            ni{"Oni Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Oni Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Oni Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Oni Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Oni Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mFrav,
            ni{"Frav Helmet"},
            ni{"Frav Chestplate"},
            ni{"Frav Leggings"},
            ni{"Frav Boots"},
            ni{"Frav Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Frav Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Frav Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Frav Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Frav Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mUnix,
            ni{"Unix Helmet"},
            ni{"Unix Chestplate"},
            ni{"Unix Leggings"},
            ni{"Unix Boots"},
            ni{"Unix Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Unix Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Unix Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Unix Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Unix Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mTrivu,
            ni{"Trivu Helmet"},
            ni{"Trivu Chestplate"},
            ni{"Trivu Leggings"},
            ni{"Trivu Boots"},
            ni{"Trivu Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Trivu Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Trivu Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Trivu Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Trivu Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mFrev,
            ni{"Frevinite Helmet"},
            ni{"Frevinite Chestplate"},
            ni{"Frevinite Leggings"},
            ni{"Frevinite Boots"},
            ni{"Frevinite Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Frevinite Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Frevinite Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Frevinite Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Frevinite Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mRedur,
            ni{"Redur Helmet"},
            ni{"Redur Chestplate"},
            ni{"Redur Leggings"},
            ni{"Redur Boots"},
            ni{"Redur Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Redur Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Redur Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Redur Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Redur Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mOlite,
            ni{"Olite Helmet"},
            ni{"Olite Chestplate"},
            ni{"Olite Leggings"},
            ni{"Olite Boots"},
            ni{"Olite Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Olite Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Olite Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Olite Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Olite Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mVrutri,
            ni{"Vrutri Helmet"},
            ni{"Vrutri Chestplate"},
            ni{"Vrutri Leggings"},
            ni{"Vrutri Boots"},
            ni{"Vrutri Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Vrutri Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Vrutri Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Vrutri Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Vrutri Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mShadow,
            ni{"Shadow Helmet"},
            ni{"Shadow Chestplate"},
            ni{"Shadow Leggings"},
            ni{"Shadow Boots"},
            ni{"Shadow Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Shadow Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Shadow Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Shadow Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Shadow Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mTritter,
            ni{"Tritter Helmet"},
            ni{"Tritter Chestplate"},
            ni{"Tritter Leggings"},
            ni{"Tritter Boots"},
            ni{"Tritter Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Tritter Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Tritter Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Tritter Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Tritter Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mBrun,
            ni{"Brunim Helmet"},
            ni{"Brunim Chestplate"},
            ni{"Brunim Leggings"},
            ni{"Brunim Boots"},
            ni{"Brunim Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Brunim Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Brunim Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Brunim Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Brunim Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mRedtri,
            ni{"Redtri Helmet"},
            ni{"Redtri Chestplate"},
            ni{"Redtri Leggings"},
            ni{"Redtri Boots"},
            ni{"Redtri Horse Armor"},
            ni{"Redtri Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Redtri Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Redtri Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Redtri Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mTrinute,
            ni{"Trinute Helmet"},
            ni{"Trinute Chestplate"},
            ni{"Trinute Leggings"},
            ni{"Trinute Boots"},
            ni{"Trinute Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Trinute Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Trinute Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Trinute Boots Tier II"}
        list{title = mZar,
            ni{"Zarite Helmet"},
            ni{"Zarite Chestplate"},
            ni{"Zarite Leggings"},
            ni{"Zarite Boots"},
            ni{"Zarite Helmet Tier II"},
            ni{"Zarite Chestplate Tier II"},
            ni{"Zarite Leggings Tier II"},
            ni{"Zarite Boots Tier II"}
    group{name = "mobs", title = mobs,
        list{title = passive,
            l{"Skeletal Horse", [=[<translate><!--T:172--> Skeletal Horse</translate>]=]},
            l{"Fairy (The Mists of RioV)", [=[<translate><!--T:173--> Fairy</translate>]=]},
            l{"Dove", [=[<translate><!--T:174--> Dove</translate>]=]},
            l{"Rabbit (The Mists of RioV)", [=[<translate><!--T:175--> Rabbit</translate>]=]}
        list{title = neutral,
            l{"Angel", [=[<translate><!--T:176--> Sprink</translate>]=]} -- ???
