Motor (LibVulpes)

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TypeSolid block
Blast resistance10
Technical details
Ore dictionary nameblockMotor
This page is about the Motors added by LibVulpes. For other uses, see Motor.

The Motor is a block added by LibVulpes. It comes in 4 tiers: Normal (simply called Motor), Advanced, Enhanced and Elite. It is used in several crafting recipes as well as in the construction of various multiblocks from Advanced Rocketry.

Any machine that requires Motors can use any of them. More expensive motors make the machine work faster, reducing both the total process time and the power required per craft. If a machine has multiple Motors or also has Coils, then their effects stack multiplicatively.

Coil Time multiplier Displayed speed multiplier
Normal 1 1
Advanced 0.666... 1.5
Enhanced 0.5 2
Elite 0.25 4

Recipe[edit | edit source]