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MyCraft is a mod manager that will work on any Minecraft version. MyCraft can load any mod (no patcher style mods) and keep them organized without ever modifying the Minecraft jar. MyCraft includes a proof-of-concept API which is not version-specific, allowing mods to work on any version if they are using the API. MyCraft also contains built-in mods for proxying, changing render options and flying, which are made with the API.

Installation[edit | edit source]

MyCraft is very easy to get working.
You can download everything you need as well as view the development blog and screenshots: Frustra Software Design
Once you've downloaded it, run MyCraft.exe by double clicking on it (or run MyCraft.jar for linux/mac).
MyCraft auto updates, so you will always have the latest version!

Built-In Mods[edit | edit source]

Flying[edit | edit source]

Flying contains two different modes as well as the option to disable flying. These options can be changed in the MyCraft Mods menu. The controls for flying are the same as for moving around on the ground. The V key will turn flying on and off in-game.

2D Mode: The player can only move up and down by using Space and Shift. The same as Minecraft's built-in flying.
3D Mode: The player will move in the direction the player is looking, including up and down.

Render Options[edit | edit source]

Render options can be changed from the MyCraft Mods menu.

Proxying[edit | edit source]

Proxy options can be changed from the MyCraft Mods menu.

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

When I try and run MyCraft.jar, nothing happens![edit | edit source]

For windows, try running MyCraft.exe first, otherwise try right clicking on the jar and doing Open With -> Java, if this doesn't work you can try running with console.
To run the easiest way is to download this (Windows only): MyCraft.bat
Place it in the same folder as MyCraft.jar
Run it by double clicking on it.
If it works, then you can download this one: MyCraft.bat
It will run MyCraft without the black window.

If this doesn't work, paste what it says in the black window on the forums and someone will help you.
(Right click and do Mark to select, and hit enter to copy)

I want to change my launching options / ram usage![edit | edit source]

If you are using MyCraft Launcher 5.0+ then all you have to do is edit the Launch Options.txt file and MyCraft will automatically load with these options.
Please note that with the Java 32 bit JVM you can use a maximum of 1gb of RAM. Install the 64 bit JVM if you need more RAM.

My HD texture packs make the game freeze![edit | edit source]

Firstly, make sure you have an HD texture pack patcher. Not all of these patchers work with MyCraft, so you may want to try this one:
MCPatcher HD Fix

I get a bad video drivers error when I try to run MyCraft![edit | edit source]

First, make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.
If you still get this error after updating your drivers, make sure you have MyCraft Launcher 3.1 or above.
Just rename MyCraft.jar to MyCraft-c.jar and it will run in compatibility mode!
Make sure you are running the jar, not the exe for this.

My game freezes when I start singleplayer or login![edit | edit source]

Make sure all your mods are up to date. If you still get the freeze with NO mods installed, you can post your log file on the forums, or talk to us on the IRC.
You may also try re-downloading your minecraft.jar by removing your version file in .minecraft

I want to disable one of my mods, but I am too lazy to move it out of the folder![edit | edit source]

You're in luck! All you need to do is rename the folder for that mod so there is a # in front of it and it will be ignored by MyCraft when loading mods.

I have two mods that conflict with each other and they say to install one after the other, what do I do?[edit | edit source]

If a mod says to install one after the other, install them to the same folder in MyCraft in the order specified and it will work. How do I mod again

I have installed GUI API with MyCraft and when I click the Global Mod Options button, MyCraft freezes![edit | edit source]

Because of the way GUI API loads some of its files, this will not be fixed for a while. A temporary fix is to place these two folders in with your GUI API install:
Add to GUI