        list{title = aggresive,
            l{"Adventureer", [=[<translate><!--T:177--> Adventureer</translate>]=]},
            l{"Mage", [=[<translate><!--T:178--> Mage</translate>]=]},
            l{"Altru Essence", [=[<translate><!--T:179--> Altru Essence</translate>]=]},
            l{"Aun'Tun Minion", [=[<translate><!--T:180--> Aun'Tun Minion</translate>]=]},
            l{"Aun'Tun Bodyguard", [=[<translate><!--T:181--> Aun'Tun Bodyguard</translate>]=]},
            l{"Aun'Tun", [=[<translate><!--T:182--> Aun'Tun</translate>]=]},
            l{"Drak Elf", [=[<translate><!--T:183--> Drak Elf</translate>]=]},
            l{"Nizonian", [=[<translate><!--T:184--> Nizonian</translate>]=]},
            l{"Galokin", [=[<translate><!--T:185--> Galokin</translate>]=]},
            l{"Orc", [=[<translate><!--T:186--> Orc</translate>]=]},
            l{"Hellhound", [=[<translate><!--T:187--> Hellhound</translate>]=]},
            l{"Tef Guard", [=[<translate><!--T:188--> Tef Guard</translate>]=]},
            l{"Tef", [=[<translate><!--T:189--> Tef</translate>]=]},
            l{"The Shadow", [=[<translate><!--T:190--> The Shadow</translate>]=]},
            l{"Vravinite", [=[<translate><!--T:191--> Vravinite</translate>]=]},
            l{"Blood Ghoul", [=[<translate><!--T:192--> Blood Ghoul</translate>]=]},
            l{"Soverian Officier", [=[<translate><!--T:193--> Soverian Officier</translate>]=]},
            l{"Dark Wood Elf Assassin", [=[<translate><!--T:194--> Dark Wood Elf Assassin</translate>]=]},
            l{"Terron", [=[<translate><!--T:195--> Terron</translate>]=]},
            l{"Demon Angel", [=[<translate><!--T:196--> Demon Angel</translate>]=]},
            l{"The Darkness", [=[<translate><!--T:197--> The Darkness</translate>]=]},
            l{"Ti'Tun", [=[<translate><!--T:198--> Ti'Tun</translate>]=]},
            l{"Wood Elf King", [=[<translate><!--T:199--> Wood Elf King</translate>]=]},
            l{"Altru", [=[<translate><!--T:200--> Altru</translate>]=]},
            l{"Paladin", [=[<translate><!--T:201--> Paladin</translate>]=]},
            l{"Shadownite Wizard", [=[<translate><!--T:202--> Shadownite Wizard</translate>]=]},
            l{"RioV Guardian", [=[<translate><!--T:203--> RioV Guardian</translate>]=]},
            l{"Drak Guardian", [=[<translate><!--T:204--> Drak Guardian</translate>]=]},
            l{"Griv Guardian", [=[<translate><!--T:205--> Griv Guardian</translate>]=]},
            l{"RioV Child Soldier", [=[<translate><!--T:206--> RioV Child Soldier</translate>]=]},
            l{"Drak Child Soldier", [=[<translate><!--T:207--> Drak Child Soldier</translate>]=]},
            l{"Griv Child Soldier", [=[<translate><!--T:208--> Griv Child Soldier</translate>]=]},
            l{"Shadow Knight", [=[<translate><!--T:209--> Shadow Knight</translate>]=]},
            l{"Shadow Wizard", [=[<translate><!--T:210--> Shadow Wizard</translate>]=]},
            l{"Corrupted One", [=[<translate><!--T:211--> Corrupted One</translate>]=]},
            l{"Corrupted Two", [=[<translate><!--T:212--> Corrupted Two</translate>]=]},
            l{"Corrupted Three", [=[<translate><!--T:213--> Corrupted Three</translate>]=]},
            l{"Nutrun", [=[<translate><!--T:214--> Nutrun</translate>]=]},
            l{"Dracianite", [=[<translate><!--T:215--> Dracianite</translate>]=]},
            l{"Inferno", [=[<translate><!--T:216--> Inferno</translate>]=]},
            l{"Trinute Soldier", [=[<translate><!--T:217--> Trinute Soldier</translate>]=]},
            l{"Zarite Soldier", [=[<translate><!--T:218--> Zarite Soldier</translate>]=]},
            l{"RioV Bouldrun", [=[<translate><!--T:219--> RioV Bouldrun</translate>]=]},
            l{"Drak Bouldrun", [=[<translate><!--T:220--> Drak Bouldrun</translate>]=]},
            l{"Griv Bouldrun", [=[<translate><!--T:221--> Griv Bouldrun</translate>]=]},
            l{"Shadow Wolf", [=[<translate><!--T:222--> Shadow Wolf</translate>]=]}
    group{name = "misc", title = misc,
        list{title = dims,
            l{"Blind Oasis Dimension", [=[<translate><!--T:223--> Blind Oasis Dimension</translate>]=]},
            l{"Vaeryn Dimension", [=[<translate><!--T:224--> Vaeryn Dimension</translate>]=]},
            l{"Flamonor Dimension", [=[<translate><!--T:225--> Flamonor Dimension</translate>]=]},
            l{"Sanctuatite Dimension", [=[<translate><!--T:226--> Sanctuatite Dimension</translate>]=]},
            l{"RioV Dimension", [=[<translate><!--T:227--> RioV Dimension</translate>]=]},
            l{"Drak Dimension", [=[<translate><!--T:228--> Drak Dimension</translate>]=]},
            l{"Griv Dimension", [=[<translate><!--T:229--> Griv Dimension</translate>]=]}
        list{title = misc,
            l{"Factions", [=[<translate><!--T:230--> Factions</translate>]=]},
            l{"Eosnite", [=[<translate><!--T:231--> Eosnite</translate>]=]},
            l{"Athnic", [=[<translate><!--T:232--> Athnic</translate>]=]}

return p