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Maintained byThe FTB Team
A 1.6.4 modpack for players that want a little bit of everything.
Version info
Current stable1.1.2

Monster is a Feed The Beast and CurseForge modpack created by the FTB Team. It combines technical and magical mods into one monster sized pack. It is the largest official FTB modpack created for 1.6.4, having 123 mods. It is considered to be the 1.6.4 recreation of FTB Unleashed. The changelog can be found on Confluence.

Mods included[edit | edit source]

Additional Buildcraft Objects
Advanced Genetics 1.4.3
Agriculture 1.2.15
Alternate Terrain Generation 0.9.4
Another One Bites The Dust 1.4.0
Applied Energistics 1.4.finale3
Aroma1997 Core
ArmorStatusHUD 1.1.5
Autoutils 1.0.1
Backpacks 1.27.34
BiblioCraft 1.5.5
BiblioWoods - BoP 1.3
BiblioWoods - Forestry 1.3
BiblioWoods - Highlands 1.1
BiblioWoods - Natura 1.1
Big Reactors 0.3.3A
Biomes O' Plenty
bspkrsCore 5.2
BuildCraft 4.2.2
Calclavia Core
Chisel 1.5.0fix
CoFH Core
Compact Solar Arrays
Compact Windmills
ComputerCraft 1.63
CraftHeraldry 1.0.3
DenLib 3.2.6
DenPipes 2.1.18
DenPipes-Emerald 1.1.6
DenPipes-Forestry 1.1.8
DragonAPI 23b
Dye Trees 23
Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2 0.0.8a
ElectriCraft 23
Emasher Resource
Ender IO
EnderNET latest
Engineer's Toolbox
Enhanced Portals 3 3.0.0.b5c
EVOC 1.0.0a
Extra Bees 1.8.0
ExtraCells 1.6.9b
Extra Trees 1.8.0
Expanded Redstone 23b
Extra Utilities 1.0.3a
Factorization 0.8.34
Forge Multipart
GateCopy 3.1.4
GeoStrata 23b
Highlands 2.1.7a
Hopper Ducts 1.2.2
iChun Util 2.4.0
IndustrialCraft 2 2.0.397
Inventory Tweaks 1.56-b77
IC2 Nuclear Control 1.6.2e
Iron Chests
JABBA 1.1.3
JourneyMap 3.3.2
Logistics Pipes
Lycanite's Mobs 1.5.1c
Magic Bees 2.1.12
Magical Crops 3.2.0beta15a
Mariculture 1.2.2c
MeteorCraft 23
Minecraft Forge
MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.9-final
MineTweaker 2.3.1
Modular Force Field System (Calclavia)
MobiusCore 1.2.1
Modular Powersuits 0.9.0-84
Modular Powersuits Addons 1.6.4-884
Morpheus 1.2.32
Natura 2.1.14
NEI Addons
NEI Plugins
Nether Ores 2.2.2B1-16
Not Enough Keys 0.0.4
Numina 0.1.1-53
OpenBlocks 1.2.8
OpenMods Lib 0.5
OpenPeripheral Addons 0.1.4
OpenPeripheral Core 0.4.0
OPIS 1.1.3a
Portal Gun 2.0.2
Power Converters 2.4.0.pre3
PowerCrystals Core 1.1.8-10
Project Red
qCraft 1.1
QuarryPlus 1.0.3
Random Things 1.9
ReactorCraft 23c
Redstone Arsenal
REI Minimap
Xeno's Reliquary 1.1.2b
RemoteIO 1.11
Revamp 1.2.2
Roguelike Dungeons 1.3.2
RotaryCraft 23b
Sort Fix 1.0
Special Mobs 2.6
StatusEffectHUD 1.19
Steve's Carts 2.0.0.b10
Sync 2.1.1
Thaumcraft 4 4.1.0g
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects 1e-b2
Thaumic Tinkerer 2.3-130
Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI j6
Thermal Expansion
Tinkers' Construct 1.5.3
Tinkers' Mechworks 0.1.6
Torch Levers 1.3.2
Twilight Forest 1.20.5
Universal Electricity Core
WAILA 1.5.1a
Wireless Redstone
Zan's Minimap 1.6.4

"Feed The Beast"

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